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2016/9/12 17:42:43
Hello from Spain Hi and welcome to muvizu, you came to the right place, one of muvizu goals is for educational projects which you can learn more about here muvizu is more then that it's great for other projects to, and I don't think you'll find any other software that is as easy as muvizu to do animation, and I think you'll do great on what you have in mind, and you should get it out quicker then painting a picture, also we have a great community that's friendly and full of inspiration, and if you need help or advice on anything we are all here to help, plus you can share you finished videos here or you can view videos made by us in the gallery of muvizu and see the kind of videos that can be made, the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy your stay and have fun animating!

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2016/9/12 15:58:43
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store PatMarrNC wrote:
very cool, Clayster! you have the knack!

(This will also be one of the prizes in my contest.... which ends in 6 days, by the way.... )

I'll do my best to have it done by then, my job is limiting my free time, been doing a lot of over time,only leaving two hours before I have to turn it for the!
By the way, I'm using the actual set that you see in the video, so the containment unit and the Jeep will be included in the set!
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2016/9/12 5:58:33
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store This is just my ad for my up coming muvizu set for the store, just make sure the bathroom is close by before you watch it, just a!

2016/9/11 17:45:30
Thinking of getting this software Hello and welcome to muvizu zeke, Im a moderate animator, and from my experiences from other software's muvizu is the most easiest and cheapest way you can go, I mostly dropped all the other software's and stuck with this, a lot of animation is done for you, all you have to do is direct it, and if you want to do your own movements in animation, muvizu has a feature called Key Frame so you can create your own movements and it's easy to use, not just that you have a wonderful community here that's friendly and helpful, you get stuck with something or need help with a prop, or a character are whatever the case maybe then me and my fellow muvizuer's or here to help, and if you have any doubt about muvizu then take a look at the gallery and watch what muvizu can do!

Enjoy your stay!

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2016/9/9 16:44:42
T-REX set now in store Thanks Pat, I just put down what I see in my head, that's until the darkness clears up, but still haven't sold a T-Rex yet.
2016/9/9 7:11:18
T-REX set now in store MrDrWho13 wrote:
Private video

Should show now!
2016/9/9 2:47:27
T-REX set now in store
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2016/9/9 1:00:50
Jurassic pack idea I love doing this kind of stuff, guess it's in my blood, so no worries about me, I"m full of ideas!
2016/9/8 20:29:47
Jurassic pack idea Yea I have tried that, but whenever the raptor turned or walked, the green screen effect would cut out parts of the legs and tail, since the core character's leg are greened anything behind them would be invisible as well, now this method could work if you made the core character's legs black and go with a dark scenery then they wouldn't be noticed,but not everyone would always want a dark scene, so I'm trying to accommodate to suit both day and night, and it's not easy!
2016/9/7 19:28:44
Jurassic pack idea That's a actual picture of the raptor I'm working on in muvizu, the fonts I really can't remember where I got them, I just Googled them and found it that way.
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2016/9/7 17:27:04
Jurassic pack idea
I been thinking of doing a jurassic pack for the store, but before I do, I have to ask, what would you pay for a pack of this kind, what kind of Dinosaur would you like to see in its contents,also do you think this would be a good asset to muvizu, I need to know these things before I really consider this task of creating this pack.
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2016/9/6 16:20:18
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers PatMarrNC wrote:
"JURASSIC PACK" ... love it! Great play on words!

I still think you should create a Pig-O-Saurus and put him in a movie named "Jurassic Pork"

Or maybe something set in Ireland when dinosaurs ruled the earth. A reptilian character made from Beefy
might be called ... um... BRAWN O'SAURUS

OK, I'll stop now.

Lol... I already started modeling a raptor, going to see how that goes.
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2016/9/6 15:35:14
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers I'm always here everyone, and I'm always creating things to help out, in fact I released my T-Rex to the store and it's valibel today, and thinking of creating dinosaur for a jurassic pack, that's if I get a lot of!
2016/9/3 20:42:05
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers that's my point, they work hard to do what they do, so we have to consider that the prices they have now they are not really worth the effort, but they do it, I remember what I use to do, it barely put food on the table.
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2016/9/3 20:11:28
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers theotherguy wrote:
I think I'm coming from a slightly different direction here, I recognized Muvizu as a modified game from the start, and like most games it is like a car that is already built. It's a very complex car and to dive under the hood would be a very daunting task. Whenever I get fancy with Muvizu I run into problems, so I use other software, like my video editor, to pick up the slack. With Muvizu it's best to work in tiny chunks of 10-20 seconds or less and to really plan stuff out, especially character movements, which is my particular peeve.

