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2015/1/5 14:52:17
Coming Soon... Ziggy, I love that pic! The lighting looks amazing!!!
2014/10/18 3:11:20
How long does it take you? I have to agree that it really depends on how much effort you put into your video on how long it takes. After awhile somethings, dare I say becomes " 2nd nature like" when making a video because you know already a work around or shortcuts or whatever. So that cuts some time off production. Currently the project I am working on is over 6 months in the making, My longest project yet.

I think I can spend more time on scripts than I do on a movie lol. I have tons of scripts that I wrote and still spend a lot of time tweaking before It's ready for production.
2014/10/15 23:22:51
Coming Soon... looks great Ziggy. I to envy the sets I see in this thread. love the creativity of people and seeing what ideas they come up with. Very inspiring.
2014/10/11 1:27:58
Coming Soon... My interest is peaked now!
2014/10/10 19:34:32
Digimania News Thanks for the news. I am looking forward as well as other users on the future of Muvizu. Hopefully soon and hopefully it will be good news.

Thanks again.
2014/10/6 2:18:25
Coming Soon... Amazing Ziggy. Can't wait to see it all in action.
I am interested in the moving eyebrows if one day you are bored and want
To discuss how that is done. B-)
2014/10/4 13:56:19
The Old School guy That was really great. Really loved the added touches and effects. Great job!
2014/10/4 2:48:03
Eggs? Really good stuff there. Lot of good camera angles and lighting.Awesome job!
2014/10/1 23:03:35
Tomb Of Treats That was pretty good for your first attempt. I don't think anyone uses the video joiner, I could be wrong. Most of us use video editing software like Hitfilm or Adobe Aftereffects etc, etc, But again good job on your first video. Applause
2014/10/1 22:56:10
Buzzball This was really great. Really looking forward to the next one. The effects in the background towards the end really added to the sense of his mistaken priorities. Great job Artpen!
2014/9/29 0:12:06
Coming Soon... Thanks a million Urban! WIll give it a go.
2014/9/28 21:41:30
Coming Soon... Thanks DoublePrime and Ziggy! My biggest issue at the moment is getting all the voice at the same level. Some are loud some are soft etc, etc.
Well that and forgetting to save and the program crashes and sets you back an hour or so of work lol. Brick Wall
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2014/9/28 14:14:13
Coming Soon... HAHA Thanks Fazz! I was half asleep from recording some scenes when I uploaded that. Thanks for letting me know

Its fixed now.
2014/9/28 4:11:54
Coming Soon... A little teaser on what's in the oven. Not even close to finished yet Still have music to get produced (one in the teaser is just for fill in) Volume editing as well as sound effects etc, etc, etc. and a whole lot more scenes to record lol Enjoy

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2014/9/20 15:16:22
Digimania future ideas. So I was sitting here thinking and with Muvizu and the new rendering engine, what would I like to see Digimania come up with next.

Well how about a Modeling software that is easy and as fast as Muvizu for asset building and such. Power of modeling like maya and blender but simple like Muvizu.

What other software ideas would you all like to see.
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2014/9/20 15:13:04
Features 2014 I would love to see a better camera movement set up. Or maybe where you can attach a camera to a character or object. Then animate the object and the camera moves with it. or both
2014/9/19 14:04:17
looking for ideas? Awesome Fazz! Thanks for sharing. I also found that reading Grimms Fairy tales, or Andrew Lang's Fairy Books also give great ideas for movies.Drink
2014/9/18 2:34:57
New Forum Thanks for sharing Mysto. Maybe I am reading this wrong but why does that reply sound like doom? I guess we will see what Halloween will bring this year, Tricks or Treats.
2014/9/16 15:11:10
New Forum The issue if I may. Isn't the forum, it isn't the users it's Muvizu. No updates on software means nothing to talk about really.
They put the killing stroke in the forum with removing assets and then put it out of its misery when they decided that they don't need to work on the Muvizu project anymore.

The rendering machine took first priority instead of sharing that priority. They put all the users in the dog house as if to say. "Thanks for helping us when we needed you, but we are done with you now. Thanks for the time and money and for your efforts were going to kill this project but not telling you about it.

It's a shame really but I have seen it so many times with projects from games to software. To bad it couldn't go open source.

The end is near.

I still hope that they prove me wrong and that they will bring Muvizu back from the grave.
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2014/9/6 22:41:52
Coming Soon... Really love the look and feel of the scene. Looking forward to seeing the finished result. Thumbs up
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