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2017/3/20 10:35:12
Attempting to Ride A bird In Muvizu : Shenanigans Was Playing Final Fantasy recently and was inspired by the Chocobos. I still cant figure out how to export textures out of blendr or I would have tried to animate some eyeballs.

2017/2/26 22:31:32
Wheels animation tricks Awesome trick love it!
2017/2/15 23:58:01
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs Yeah Pat. I had them for a few months and then they disappeared.with updates.I haven't had the uv maps since October.Think it happened when I downloaded the other Asian pack. Also I have never been able to animate the kids eyes I messaged muvizu but they never got back to me about why his eyes do not close and shut. reinstalled everything too.
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2017/2/15 19:59:13
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Uploading now for the store Japanese Pack Ninja Beefy ,Geisha Rosie, And Bearded Sinister.

2017/2/15 19:51:59
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs Are there any extra copies of the south asian uv maps availibe they will not reboot on mmy new version of muvizu
2017/2/14 19:14:37
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Rocque a really cool free alternative program I found for poser like animation Is Miku Miku Move. I just found out about it a few weeks ago. I was under the impression that it was just a dance maker program so I never really gave it a shot. This is a spin off of that program that offers which is imo better for animators.There's hundreds of poses and walk motions available on Deviantart . Easy way to get in to it too just like Muvizu . It also has really cool stuff like A physics engine and and Morph controls . Of course some downsides are having to use third party programs for voice control and there's just some things like facial actions that are easier to do in Muvizu.
Miku Miku Program


Some cool characters I found

Stage to get you started
2017/1/17 20:51:53
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs I used to have the south Asian character pack textures and now they are missing from mine as well. Also I can not get the boys eye size to animate when I try to open and close them. Anyone else have this issue ? Its been this way since I downloaded it months ago.
2017/1/17 1:29:16
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. DeannaC I use Hit Film for everything after I export it out of muvizu . I try to do as much as I can in muvizu because I get lost in the process when I keep switching back and forth. For the waves I used a spot light for the waves and the clouds . just make your whole scene black and shine the spotlight on the wall with pictures of your background. For the fishes swimmng around I changed the musical notes effect in to a png of a fish. With the Japanese doors There's an option to change the transparency of the paper in for the walls. In Hitfilm that when I started doing effects like the lights going off and the water moving on the ground and transitions. For the water I used a bulge effect which warps the image . You can also do stuff like put a bulge on the hair or something else and give it the appearance that its moving. I am still learning so much about hitfilm right now its awesome. I created this whole transition last night using it from one single picture.

2017/1/16 15:07:36
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. Thanks guys im going to keep working on it. Hopefully I will have something done by the end of the month. I also Created alot of 2d scrolling background objects I wil upload to the store once I get a few things finished
2017/1/16 15:06:09
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. Rodrisilva wrote:
I'm looking forward to see all movie.
Give it a try!
This is really a diferent approach with a beautiful song.
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Thank you so much I really love your videos. They have so much heart its very inspiring.
2017/1/9 4:57:11
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. I might try to finish it up If I can fix some things and figure out where I want to go with it.

2016/12/17 3:16:17
WHERE ARE YOU? Cleveland Ohio
2016/12/17 3:12:48
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Pat I never even thought of just using the poser bodies and use one of the heads from Muvizu thats a great idea !!!
2016/12/15 23:25:02
The Lodger Great job !!! im chrome casting it on my big screen and it looks fantastic !!! such a great idea too using an old raido show
2016/12/15 23:23:00
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price I downloaded a demo for it and for me personally for me its way out of my league. I think most average people would just be stuck trying to make a movement or a character look right. After I downloaded it i checked to see youtube uploads and you really can't find anything past a walk test . I saw one five minute action one that was cool but it was done by a group of animators. Im watching an awesome 35-minute animation from Ikes right now and I can see someone doing this in poster without it taking years. Definitely try the demo before you buy!!
2016/12/15 23:03:38
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import I tested out the obj import with Windows 3d builder and everything works for the most part. Also turned on the static lighting I still dont really understand what that means but some stuff did look better but darker. a few items did not have the option to click on them most of them worked I thinked they were ones with over high poly count. Most Items I imported in to muvizu were having mini seizure problems nothing bad Not sure if you can do stop the collision like in Blender. 2 things kind of interesting the rocket has a kind of metal texture to it And I just coloured it. Also I was surprised how easy it was to color a 3d oobject in windows builder im definitely going to use it again just for that Srs took like two minutes to paint. Stuff that has multipule objects need to be merged before exporting. I did test out an Obj from another program and it waas jumping all over the place

2016/12/15 15:26:42
New release update: Static lighting and OBJ import I can import an obj object but I can not import an obj attachment for a character therres not even an option showing up for it.
2016/11/18 1:10:23
Adding a sunday comics look to your characters. This works really well on certain characters especially the boy character .Put the fly eyes on and scale them out right and make sure they are black .

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2016/11/17 22:48:26
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store uploading a Ready to rumble Boxing and wrestling Ring.

2016/9/28 2:57:48
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) Thanks Mindi Im trying to get away from the Muvizu look as much as possible . I can only figure out so far how to export the color of the object I cant export or even figure out how to map a texture to an object. This is what I look a fort scaling you keep it around these numberss

FOr Objects

For character Attachments
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