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2014/10/30 16:53:32
Digimania News good news that they haven't forgotten about us. i was starting to worry.
2014/1/15 12:09:42
Creating Videos: "Cannot Use Those Settings" HughN wrote:
Xvid can be added to the list of codecs that don't work!

The 'configure' button doesn't do anything either.

Brick Wall
edited by HughN on 15/10/2013

I had this problem. What I ended up doing was uninstalling the ffdshow or whatever it is called and installing xvid on its own. i have windows 7 64 bit and i had to run as administrator before it would work without telling me it wasn't installed properly. the video codec thing is the most annoying thing in the whole universe*

hopefully what worked for me will work for you. maybe even just installing xvid will be enough.

*apart from things that are much worse.
2013/10/11 0:23:27
Video Codecs xvid seems to have installed anyway and i now have the option.

thank you.
thank you, everyone
2013/10/11 0:11:21
Video Codecs Jamie wrote:
Hi mungy,

The first thing you need to know is that mp4 will never show up as a codec in Muvizu. Its not a AVI codec. You can convert your AVI video to MP4 later though.

Have you tried installing XVid as a stand-alone codec? I've often found it doesn't show up with K-lite codec pack installs and so, these days, I just go to and install the stand alone version.

If there are other codecs you want to use, could you list them one by one and we'll try and help you with them individually.

Let me know how you get on.

edited by Jamie on 10/10/2013

Not sure if xvid has installed properly - it crashed with a nvinit.dll_unloaded message.

I want a codec that will generate smallish files that would be good enough for youtube. I would use muvizu for making videos for my own music so each video would be between 2:30-5:00 minutes long. The only ones I am familiar with are xvid and mp4. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you in advance
2013/10/10 19:32:20
Video Codecs 1 extra codec and not a useful one at that. ho hum.
2013/10/10 17:59:27
Video Codecs ziggy72 wrote:
iYUV is a pretty good codec, used to use it myself until I went all uncompressed. If that's still producing files that are too big, your only other option seems to be to use the 32 bit version of Muvizu, which always supported more codecs than the 64 bit version (currently my Muvizu is showning just 2 codecs - msv1 and uncompressed, that's it, despite having the latest k lite pack). And I hadn't realised k Lite had merged their 64/32 bit codecs together in one pack these days, so that's one less complication at least! If you're not going to produce sets that exceed 3gb in your PC's memory, there really is no benefit to running the 64bit version of Muvizu anyway. And you can have both version installed side by side since they live in different places on your C drive. Can't hurt

I will try the 32 bit and report back Big Grin
2013/10/10 14:42:27
Video Codecs just updating my saga Big Grin

ran the codec tweak tool and it fixed some problem things in the registry
removed the matrox codecs as they were part of software no longer on the computer.
the plus side of either/both of the above is that muvizu now closes gracefully and doesn't leave processes running.

uninstalled and reinstalled k-lite codecs.

my options are now: uncompressed, microsoft video 1, intel IYUV(iyuv), and intel IYUV(i420).

Anyone got any ideas where to go from here?
2013/10/10 2:20:15
Video Codecs Mike_Num_5 wrote:
Hi Mungy,

May I ask what resolution you are trying to render out at?

Some codecs will only do up to a certain resolution, as such, you may have all the codecs you need, it's just that the codecs won't support the resolution you are going for.

Here is what we have on codecs from our Wiki:

The K-Lite pack includes the 32 and 64 bit codecs these days, so no need to download one or the other.

Try rendering out at a lower resolution to see if you get more codec options and increase as necessary.

Hope this helps!


Just installed the codecs again. I could only get uncompressed until I'd selected it - previously I wasn't selecting it because it wasn't what I wanted. After selecting it, when I click on it a load of codecs are listed, mostly matrox codecs, but no xvid, mp4. This is frustrating :S
2013/10/10 2:05:01
Video Codecs there are no codecs to choose in the drop down, only uncompressed. I tried all resolutions.
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2013/10/9 0:15:37
Video Codecs Can anyone help with this?
2013/10/8 7:03:48
Video Codecs the latest version installs both, I think.
2013/10/7 23:44:01
Video Codecs I still have this ongoing problem of not being able to make a video in anything other than uncompressed. I have installed the k-lite codec pack, reinstalled muvizu with no joy.

please, for the love of god, help me sort this problem out. I love what i can do with muvizu and would consider buying the plus version, depending on the results of the free version.

I have windows 7 64 bit, muvizu 64 bit and k-lite 64 bit codecs.
2013/5/15 18:20:07
Processes still running after closing program Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Glad to hear this is no longer an issue for you, mungy! ukBerty - are you still having problems with the Muvizu process not terminating properly when you close the app, or has this cleared-up for you too...?

Also, just out of curiosity, this question for both of you (as well as anyone else who may have had this problem)... Did it ever happen with Muvizu:Play (v1.0)? Or just with older versions of Muvizu?

Muvizu 64 bit still hangs. this is with muvizu play, I only discovered muvizu a few days ago Big Grin
2013/5/14 17:14:54
Processes still running after closing program Just installed muvizu 32 bit and it closes down gracefully with no hanging processes.
2013/5/14 7:14:06
Processes still running after closing program ukBerty wrote:
I reported it a while ago but as no one else had this I thought it was just me.

I'm also Win7 64bit and it happens even if launch muvizu, don't load a set and immediately quit !

Have turned off AV and still it won't close properly.

Just tried this with the same results.
2013/5/13 23:29:06
Processes still running after closing program WozToons wrote:
Yes, it is. It was reported a few weeks ago. I'm not aware of any further news.

It doesn't seem to happen with my machine which is Win 7 64bit as well. I always save manually and then just quit instead of using "save and quit", whether that has anything to do with it I don't know.
edited by WozToons on 13/05/2013

thank you
2013/5/13 23:20:11
Processes still running after closing program After closing the program and starting it up a little later several times, I noticed my computer starting to lag. I investigated the processes in task manager and discovered I had quite a few of instances of muvizu still running taking up 6gb of my 8gb of memory. Is this a known problem?

My OS is Windows 7 64bit.
2013/5/13 19:29:48
The Configure button when making a video Dreeko wrote:
I feel your codec woes Mungy.
That's one scary looking avatar you've got yourself there btw!
It reminds me of this little vid I made a while back

Did the person that took the photograph survive?.. Eek!

Fantastic vid Big Grin

It was supposed to be a photo of me shaving with a billhook in response to a thread on some other forum about shaving. The photo turned out much scarier than intended Big Grin
2013/5/13 18:22:15
The Configure button when making a video urbanlamb wrote:
hi there you will need to install some codecs most people use k-lite or you can chop the video in half and join it together in a video editor

make sure you install the codecs for your version of muvizu so if you installed 64bit muvizu install 64bit codecs or you will have some strange issues .

muvizu has no fancy codecs as they cost money for them to license.

Thank you. Installed it, but still no codec option to change the bitrate. I will keep tinkering with it - of course I probably won't keep accurate track of what changes I make, so if there is a solution it may not be repeatable Big Grin
2013/5/13 16:32:33
The Configure button when making a video ziggy72 wrote:
Not all codecs actually have options, but we always have the Configure button there because that's built into Muvizu. Hope that makes sense

which codecs would they be? the 4gb files i am generating are far too big for a 3 min animation to go with my music.
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