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22/10/2010 04:39:18

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Ive been having so many problems lately with Muvizu.

I have a Nvidia Gefore 6150 graphic card and a AMD Processor

It says its compatible with my system but i still get lag

22/10/2010 09:08:00

StoneheadExperimental user
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It depends just how severe it is effecting yoy but I have the similar problems because Muvizu is rather gaphics hungry as I guess you should expect.

There are a couple of things to try

1 Get all the movement and lip sync done before filling your set with fx, lighting and objects

2 Turn off all lighting and FX until you are ready to render the movie

3 Remember to remove any object, character or item that is not visible in a particular scene

4 Think about what you want to achieve ...can you break it down to smaller bits and reassemble later

5 Although it's great to produce HD vids try working at a lower res

6 Try compiling/assembling the project in an external movie maker

Basically try and keep it simple and save often

Good luck
22/10/2010 09:45:12

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Hi raptormarlins,

I'm sorry to hear you are having problems.
One of the things you can try is recording small clips (with smaller sets) and putting them together using the video joiner application.
Please let us know how you are doing.

22/10/2010 10:29:54

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Hi rapotrmarlins,

Muvizu is a very resource-intensive application so if you are running a lot of background programmes at the same time you may suffer a drop in performance, so I would recommend closing all unnecessary programmes while running Muvizu - especially on older PCs.

If you have Windows 7 or Vista closing Aero and the Side Bar can also increase performance:

Close Side Bar:
The following tutorial is pretty easy to follow:

Disable Windows Aero:
This is also a pretty decent tutorial:

Updating your Graphics card drivers to the latest version can also increase performance:

You can get the latest NVIDIA drivers from:

You can also lower the resolution that Muvizu is running at by going to the "Prefs" menu in Muvizu - generally the lower the resolution the faster Muvizu will run.

You can also disable lighting by pressing F2, but you will probably want to turn it back on using F3 when you are creating your lights.

There are also some programmes which can boost your PCs performance - the "Resources" section has a thread on them which can be found at:

Take care,
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Home ? Tech Help ? LAG PROBLEMS. Need help quick!