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2012/12/3 18:24:29
Ghost House Trailer thingy I was waiting for more Ghost House! Awesome stuff Jonbez!
2012/12/3 16:37:54
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Teaser Trailer Great stuff Berty! Looking forward to watching it!
2012/12/3 14:45:40
Missing Character Action... Thanks Marco! I found it. I can't believe I didn't see it before, must be getting old...
2012/12/3 13:28:14
Missing Character Action... I just noticed this while trying to complete an animation. The "fist pump" action is missing from the "happy" movements. I've looked everywhere and can't find it. I may be in the minority but I used that action quite a lot.

Any chance of getting it back?
2012/11/21 22:31:52
comment/feedback re: expo infos I think I understand what you are saying fullmetall and I tend to agree.

I watched the interview with Barry on the expo channel and found it interesting.
2012/11/19 19:43:13
cell phone and sitting position Freeman wrote:
i see this video by


edited by Freeman on 19/11/2012

This is a bit of "Muvizu trickery". I must say it's a damn clever solution! Toast
2012/11/16 18:28:23
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! Congratulations. Toast
2012/11/8 18:10:39
Textures getting lost on Villian gown and top... I've had the same issue pop up. It's happened on the body, legs, back and chest. Easily fixed but curious as to why it happens.
2012/10/17 5:35:16
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 Nice job there Ziggy! It looks like you may have slipped something under the cape (an invisible ground plane maybe) and moved it about slightly as the "flying" animation was going. Probably not how you did it but a fair guess I think.

Looking forward to seeing how you really did this! Toast
2012/10/9 16:46:44
Guns and Performance I have mine sitting right next to the hand grenade on my desk. People who pass by seem to be exceptionally pleasant towards me.
2012/9/25 17:40:25
Sketchup to Muvizu Your work never ceases to amaze me Dylly. Well done!!!
2012/9/25 17:27:41
Help me Rock this video...Is there an easier way? In my experience with trying to creating music videos there is no easy way to accurately time the character actions with the music. It takes a lot of time, patience and a fair amount of "fiddling" with things on the timeline. My current way of doing things is to just keep experimenting with all of the available character actions until I get something that I think looks "right".

I use AVS for most of my video editing. It's a fairly powerful editor and it's reasonably priced. It doesn't do what some of the more "high end" editors do but it suits my needs pretty well.
2012/9/18 22:43:17
Here's That Rainy Day... This is a video I created for Greg Walsh at Ark records for their newest recording artist Liv Dawson singing "Here's That Rainy Day". Believe it or not Liv is only 13 years old! I see a VERY promising career for this young woman!

edited by mysto on 19/09/2012
2012/9/17 22:43:26
Eyes wide shut Myself, I've used the auto update, I've uninstalled the old and reinstalled the new, done all the updates, etc. and have had no problems. This is strange.
2012/9/17 19:49:19
Eyes wide shut I just tried it and everything works for me as well.

64 bit, full download version, ATI firepro.
2012/9/16 16:28:53
Closed topics topic! I've had the same issue with trying to open older set files. Some open but most don't. Not really a big deal now as I've redesigned most of the set files I use now. It was a bit frustrating but such is life in the day of an animator.

As for some of the older forum topics being closed, I'd just start a new one.
2012/9/14 14:40:25
My thinkings Excellent suggestions InsaneHamster!
2012/9/12 22:03:10
The Garage Band Blues Episode #5 "Winning it all" Here's links to the previous episodes for those who want to see them.

Episode #1:

Episode #2:

Episode #3:

Episode #4:

2012/9/12 21:55:11
The Garage Band Blues Episode #5 "Winning it all" Episode 5 of The Garage Band Blues is now live!

Danimal and I worked really hard on this one so have a look and please let us know what you think! Also, this episode features Danimal's original song "Winner take all"!

edited by mysto on 13/09/2012
2012/9/9 16:11:25
The new Muvizu and The Garage Band Blues... Berty - Yes, head and eye movement are a bit harder to control but I was mainly referring to the functions on the new timeline.


1. On the old timeline when I wanted to move to a certain point all I had to do was take the mouse, hold the left button and slide the timeline to where ever I wanted to. If I wanted to zoom or out in I click the + or - buttons. A VERY fast and efficient way to do things.

With the new timeline I have to mess with a little "slider bar thingy" and hope that when I click on it the timeline doesn't fly off to somewhere I'm not even working on. If I want to zoom in or out same issue. I can't tell you how many times I "lost" my place while trying to move around on the timeline. I've put quite a few hours into using the new version of Muvizu and have yet to get those damn slider bars to work like I want them to. VERY frustrating.

2. In the old version of Muvizu being able to hit the spacebar to stop an action while recording was really nice. I then move the "action squares" around on the timeline to get all kinds of "new" actions for the characters. Doing things this way allows for some VERY precise "new" character actions. Again, a VERY fast and efficient method of doing things. (for me at least)

In the new version I have to actually move the mouse pointer to the "stop recording" button to stop recording. Pressing the spacebar now just repeats the last action recorded. To try and get the same precision I click the button to record an action, then I hit the spacebar several times and then I hit the stop button. I then go to the timeline, remove all of the unwanted action squares, move the square that I do want to the position I want it, and then repeat the process over and over again until I get the final character action I want. While doing things this way does somewhat work it really adds a LOT of time to the animation process.

I've tried every technique I can think of to try and get the speed and efficiency I had with the "old way" of doing things but again have failed at doing so.

3. In the old version of Muvizu I was able to put down a que point on the timeline and then I was able to "snap" a character movement or action square to that que point. This allowed for some VERY VERY precise and accurate timing of things. If this ability was not built into the old version of Muvizu I would not have been able to produce the musical animations I have with the precision and accuracy that they have. I was able to get my timings down to the "split second" by being able to "snap" things to certain points on the timeline.

With the new version of Muvizu its "hit and miss" at best. I've spent hours and hours trying to get precise and accurate control over character actions and lights and object movements with the new version and all I have been able to come up with so far is "good enough". Now for most projects "good enough" is perfectly fine, but some of the things I am working on require very accurate and precise timings and good enough just isn't "good enough". Without being able to "snap" things to que points there's just no way I can get precise and exact timings of anything.

There are some other issues that I've come across with the new timeline but they are very minor and were fairly easy to "work around". (again, for me at least)

I want you to know that I am by no means complaining about anything. I'm just giving my personal opinion about the new version. Muvizu is one of the coolest pieces of 3d software that I've ever had the pleasure of using and I plan on using it for a long long time. I'm sure the new version works just fine for most of the folks who use it.

For the most part the new version of Muvizu works well for me too but I am willing to give up some of the cool new features of the new Muvizu in order to get the precision and accuracy that I had with the old version (ver 0.16b).

I'll be a "loyal Muvizuer" for a long long time...
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