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2019/11/22 18:49:23
Is Muvizu still supported ? So the only reply I get is one that says yes I can still purchase the software but that's it, no reply to my other question. The lack of response indicates to me that this is dead software no longer supported with a dead or dying community and now you are only interested in any random purchases that may happen.

After looking at the dates of some of the post here on your forum and elsewhere indicates that there are some issues with the software that are not being addressed anymore. When was the latest update to the software even made ?

It's a shame because I think this fun software has potential but I'm getting the impression the author isn't interested anymore.
2019/11/18 19:15:30
Is Muvizu still supported ? Thanks for getting back to me. So it's still supported, great, Can you tell me if the software is still being worked on ? because I've been using the demo and reading on the internet that it has issues, like for example you can only assign one audio track per character which I'm finding very hard to get on with because I want to make a conversation with other characters without having to record the whole dialog in one go.

Is there an option to record some dialog for my character and add lip sync, then record the other characters dialog and then record the reply to that and place it back onto the first character with lip sync ? At present if I try that then the lip sync only works with the latest dialog added and all previous lip syncing stops working.

So what I mean when I ask is this software still supported is are you still working on the software to improve it ? or are you only supporting the selling of the software ?

2019/11/17 2:28:00
Is Muvizu still supported ? Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing Muvizu but first want to know if it's still supported and is there any customer support ?

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