With a bit of experimenting you can put Muvizu characters and props anywhere, in any environment. Although it's cumbersome in use, it gets the job done, without the mind-blowing complexity which is the hallmark of most 3-D programs. I just finished trying to figure out Amazon's Lumberyard to no avail. I've tried iClone and Poser and have given up on them.

I'll continue using Muvizu until something comparable comes along, but I might be in for a long, long, wait. I'd like to make my own 3-D environments for them in the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions they'd be gratefully received.

I feel the same way,but I don't want everyone to think that I'm going against to what everyone wants muvizu to have, I want these things to, and yes they would make the money, but think of it this way, To make a character you don't really need a developer, what you need is a modeller, a rigger, a texture artist, an animator and a tester + web dev and marketing. Its a team job to design, create and publish a character. It can take 3 months to make the new asian style characters and 6 months - 1 year to make the full character that is the potato heads, I mean something like an attachment pack with 12 assets could take a month with 2 artist, a tester and web/marketing working on it. Realistically it might take 6 weeks. You could be looking at paying 4 or 5 peoples salary for a month so getting a return on that investment with a 3 dollar content pack just isn't going to happen. If you are talking paying salaries and other costs for 3 months with a number of people and selling at $15 - it just doesn't cover the investment, I say this because I used to work for a company that made software, and I was one of the artist along with three others, there was 4 programmers, a designer, and there was web and marketing, we had to sell the product at a higher price to cover our salaries, Take Buildbox for example, they are asking $2000 for their product, and Unity is selling at $125.00 a month, and other softwares like toon Boom (Harmony) is selling at $140, they do this in order to pay salaries and make a profit, so if muvizu took everyone's ideas and put them in production then you may see an increase in price, look guys I love muvizu just as much as yaw do,and i would like to see the things we ask for happen and I'm sure they have plans on doing more for it, like the Oculus rift pack, yea some of us think it shouldn't be apart of muvizu, but believe or not VR is in High demand and getting ready for the next generation of software's, and yes there are demands for VR videos, and since the Oculus is at a High price, muvizu offers a cheap expansion pack, so far every pack and expansion pack they sell for us to afford and considering some of the lost in profits, this is something we all should think about when we ask a lot from the developers, They will take ideas to consider, just Like I do when someone gives me one, but doesn't mean I'll get to it right away or not even at all, it just depends on what all can be done.

again I'm all for the same things that everyone is asking for, and I'm not taking sides, I'm just stating the facts that should be considered.
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2016/9/3 17:39:49
Need a voice actor for my up coming new spoof Hello Friends I'm working on a new spoof, it's my version of Pirates of the caribbean, and I am looking for someone that can do the voices of Captain Jack Sparrow only because I'm bad at doing british accent, so if anyone would like to offer the help please reply!

here's a picture of his character for muvizu

2016/9/3 17:15:37
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 tonyob67 wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
Here is a short video showing the set that Clayster generously donated to be used as a prize for this contest. At this time I'm not yet sure which winner will get it, but it will be among the prizes which include $50 USD deposited to your paypal account (first prize for the winning entry among the Muvizu Ply Plus entries... and the paid license for whoever wins the free version category

Good video Pat, OK for who ever wins this prize, I left the house empty so it can be decorated the way you want it, all you have to do is lift roof and place your objects, the house is made up of different objects and held together using key frame, you can change the color of the house, and animate the doors, The windows are supposed to be transparent clear, but for some reason it fills up with color, just go in its properties and uncheck visible, for an extra bonus I added a swimming pool, a BBQ pit, and that little red car I used in my last video, so good luck to everyone, and I hope who ever wins will enjoy this set!
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I'm very excited , I really like the house , the car also comes bundled ?

Sorry I didn't see this before, yes everything you see comes bundled!
2016/9/2 21:38:13
COMPETITION ENTRY Yep welcome to muvizu gman7877, if there's any help or advice you need give me a message, I'll try my best to help.
2016/8/31 15:42:42
The End of the Chase Yep pat I use it for a track for him to walk on, and the green screen would work to,but in the video I just lined up a track all the way down,and for the T- I model it in milkshape, I may redo it before I decide to put it in the store.
2016/8/30 22:04:54
The End of the Chase Also the legs are attached to the feet, and the body is attached to the chest, when the legs are adjusted to where the feet meets the knees the legs work a lot better without the bow legged walk, and they are more closer to the hip, if the thighs attend to stick out when walking then adjusting the body and legs will fix it.
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