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2017/3/23 17:26:08
Kiss Cover C'Mon n Love Me by the TAkeaway Thieves Thank you Pat
2017/3/23 14:44:43
Kiss Cover C'Mon n Love Me by the TAkeaway Thieves Hiya Pat

The video was inspired by myself going on the Kiss Kruise ...I was going for a kinda scooby doo vibe and the band fall in love get hypnotised by some sirens who turn into Voodoo witches. Who are then saved by Kiss.

I drew the Kiss Costumes myself, next time i will definately credit any set designers i use.

Yes Takeaway Thieves is my band.

2017/3/23 13:54:15
Kiss Cover C'Mon n Love Me by the TAkeaway Thieves Hi guys
Please check out my Animation tribute to KISS

2017/1/16 1:42:07
Help loading video..... Thank you guys
2017/1/15 17:15:48
Help loading video..... Thank you Pat, by video editor you mean a separate program other than Muvizu ?
2017/1/15 16:16:04
Help loading video..... Ive spent the last four hours trying to place a video into a backdrop / tv but to no avail. Please could someone point out to me where i am going wrong. I have converted the video file following older information via xvid, vdub, changed bit rate, etc..When i place them onto a backdrop same result its squashed onto the top third of the backdrop and there is two videos playing ?...Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you .
2016/8/10 16:39:16
Beautyqueen hair Thank you for your help
2016/8/9 20:47:06
Beautyqueen hair Thank you Pat ,

After ive downloaded it i still seem to get it to work ....could you please walk me through it ....Please
2016/8/8 15:55:49
Beautyqueen hair Hi

Is this link still working for the hair

2012/9/30 23:04:25
IST VIDEO Thank you.....well i tried 3 times to get what i wanted not sure about the flickering could it be because i was changing the character actions too much ???...ive yet to learn about rendering ?? cue points ??etc

Again fantastic job with regard your videos....truly inspirational

All the best
2012/9/30 21:03:03

I'm loving how great Muvizu is. Anyway please checkout my first video ( my 3rd attempt ) and let me know what you think.

Thank you for your time.
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