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2010/12/30 9:12:44
This Side of Midnight Cheers Jim
2010/12/13 10:59:53
This Side of Midnight Shhhhhhhhhh ..... Dont tell anyone :O)
2010/12/13 10:33:05
This Side of Midnight Haha Thanks Emily ...I only noticed this morning but he must be playing a Vampire Flying Vee .... It has no shadow

I will of course say that ...That particular effect was intensional and took hours of editing to achieve ... LOL
2010/12/10 17:44:09
This Side of Midnight This is a dark story of revenge ...but not by the living .....Be careful who you cross they may just come back for you :O) Based upon my song of the same name and featuring the guitar strangling of Mike Woodford and the Bass bashing of Andy Gupta ... I made the other noises. This was produced in Muvizu with a couple of other bits of kit to make my life easier ...all in about 60 Hours of editing (not including the music) but then I dont work very fast
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2010/12/10 13:22:47
Muvizu Portal Thanks Jim ...I'll deleat it and try again before there are too many hits ...LOL I wish

I like that vid as well ...a nice idea that :O)
2010/12/10 12:09:19
Muvizu Portal Hi Guys

I had a problem last night uploading my latest to youtube via the Muvizu portal .....I dont think it was a problem here as it took three tries on Youtube directly before it went ..... Is it possible for you to put it up on this site now or do I have to try and upload again through the portal

Cheers Ian
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2010/11/16 15:10:18
Looking for an Animator for short project. Hi Jo
You certainly cover a wide variety of work and I'm sure you will find what you need here ... I'm afraid I am out as my computer is suffering from a nervous breakdown but there are some talented guys posting.

Good luck

Ian :O)
2010/11/11 12:30:25
latest version This new version is simply the dogs wotsits ....BUT......I have searched every where for this "Bleedin Edge" and I just cant naffin well find it!!!!!.........oh wait!...........yes I think......I.....see it..............

AHa!!!!!!!!!! I found it ......... just under the Bleedin Side lol hit

You guys rock big time ...THANKS
2010/11/8 15:47:04
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?..
2010/11/2 11:32:20
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Haha ...a great idea
I would love to help but no one really understands me ......and it really wouldn't be fair on you..... and I'm not in a good place artistically right now....and you know you deserve do much better than me.....I would have contacted you sooner but I lost your number and my selective amnesia has kicked in again...... a big boy did it and ran away (Mmmm maybe not the last one )

It sounds a lot of fun ...and I think you've come to the right place ...good luck with this project
2010/10/31 20:07:03
Ghost house episode 2 @ Ziggy72 ...Haha no cant really fail to notice ...I just thought it was startling how many Ghost House attracted in such a short time... the curse of popular work I guess
Anyway great stuff John keep them coming :O)
2010/10/31 14:21:22
Ghost house episode 2 Hi John
Great work as usual ...I was just reading through the Youtube comments ....What a collection of brain dead illiterate spam monkeys and pond scum ....apart from the ones that liked it....strange that ...keep them coming :O)

Cheers Ian
2010/10/28 19:08:16
Raindance Finalists ? Thats not what I am saying .... I thought from the published rules, that the 10 finalists would recieved a 12 month premier membership to the Raindance site..... I simply assume that if I haven't heard from you then I didn't make the 10 finalists...

The Prizes
The judging panel will pick three prize winners from the 10 finalists to win one of three workstations.
The 10 finalists will receive one year premium membership to Raindance

I'm glad you had such a good response to the competition and I just wanted clarification that the finalists would have heard by now if they were lucky enough to be selected

I had a lot of fun making the video's but it also took a long time and it would have been good to at least see the entries that were judged to be finalists even if I thought it harsh ...I'm a big boy ...I can take it

Anyway I now have some cool video's for my music which was my main motivation and maybe I'll have another go in the new year if I can convince my better half we should invest in a new computer
2010/10/28 17:46:03
Raindance Finalists ? So we can say then, all of us who haven't heard anything ...myself included.... were no better than 11th position... yes a little harsh I must agree.

Lets hope some of these super animations find their way onto the site ...would be a shame not to see them

2010/10/28 14:38:14
Raindance Finalists ? Thanks
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2010/10/28 14:01:01
Raindance Finalists ? Hi Guys
Any news on who the 10 lucky finalists are?

It would be nice to see all the animations posted here as well.
edited by Stonehead on 10/28/2010
2010/10/27 18:31:05
My prize arrived! Brick Wall
2010/10/22 9:58:39
A Spoof of a Spoof? IanS wrote:
Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?

Haha I had forgotten that one
2010/10/22 9:08:00
LAG PROBLEMS. Need help quick! Hi
It depends just how severe it is effecting yoy but I have the similar problems because Muvizu is rather gaphics hungry as I guess you should expect.

There are a couple of things to try

1 Get all the movement and lip sync done before filling your set with fx, lighting and objects

2 Turn off all lighting and FX until you are ready to render the movie

3 Remember to remove any object, character or item that is not visible in a particular scene

4 Think about what you want to achieve ...can you break it down to smaller bits and reassemble later

5 Although it's great to produce HD vids try working at a lower res

6 Try compiling/assembling the project in an external movie maker

Basically try and keep it simple and save often

Good luck
2010/10/21 19:04:45
A Spoof of a Spoof? That's it!!!!! I have to go watch Airplane again ....a classic
This is a very clever exercise in editing ... to be able to cut together clips from this film and remove all puns and humor must have been very difficult indeed ..... I dont really understand why.....but clever all the same

By the way "Have you ever seen a grown man naked" and "Dont call me shirley" :O)
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