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2013/6/5 5:52:32
Coming Soon! The Human Torch Making a superhero The Human Torch . This is a 10 second test video ,
. Im working in creating many superheroes like The Hulk and many more to inspire the Muvizuers . Im open to any sugestions or ideas .Thanks !
2013/6/4 16:11:06
At last, I finally found this great software! In Vista and Windows 7 you have a compatibility mode tool . Before Installing Muvizu Play Setup - Right click and go to compatibility tab and in the compatibility mode ,check box and pick windows xp (service pack 3),press apply and then ok .Now install .I use to have same problem and now is running much better. Hopes it helps !
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2013/5/31 20:35:18
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d Idea - Way to promote Muvizu 3D in a better way is making a video telling everyone that Muvizu is in the social medias and you can use it to express . It will expand to get more members and team to join forces
2013/5/30 18:30:58
Suggestions to increase Muvizu 3d Everyone would like to experience more character and objects in Muvizu 3d .Im a newbie and I think that if we the muvizuer's can make similar character based on video games will increase the potencial in this website .Example i would like to make the character Ghost from Call of Duty but we dont got objects like weapons , more equipments , more cars options ...or maybe more choices in dress kits for characters .In video galleries make a section only for tutorials and sections like a superheroes sections or military section ..... it will increase the chance for more creativity in which the muvizuer's likes.
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