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2012/5/9 22:11:21
Unreal engine 2012 video ziggy72 wrote:
<sigh> depressed now. We've got sooooooo far to go...

Ah yes, but what a fun trip it's going to be! Toast
2012/5/6 18:46:42
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... I'm definitely no expert when it comes to codecs or video editors for that matter but I've been using AVS video editor for awhile now and I haven't had any problems. The final file sizes I get from AVS have been pretty good too.

Most all of the animations I've created up to now have been created with AVS.

It's not the most "robust" video editor available but it has enough "bells and whistles" to allow me to create pretty much what I want thus far. I also have Sony Vegas Pro installed on my system and once I learn how to use it better I plan on using it for video editing but for now AVS is getting the job done.
2012/5/6 18:24:03
Muvizu withdrawals.. Muvizu has given me a direction and focus too skylike. Since I first started using it a few years ago it's pretty much the only software I use. It's the only software that I've found that fits my style and preference of animation perfectly.

Danimal and I create The Garage Band Blues series at a fairly casual pace. We really don't get in too big of a rush to crank out episodes. We bounce around ideas for episodes and when we come across something we like Danimal writes a preliminary script. Once we get a script we like he spends a week or two creating the voice tracks and when he's finished sends the tracks to me. Once I get the voice tracks I spend the next few weeks or so creating the animation. When I'm finished with the animation I post it to the Muvizu site. We then sit back and enjoy the "fruits of our labor" for awhile.

It's a way of doing things that seems to work really well for us.

To answer your question bigwally, I have several projects that haven't seen the "lite of day" yet. I have several more projects that I haven't even started on. Seems to be one of those "too many things to do and not enough time to do them" moments.

The biggest thing I've realized is to just have fun creating animation. If I'm not enjoying what I'm doing what's the point in doing it? I've always loved animation and since I found Muvizu that "spark" has grown a whole lot bigger.
2012/5/1 23:18:53
Dreeko's Tutorials I hear ya Dreeko! About a month ago I made the mistake of "playing around" with the codecs on my system and had the same results as you. While things are pretty much back to normal now with my system it's not like it was before I messed with things.

If it aint broke don't fix it!!!
2012/4/23 18:29:37
New Glasses I wear glasses for reading, computer work and any other "close up" task. I've never had anti-glare lenses so I can't give any feedback about that. All I do know is that without my trusty readers I'm "dead in the water" when it comes to animating.
2012/4/22 15:34:36
Remove watermark, and put a clip at the end. skylike wrote:
End of the day Muvizu give us this for free, so anything that gives them props is fine by me.

I agree with Dreeko (wear it with pride)

I agree with these guys too! What He Said
2012/4/17 23:13:13
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? toonarama wrote:
works on mine too though I've never earned a penny!

Same here, works on mine but haven't earned anything!
2012/4/13 6:04:26
Need a model or set made? It's probably a lot to ask but a vehicle (preferably a van) that characters could actually get inside would be really great for my garage band series! The guys may want to play gigs out of town sometime down the road. (hint hint)
2012/4/13 0:22:42
Garage Band Blues Episode #4... Well, for better or for worse Danimal and I present to you episode 4 of The Garage Band Blues Series. We hope you enjoy watching it and please feel free to comment and subscribe!

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2012/4/11 20:26:56
It's limited Well said ukBerty. I totally agree.
2012/4/11 17:28:03
It's limited Muvizu is only limited by the users creativity...
2012/4/4 22:48:15
What is Muvizu? Extremely well said Dylly and I agree 100%! Toast
2012/4/3 18:30:11
Sketchup to Muvizu Wow! Great work Dylly! IMHO I think the stairwells would be very useful indeed! Again, great work!
2012/4/1 1:18:59
The Project Vortex What a great idea! It's deja vu all over again! Keep up the good work!
2012/3/10 7:00:04
Sketchup to Muvizu You guys are the greatest! If only I had the patience to take care of these things! It's people like Ziggy and Dylly that make the Muvizu forums the BEST!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!
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2012/3/6 21:06:25
Uploaded sets and 3d assets You guys are doing a fantastic job creating and sharing all of those neat things with everyone!

We're working on episode 4 of the Garage Band Blues series and having some kitchen utensils would be really great right about now!
2012/3/4 11:04:53
Character circles after movement Steven547 wrote:
Hi everyone.

When I move(walk) my character, then let go of the mouse button, he doesn't stop. He just keeps turning in circles. Why is this and how can I adjust this?


A few cuss words and a couple of good whacks on the keyboard (or mouse) may do the trick!
2012/3/1 16:47:09
Can't wait for this! Looks like its going to be another great year for Muvizu!
2012/2/15 16:06:46
Major Problem !! cant work it out I agree with Dreeko. After sorting through a lot of codecs motion jpeg is the one that seems to work pretty well for me too.
2012/2/10 19:26:08
Random requests! Luscan wrote:
Knock it off with the puns you boneheads...


Welcome to the club Luscan! Toast
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