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2013/3/23 15:26:10
The sweeney 2075 pt1 Great storyline, sets, effects, lighting, everything! You put a LOT of effort into this and it most definitely shows! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing more! Toast
2013/3/19 21:47:49
I need a mirror please! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Open a new Muvizu file, go to entertainment on the sets (or 'new scene') menu, then select 'dressing room'. This set has a mirror in it!

What He Said

MrDrWho13 is correct, open the "new scene" window and select the dressing room. I should have been a bit more specific. Sorry.

I've been using Muvizu for so long that I just "click through" things without really thinking about what I actually did!
2013/3/19 19:04:10
I need a mirror please! There is a dressing room set included in Muvizu that has a mirror. It's under the "entertainment" section. I just copy the mirror and the camera it uses for reflections and paste it into whatever set I need it in.

Adjust the "FOV" of the camera to get the look you want. Works really well for me.
2013/3/17 20:45:15
To the community at large Danimal wrote:
As the development seems to have been squarely on the heroes and villains pack lately rather than expanding the original and far better characters, charging a fee would probably do me in as well.

It seems most Muvizu users are happy with the "heroes and villains" direction that the developers have taken with the product and that's fine with me. Personally, I would like to see Muvizu develop in a slightly different direction too l but oh well, it's still a nice piece of animation software "as is".

If the new version of Muvizu offers usable features that the free version doesn't then I may consider paying a fee.
2013/2/8 5:40:43
Silvery Moon. A Valentine's Day Treat. Nothing like a little gas to set the mood! Nice work WozToons!
2013/2/1 15:57:29
Paperman from Pixar Disney is awesome! Great post Dreeko!
2013/1/29 17:49:10
Muvizu Makers wanted for band videos I've been pretty busy with other projects as well but I'd be happy to have a go at helping out. Let me know.
2013/1/23 14:27:55
Game, SET, and match... :) In the past years I've had quite a lot of experience with computer modeling. I worked for a theme park design company and my job was to create 3d computer models of amusement rides and attractions from architects and engineers drawings. It takes quite a bit of patience and skill (and a few choice words) to create nice looking 3d models.

I really appreciate the efforts of those that have uploaded assets and sets for the Muvizu community to use in their animations. Keep up the great work!
2013/1/16 21:48:31
Coming Soon... Great work as always Ziggy. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Toast
2013/1/14 16:47:19
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Congratulations to all the winners!
2013/1/9 19:49:57
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. Nothing like a good fart joke! Really nice sets and camera work there!
2013/1/3 19:11:01
Happy New Year Happy New Year everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing what fellow Muvizuer's come up with this year!
2012/12/31 21:32:39
Recommendations for a laptop please urbanlamb, not only are you a gifted animator but you are a gifted writer as well. Writing never was one of my better talents. Great post!
2012/12/31 20:52:30
Recommendations for a laptop please If you re-read what I wrote I never "suggested" that you buy anything. I merely posted a link to the laptop that I personally bought. I never said anything about "right or wrong" either. Ziggy gave some great advice in his post that I agree with. I fail to see how that is "contradicting".
2012/12/31 18:36:58
Recommendations for a laptop please Some EXCELLENT advice Ziggy! i agreeGood Posting
2012/12/31 2:37:17
Recommendations for a laptop please I've run my laptop for hours on end and have not had an issue with overheating. However, if overheating concerns you there are really cheap cooling pads available.
2012/12/31 1:40:01
Recommendations for a laptop please I just bought this laptop and it runs Muvizu as well as my "high powered" desktop workstation.
2012/12/24 19:08:25
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar I never was any good at figuring out things like this. Every time I try it makes smoke come out of my ears and gives me a headache. Good luck to whoever wins though!
2012/12/23 3:15:25
FIVE MINUTE MYSTERY Great work toonarama! Really well made! Keep up the great work!
2012/12/17 0:26:30
Muvizu Performance Dreeko wrote:
Instant thought is to break down the set into smaller sets based on what the camera will actually show the viewer, by opening up the huge set and deleting all but the necessary elements for your shot and repeating for the different camera angles.

You have probably thought of this yourself mind you...

That's how I do things.
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