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2011/12/8 8:41:14
arteria3d as source of props Maybe.......a little tuto ???
2011/9/29 15:50:11
Bat Manuel "Patrolling" Part 2 xombiekiller wrote:
Bat Manuel takes us on a lesson in "Patrolling" in this second installment.
Part 2

Learning the panning and cutting of the cameras more here (obviously touched with filters). Also experimenting with character movement and sequenced emotes.


Next one may have hear character behind camera revealed!!

I think he needs a cape. . . I've seen capes in a video hexslayer did... wonder how he came about those....

Hope you all like.


Maybe, you can try the "vampiress collar" with the max scale........can do it !!
2011/9/28 16:01:11
Urban Pad City Creator Promo toonarama wrote:
b) can it produce output for iclone too?



for iclone the pipeline should be :Urban Pad===>Fbx====>3dXchange pro4===>VNS===>Iclone
2011/9/28 10:35:07
Urban Pad City Creator Promo Wizaerd wrote:
There is a product available called Urban Pad City Creator, from Gamr7, that facilitates the building of 3D cities. Funny, it's for the Unreal Game Engine initially, but doesn't export as ASE directly. but with a pipeline of object convertors (or until Muvizu updates their object import formats).

Either way, there's a special promo going on. Order this package for $29 before Oct. 3rd, and if enough people order it, we'll all get a key to the software for that $29 investment. if they don't make the quota, then the $29 gets refunded.

For $29 it couldn't hurt to at least have a look...

Did you see, on the website og Gamr7

"Custom export profiles are available upon request. Contact us for more information."
2011/9/13 13:35:39
another transparent video test I didn' find any solution in cinegobskeyer.

I read that indeo codec 5.X manage the transparency............I tried......and failed !
2011/9/13 12:46:30
another transparent video test It.....................

Woooorrrrrrkkksssss !!!!!

just a problem with the size of the file(uncompress)..........but it works with vegas and cinegobskeyer of course !
2011/9/13 12:32:51
another transparent video test NO.....I didn't think there was a "link" between the dave's instruction and your process

I 'll try again !!!

thank you !
2011/9/13 10:11:25
another transparent video test I Tried with toonarama settings, I tried with cinegobskeyer............and I imported the avi file in a backdrop,in Muvizu..........with always a black background !!!

I can't solve the problem !!!
2011/9/12 13:14:16
What About the others MAPS ? barrys wrote:
Hi Paul

The skirt's already set up so that you can upload a texture to it. That's why it wasn't included.


Thank you Barry !!

I didn't see the texture option
2011/9/12 10:23:59
What About the others MAPS ? I didn' find the UV maps of the Skirt & skirt&stockings ?
2011/9/10 14:54:52
TUTORIAL:how texture a face with the UV file an other tuto

2011/9/9 15:55:52
tutorial :how texture a character with the UV file A little tuto.......

don't be cruel !!

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2011/9/7 21:37:40
CAN I SAVE A UV TEXTURED CHARACTER I save a UV textured character in the favourites.

But when i close muvizu and open it gain,I try to recall my character and i have an error message !
2011/9/7 8:48:42
Create a crowd? Quoling wrote:
What's the best way of showing a crowd? - I have tried creating lots of characters and then duplicating them as a "group" but I got a fatal how would anyone else give the illusion of a large crowd?

How many characters in your group ?

you can shoot a "group" with a green screen, export a movie and import in a backdrops (with transparency background).
Do the same with a second group...........maybe ?
2011/9/7 7:45:33
Use character in different scene bobbobjones wrote:
First of all, hello Muvizu Community! The software is great and a lot of fun. Looking forward to learning and teaching once I am better.

I may be having a brain lapse, but I cannot figure out what should be a simple procedure. I have a character in a scene. I finished the scene and I'd like to use him in a different setting. How do I keep the character alive open a new scene? There's no way to export the character to import him back once a new scene is open. I don't see a way to open a new scene without losing the character either.

Surely, I do not have to recreate the character from scratch each time I want to use him in a different location-or do I?

Thanks for the help.

You can also, save your character in CREATE/CHARACTER and FAVOURITES.
You give him a nam and save.
You load another scene,and you can recall your character,usefull if you have several characters in your story
2011/9/6 17:08:05
Lock camera on object? Quoling wrote:
paulparker wrote:
You can answer to this problem !
You have just to GROUP the camera and an object, it works !!

How? - you can attach a camera to an object as a group - but you cannot then prepare/direct the group to how would you do that? dunno

In fact, I tried to group a airplane and a camera.
I prepared,and it worked in PREPARE, the camera followed the plane(rotation,up&down ..),but you're right ,it doesn't work in DIRECT ? (a bug ??)
2011/9/6 13:49:08
Lock camera on object? You can answer to this problem !
You have just to GROUP the camera and an object, it works !!

2010/7/1 11:06:47
Error message Hi Cheekymonkey !

You're right !! if I move my position,there is no problem to create one or several charact,objects......

Thank you very much !!

A very nice software to explore !!


2010/7/1 10:23:01
Error message I load a scene, and if I create a character, I have an error message "There was an error creating the character.Not enough room,please try again another location "

If l load an empty scene,I can create character.
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