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2012/7/11 6:07:22
My first video :) You do know that there's no known cure for "Muvizuitis" don't you? Welcome to the club!
2012/7/7 18:01:45
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congratulations Grandpa!
2012/7/5 15:03:46
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... It makes perfect sense. I come across this issue from time to time and have found that there are a few creative "workarounds" for the problem. One day I'll try and explain how I get that issue.

I've been using Muvizu so much and for so long that most of what I do with the program is "second nature". I don't really think about how I'm going to do something, I just do it. This makes it difficult for me to try and explain to someone else how I did something.

Kind of like breathing, you don't really think about how you do it, you just do it. Does that make sense?
2012/6/28 19:27:33
insert video in my scene I've had these same issues before. My problem is that I try so many things to fix the problem that when I finally do find something that works I can't remember what I did!
2012/6/11 21:41:23
ATT: ALL MUVIZU STAFF AND MOGULS!!!! The cheese has been slipping off of my crackers for quite awhile now and the more it slips the better at Muvizu I seem to get!

That was really cool and damn nice of you skylike!
2012/6/11 16:16:12
Muvizu needs you! Sounds like a very enjoyable way to spend countless hours staring at a computer monitor until you go "cross-eyed". Count me in!
2012/6/8 0:51:28
Random requests! I agree too! Having location trackers within Muvizu would make things much more productive.
2012/6/4 22:33:10
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Jamie wrote:
What would you keep from the old one and change on the new one?

Being able to drag the timeline with the red bar, rather than the play marker. I don't need to the animation to run when navigating the timeline, just to be able to find where I am is enough. And, as everyone and their dog has requested, the timeline marks to give you some sense of scale and placement. Can't believe you still haven't put them back in! We need them, really we do.

i agree

Also, being able to "snap" the action squares on the timeline to the que points again would really be great!
2012/6/1 23:27:41
Random requests! I guess I'm old fashioned or just plain old but after working with the new version of Muvizu quite a bit I've come to the conclusion that I like the timeline and it's features from the old version better.

I'm really trying to like the new timeline and all it's new stuff but I am finding that I just don't have the precision and control over things that I had with the old one. I haven't given up though.
2012/5/31 0:24:14
Moving limbs Dreeko wrote:
This one has come up before I'm sure. It would be nice to see but it would increase the creation time greatly if we had to do a direction/animation pass for every joint.

I would firstly like to see all upper body animations available for both sitting and standing modes. It's really annoying when you go to animate a character doing something and discover that the action is greyed out because he is sitting down and it is a standing animation!
In addition to this it would be nice if we could have the option to freeze one arm during character direction and freeze the other for a second direction. Yes, I know that another timeline would be required for the additional limb direction but the advantage of this system would be a substantial increase in the variety of animations possible purely from combining the existing ones and also, when we do reach the stage where characters can hold objects,this will allow us to animate without the dreaded greyed out experience which I assume would be the order of the day if we retain the existing pose restricted choices.
...or worse! We CAN use all the animations when they are holding objects and the spear holding character starts moving both arms all over the place cause he's performing a conversation animation.

Thoughts on this anyone?

Edit: There is one extra move I'd like to see.
..head tilt!
The head can move up and down and side to side and everything in between but the ability to tilt the head to one side isn't there!
It's amazing the emotion that can be conveyed from this simple movement.
Yip, head tilt please!

edited by Dreeko on 30/05/2012

What He Said
2012/5/30 20:53:07
Moving limbs I think that would be a great option!
2012/5/29 21:12:09
Introductions! Hello and welcome!
2012/5/28 21:38:21
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
What He Said

The thing I really miss from the old timeline was the ability to drag it left and right to find the bits you needed quickly. Now you have to click on it and drag the play marker which is so sluggish and imprecise it's like trying to push a snail up a flight of stairs. Made of jelly.

Another thing I miss as well!
2012/5/28 6:09:12
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Something I've noticed involves the timeline. In older versions of Muvizu I could adjust things pretty accurately by taking the action squares and "snapping" them to the cue points.

For example, when I create an action for a character afterwards I usually slide the characters action square around on the timeline until I get the action timed just right. In the older version of Muvizu I would do this by putting a cue point on the timeline near where I wanted the action to take place and when I moved the square it would "snap" to the cue points position. I'd then move the que point and the square little by little until I got the timing perfect.

I used this method a LOT when I created my musical animations and the results were pretty darn good.

I've noticed in the new version of Muvizu the action squares don't seem to "snap" to the que points anymore. I'm finding it very difficult to achieve the same accuracy with the new version of Muvizu that I had with the old version.

So I guess my "wish list" is to have the ruler marks back on the timeline and to have things "snap" to the que points again.
2012/5/23 21:27:18
Janni's Got Talent All I can say is WOW! I would walk over red hot animated coals to get a copy of that release!
2012/5/23 17:35:53
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... EEFilmz, yes I registered AVS. At the time they had a deal for like $50 for a lifetime membership. I didn't have any issues with the company at all. The transaction went smooth as silk.
2012/5/16 21:42:55
Coming Soon... I too try to keep things as "all Muvizu" as possible in my videos. Of course there are times when some "post processing magic" is appropriate for certain projects but for the most part keeping things as all Muvizu as possible is my preference.

And as much as my "kick ass" pc kicks my ass it's very enjoyable to do a little "ass kicking" back. Muvizu helps me do this quite well.
2012/5/15 22:56:36
Just ask Alan What a great idea! I'll have to post a few questions for Alan to answer!
2012/5/14 0:20:35
AMD A6-3420M 1.5GHz or does Muvizu use multicores? I have a Lenovo laptop with an AMD A6-3420M 1.5 ghz and AMD Radeon HD 6650M 1gb graphics, 8 gigs ram and it runs Muvizu really well. I'm running Windows 7 pro 64 bit and the only time I notice any "slowdown" is when I have a lot of characters and lights in a scene but it's nothing that hinders production. I overclocked the cpu cores to 2.4 ghz and that seemed to speed things up more.

I got this laptop at a really really good price ($500 us) and am actually quite happy with Muvizu's performance. It's a tad bit slower than an Intel cpu but nothing serious.

My previous laptop had an Intel core 2 duo 2.2 ghz with 512 mb Nvidia graphics and 4 gigs of ram and it ran Muvizu pretty well. My new laptop even though it's not Intel runs Muvizu quite a bit better. I've always pretty much been an "Intel guy" but these new AMD gpu's are quite impressive.
2012/5/13 21:11:38
You think you've got problems? My thoughts and prayers are with you Dylly!
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