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2011/4/5 13:37:43
More Resolutions Jamie wrote:
Hi raptormarlins,

I'm a bit confused by what you're asking.

Are you wanting to run Muvizu in 800x600 resolution or are you wanting to output Muvizu videos at 800x600 resolution?

Both are possible, just not obvious.

To run Muvizu at 800x600 resolution you can right click on your desktop and do Properties (or for windows 7 right click on your desktop and select Screen Resolution) from here you should be able to set your desktop resolution to 800x600 and by maximising Muvizu have it run at that resolution.

If you want to have your finished videos in 800x600 resolution you can use a program called Virtual Dub (www.virtualdub.org) and by opening the Muvizu video and going to the Filter option from the video menu add a resize filter that will let you re-save the video in the new resolution.

I hope this helps, but I'm curious why you need to have 800x600 resolution? If you run the application at such a low resolution it will be more difficult to use as the timeline, dialog boxes and everything will take up more space on screen. Equally rendering video at 800x600 is pretty unusual and not a standard format, so you may have problems playing it back or posting it to you tube.

Personally I'd recommend a higher resolution if its possible. 1920x1080 is a pretty good one for me to run Muvizu at - this is standard 1080 HD format, however the max Muvizu will output for rendered video is 1280x720 (720HD).
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Id like the game to run at that resolution. My dumb desktop always wants to run games at these resolutions or the lag is horrible. But when its at the resolution then the game runs smoother.
2011/4/4 20:52:31
More Resolutions You guys need to add new resolutions to Muvizu. Make it go all the way to 800x600 please.
2011/3/24 4:39:15
Default set is all green. Cant change its color. Whenever i launch Muvizu and use the default set its all green. If i change the color it still stays green. Please help!
2011/1/17 22:24:32
Custom Animations The Movies Game which is older then this has Custom Animations
2011/1/17 22:20:16
Custom Animations Ive wondered when can we have Custom Animations. Like making our own animations in Blender then importing them into Muvizu. That would sure boost the creativity in this game.
2010/11/29 2:14:29
Objects and characters wont appear in spawn box The one before the latest update
2010/11/28 4:53:21
Muvizu is a savior for me Ive been animating with iClone for the past years. Always having troubles making iclone movies. I was sad. Until i found a forum thread about Muvizu. At first i thought it was a voovees ripoff until i saw all these movies. I was shocked with the many possibilities that can be done in Muvizu.

And now im working on a Megamind spinoff called Mastermind. Cant wait to show the Muvizu community this film one its finished
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2010/11/28 4:48:56
Objects and characters wont appear in spawn box Can anyone help me
2010/11/26 20:47:28
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely Did you know Muvizu has a competitor? One that is basically the same but with enhanced looking people, guns and modding? I like muvizu more cause of its design but Moviestorm is basically a modders and machinima makers cup of tea.

Website: http://www.moviestorm.co.uk/

Looks good. Site looks clean. But what is this? You have to buy it ?!?!?!

Well now thats rude. Atleast they have a free version up Big Grin: http://www.moviestorm.co.uk/moviestorm/article/are_previous_versions_of_moviestorm_still_available/

Now im not trying to say Muvizu sucks or anything but i think Moviestorm is a little "up to date" in making movies. And its community is pretty nice.

You can even build your own sets and upload mods to this program. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Now for the poll. Which is better? Muvizu or moviestorm?
2010/11/26 20:38:20
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Soldier walk. Soldier stance and Soldier salute
2010/11/26 20:36:53
Objects and characters wont appear in spawn box When i go to spawn a prop or a character it just shows me a blank box. Nothing is there. Ive been using the ATI Speed Booster and a program which disables things to make muvizu run smoother. And now nothing appears. Help!
2010/10/22 20:33:06
New character? Army men with helmets, dog tags, weapons and camo suits. Would be awesome and can bring War movies to muvizu
2010/10/22 4:39:18
LAG PROBLEMS. Need help quick! Ive been having so many problems lately with Muvizu.

I have a Nvidia Gefore 6150 graphic card and a AMD Processor

It says its compatible with my system but i still get lag

2010/10/11 4:11:04
What codec do you use and why? Xvid. Does the job right
2010/10/11 3:59:38
Custom Character Creator and Flying Objects I think there should be a Custom Character Creator. Where you can shape its head. Determine its age. Add makeup. Choose a hairstyle and clothing features.

Also add it where you can make objects fly. Im working on a Back To The Future type movie in muvizu so flying cars would be appreciated
2010/9/12 13:53:02
Muvizu Lags artpen wrote:
Try lowering your resolution in muvizu, and turning off your
Lighting by pressing f2. This will speed things up a bit.
press f3 for your lighting to return and up your resolution to
The highest setting to make your movie, hope this helps
edited by artpen on 9/12/2010

tried it. Is a defrag gonna help??
2010/9/12 0:53:51
Muvizu Lags Whenever i start Muvizu it starts lagging. All my drivers are up to date and i meet the requirements but it still lags. Can anyone help???
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