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2011/3/21 17:18:55
Ziggys new animation Welcome aboard Luscan!
2011/3/17 18:56:24
Wrong english KerryK wrote:
mcmillan-ra wrote:
Erm... I think you'll find that we are using proper English. England is after all a part of Britain. You should campaign to have "American English" adopt the correct usage.

I'm afraid that while we are looking at some localisation stuff, this is unlikely to happen in the near term. As Dreeko said in another thread our TODO list is longer than the Great Wall of China.

@mcmillan-ra derp!

i agreeToast
2011/3/16 18:13:50
Youtube Uploading I have been using firefox for quite a long time and have had no problems with uploading videos to YouTube or any other site. Very strange indeed.
2011/3/9 20:16:48
Jim's last day Good luck with your new job, you'll be missed around here!
2011/3/6 14:28:41
Direct Character Actions Pages Dreeko sure keeps you guys on your toes doesn't he? LOL
2011/3/2 22:43:43
What codec do you use and why? MS video 1 is what I've been using for awhile now. I've had no problems at all with it.
2011/3/2 18:30:55
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! glasgowjim wrote:
That's nothing; this was the power supply of my first PC:

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Wow... yours had a much bigger hamster than mine did!
2011/3/2 0:31:42
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! I'm not sure if anyone remembers but a long long time ago (late 70's I think) there was a computer that was sold in the US called the Timex Sinclair 1000. They dubbed it as the only computer sold for under $100. It had like 5k of ram and hooked up to the old black and white TV's. It was a little larger than a paperback book. That was my first experience using a computer.

My first so called "real" computer was an Atari 400 with 16k of ram and a cassette tape machine to save my data on. It cost me like $400 just for the computer and the tape machine, a huge amount of money back then. I spent another $100 for a pop in cartridge that has Atari Basic on it. I spent the next few years learning how to program in Basic. Back then you could do some really cool stuff graphics wise on an Atari computer if you spent a lot of time trying to do it.

In 1990 I finally got an IBM clone computer. It was a 286 running at 16mz, had 1 meg of ram and had a 30 meg hard drive with a color monitor. There was a program that had just came out called Autodesk Animator that I also bought. A Dos based 2d animation program in 8 bits. At the time it was the best animation program available.

Those were the days...
2011/2/25 17:03:14
Walls Thanks Jim! It wasn't a big deal, just something I thought I'd mention. I'm looking forward to the next release! 64 bits, WOOHOO!
2011/2/25 16:35:59
Walls I'm not sure if this is the area to say this but reading these posts reminded me of a shadow issue I noticed while creating an animation.

When I was creating the Status Quo animation I noticed that everything in the scenes cast a shadow except for the instruments that the characters were holding. If you look at the Quo animation you can see the shadows of the characters playing guitar, but not the shadow of the guitars. Not a big deal but I thought it was worth mentioning.
2011/2/21 17:08:50
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* Hang in there, I know how you feel but it'll be worth all of the hard effort in the end. If I can be of any help just ask! Good Luck!
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2011/2/21 16:37:40
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* Glad I could be of some help. I look forward to seeing your Queen video.
2011/2/21 15:03:57
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* Well, in my case the memory issues seem to "pop up" whenever I try to use a lot of special effects and lighting effects. From what I understand those things are very memory intensive. I'll use the Status Quo animation I did as an example.

I started by building the set, which was fairly elaborate at first with no problems. I then added the characters and props to the set with no problems. Then I animated each character from start to finish with no problems. So far so good.

My memory issues came when I was adding all of the special effects to the animation. Lights flashing in sequence, Images projected on the background, smoke, fire, etc. At first everything was going pretty well and was looking really good. Then things started to "bog down". I started getting "low on memory" messages. Quite a lot of them as a matter of fact. My solution was to eliminate effects one by one until I didn't get the "out of memory messages" anymore. A fairly simple solution but it worked in my particular case.

I could have probably broken down the animation into several different scenes, saved each scene as a set file, worked on each scene separately and then used a post processing program to edit the scenes together into one animation. That would have probably taken care of the memory issues because instead of one huge "memory hog" set file, the animation would have been broken down into several smaller less memory intensive files.

I chose to work on the project as one big set file though and therefore had to limit the amount of special effects that was in the animation. It was kind of frustrating not being able to add "all the goodies" into one set file that I wanted but I still think that given the circumstances the final animation turned out pretty well.

My solution was to for lack of better words "tone down" my animation a bit until I got rid of the out of memory issues. It worked for me. Please keep in mind that I am not a very technical minded fellow and the Devs here at Muvizu can probably answer any questions you have way better then I can. They are a great group of people.

I hope my explanation helps you out a little.
2011/2/21 13:30:58
*Solved* Out off memory on start up *Solved* I have 12 GB on Win 7 64 and have the same issue with the "out of memory" message. It doesn't stop me from animating, I just try to work within the memory limits of the current release of the program. The 64 bit version due out soon will probably fix this issue.
2011/2/21 13:20:31
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Neil wrote:
mysto wrote:
I knew my version of Muvizu was missing something! Where can I get a flux capacitor!

They're not cheap.

Wow you're right they aren't cheap! Any chance I can bribe someone for one? LOL
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2011/2/21 13:08:28
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I knew my version of Muvizu was missing something! Where can I get a flux capacitor!
2011/2/21 13:05:53
Staundoone Episode ! Excellent stuff as usual Dreeko! Keep em coming!
2011/2/21 12:29:37
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! I have the same excitement for Muvizu. I've animated a lot of things over the years using a lot of other animation packages both high and low end but none of them have had an impact on me as much as Muvizu.

In the short time that I have been using Muvizu the Devs have added some major features to the software and they continue to keep adding "goodies" with each release. They listen carefully to their users "wants and needs" and seem to try very hard to accommodate us users the best they can.

I've only produced a few animations with Muvizu so far but I have quite a few projects "on the drawing board". I have so many ideas for animations floating around in my head it's difficult to figure out which one to start first. It sure is a fun process though.

There are many really nice and talented people here that I'm sure would be glad to help you out with Muvizu if you ever need it, all you have to do is ask. A "feature rich", real time 3d animation package, excellent technical support, a great forum and website and the fact that it's all totally free makes Muvizu one great product.

Welcome aboard!!!
2011/2/20 11:17:04
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Now that you mention it I've had the same issues too. When I was doing the Quo animation I had head and eye movements disappear randomly. This has not happened with the other animations I've done. I really didn't give it much thought until it was mentioned here.

Then again, the timelines on the other animations I did were no where near as complicated as the Quo animation. Maybe the more that's on the timeline the more chance something can go amiss? I don't know.

I worked so hard on that animation that I never really gave the "glitches" much thought, I just redid things and carried on. I now realize that I should have been documenting these things and posting my findings. I will be sure to do that in the future.
2011/2/11 19:13:02
Sad old man Really really nicely done! A great first video!
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