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2010/8/10 7:37:30
adding .wav files Hi Jim
Thanks for that. I have audacity I can do that ok.
From your comments I understand that only 1 audio file per animation can be uploaded as I had suspected. However grasped the work around, thanx again. By the way having great fun using the software.

2010/8/9 20:29:07
RE: Help in Logging In! Try logging into the website and leaving the username and password boxes empty click on login.
This will present with the forgotton details entry option. Take it from there.
2010/8/9 20:17:52
adding .wav files I have 2 characters in the animation.

I tried to use two seperate .wav files for the talking. The first character speaks first (for about 10 secs) then some 20 seconds later another character speaks for about 8 secs. However it appears that the importing overwrites the first .wav file used. Can the application manage 2 seperate .wav files for use in teh animation at different times?

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