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2011/5/17 21:44:00
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Great job Ziggy!
2011/5/16 22:11:21
Youtube and copyrighted music ziggy72 wrote:
This all reminds me of a joke :

What do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea?

A Start.

2011/5/15 21:42:50
Youtube and copyrighted music glasgowjim wrote:
On a slightly different note, the estates of Marty Feldman and John Law (i.e. their lawyers) have taken down ALL of the Class Sketches on YouTube, including the one that I made using Muvizu.

I am in the process of appealing this for many reasons:

1. The copyright may belong to the BBC as they were BBC employees at the time (I have submitted an FOI request to get clarification)
2. The BBC only removes sporting events from YouTube - they consider other clips (as long as they are of decent quality) to be a form of free advertising
3. The clip was made 55 years ago and the copyright of broadcasts only lasts for 50 years after initial creation in the UK
4. It was a bloody tribute - I made sure that I credited the BBC, Frost Report, the actors and the writers (Feldman and Law) - the lawyers are being overzealous to say the least - they even removed a clip of a school play involving the sketch!
5. There is no way to buy this sketch or any other site to view it on, as far as I can tell, so it's not like people watching a tribute is depriving the families of income!
6. I hate lawyers milking corpses.

AMEN! i agree
2011/5/13 18:37:33
Youtube and copyrighted music In my experience with Youtube it seems to be "hit and miss". Some songs get flagged for copyright issues and some don't.

I never thought of altering the pitch of music. Thanks for the tip Dreeko!

70's = musics greatest decade! i agree
2011/5/12 18:04:55
Coming soon Dreeko wrote:
looking good

Time to take my feature request muzzle off methinks!

I wonder if they put a dragon in the new release, oh wait I forgot that they shot the dragon...
2011/5/12 16:26:46
Coming soon Fantastic! It looks like its going to be the best update yet. Great work guys!Buddies

Thank you Thank you Thank you!
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2011/5/9 22:42:12
Which video editing software do you use? Ziggy, I have the newest version of Premiere and while it is a great program for some reason I just can't seem to get the hang of it here lately. Maybe old age is starting to set in on me I don't know. When I was doing animation full time (about 10 years ago) Premiere was my choice of editing software.

I got away from animating for several years and then last summer I found Muvizu and the animation bug bit me hard again. I tried to pick back up with Premiere and like I said for one reason or another just seemed to have troubles picking back up where I left off.

Then I came across the AVS video editor and found it to be more suited to my present style of video editing. It does everything that I want to do quite well and pretty fast. As I gradually get back into doing animation full time I'll probably go back to using Premiere though.
2011/5/9 16:48:17
Which video editing software do you use? Here lately I have been using a program called AVS video editor with pretty good results. It's fairly easy to understand, works well with Muvizu and has quite a few "bells and whistles" for adding text and effects. Plus it's reasonably priced.

Here's the link:

I have Adobe premiere and have used it quite a lot but wanted something a bit less complicated to learn. Hope this helps.
2011/5/9 16:38:12
Stonehinged Audio Book and Animation Project I'd be willing to give it a go. Get ahold of me and let's see what happens!
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2011/5/3 20:17:16
Scriptwriting competition This is a really good idea!

I am finding out first hand that writing a "killer" script is not as easy as it may seem. My usual way of producing an animation is to come up with an idea, create a few characters, make up a set for them and then to just start animating. This is called "straight ahead" animation and it has served me well for a long time. You don't need much of a script, just an idea of what is going to happen in the scene.

Straight ahead animation is great for doing quick gags or jokes. An example would be the "fart joke" animations I created. Not really a need for a detailed script to figure out the outcome of those. LOL

Now I am trying to create an animated series with an ongoing storyline. Something to where each animation tells a part of a story and then leads into the next animation in the series. I am finding that although I am capable of creating the script it's not really my area of expertise. In my opinion writing a good script requires as much talent as creating the animation if not more. Having a talented script writer would come in very handy at this point in the project.

I have a feeling that some time in the future a talented group of people are going to collaborate together and create a "killer" series with Muvizu.
2011/5/2 21:57:20
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo Great promo Stonehead! Where can I buy the &%$*!!!! album!
2011/4/28 19:44:09
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Another nice tut Dreeko!
2011/4/27 16:34:52
Audio Sync I've had this issue too. My solution was to just keep messing around with the timeline until everything "synced up". I know, not very high tech but it seemed to work for me.
2011/4/26 17:38:31
Locations? I need to update where I'm from I think. I used to be from Illinois, now I reside in Muvizuland.
2011/4/26 17:19:32
Locations? I'm from the US, right across the river from St. Louis Missouri in Illinois. EF4 tornado blew through here last Friday.
2011/4/26 13:21:43
Move Character I've been in Muvizu school since the first day I started using the program. Just when you think you have learned most everything about the program something new pops up.
2011/4/26 12:54:43
Move Character Great tip 65Radius! This is one reason I like using Muvizu so much, the more you experiment with the program the more you learn what it can do.
2011/4/26 11:49:35
Move Character I just did a little test and it worked. I created a cube and scaled it down to look like an elevator platform. Make sure the "can be stood on" box is checked. I then placed a character on the platform. I went to "Prepare/Object movement" and moved the platform up like an elevator platform would do. The character went up on the platform nicely.

I'm not very good at explaining how I do things so I hope this helps. If not, DREEKO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
2011/4/24 20:17:52
Editing Timeline Danimal wrote:
There is no way to directly edit the end time, no. Word has it it'll be in one of the updates.

For now, a good workaround is to hit the action you want and then immediately hit the Idle button (or whatever the next action is). Then you can adjust the start of the Idle pose and it'll in turn adjust the end time of the previous action.

Great tip Danimal. I use this one myself!
2011/4/22 21:46:25
mp3's won't import jonbez wrote:

I've had the same message in the past. To fix it I've just convert the file I'm working with to 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit.
If you look at your file, it will probably be 24bit or 32bit. For the file to work with the engine it needs to be 16bit.

Hope you fix it m8

I've had the same issue and I used this to fix it as well. Worked like a charm.
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