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2016/11/24 19:32:17
adding voices One trick I like to use is to record all the lines for a scene, then edit them together into one long audio clip before importing. Then, when you're ready to record the scene, all you have to do is have the characters talk and shush at the appropriate times. Easy peasy.
2016/11/18 13:45:07
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 A couple of questions for clarification:

1. Regarding the crediting of assets, if I'm only using what I've downloaded for free from here, are you asking me to credit the person who originally uploaded it? How am I supposed to figure that out?

2. In my home state of North Carolina, state law explicitly allows the noncommercial use of sound recordings in webcasting, which is fine since I don't monetize my youtube channel anyway. How would that work regarding music under these rules? I always credit musicians regardless, but are you specifically only allowing entries that use creative commons material?
2016/11/15 12:29:06
Lugofilm Ltd Presents I haven't been able to work on anything for a long while due to life getting in the way and not having the time. I have more time now and I'm in the process of planning an anthology series set in a fictional town I created. Stay tuned...
2016/11/14 23:20:12
Can't find asa.png? Related question: I've had some success importing models from the Sketchup 3d Warehouse by converting them to fbx format, but sometimes I get a fatal error and the program crashes. Are the models to big? Too complex? Too many textures? Does anyone know?
2016/11/14 23:16:06
Capes for Standard Characters? Thanks a lot!
2016/11/14 22:34:49
Can't find asa.png? Hi all! I'm trying to import an fbx model I found of a run down old shack but it gives me the error message "File not found: asa.png". The model has a texture included but that's not what it's called. Obviously Muvizu is looking for something else that's not there. Am I missing something? I've imported fbx files before without any trouble so I'm baffled as to why I can't do this one.
2016/2/13 13:25:08
Capes for Standard Characters? I'd like to do a story where a Beefy superhero has a kid sidekick and I'd like the kid sidekick to have a cape so their costumes match. Can anyone make an attachment like that for the boy/girl/man/woman characters? Maybe it could be an attachment for the back?
2015/12/13 22:19:02
Issue With Default Camera View Yes. It appears that was the problem. Funny, that's never been an issue before. Oh well, now I know to unplug it. Thanks.
2015/12/13 22:08:20
Issue With Default Camera View So I just downloaded and installed the latest update (from 11/17/15) and now when I launch the program, the default view is on the ground looking straight up and it won't let me swivel the view to be horizontal. It swivels in a circle left or right but won't swivel the other way. Help!
2015/8/11 19:40:38
FBX Importing Error I have Play+ but have not yet updated to the current version (my last update was in May). I'm trying to import an FBX file and I get an error message that says "the feature you are trying to use is not licensed for this version of muvizu". What does that mean and how can I get it to work?
2015/7/9 16:12:37
where to locate objects that can be imported Question: What's the maximum size of objects I can import from sketchup? I ask because while it's not something I'm working on right now, I want to come back to Busted eventually and I thought I might be able to find some buildings in the warehouse I could use for sets. I've looked at a few and I did find something I might be able to use but I'm not sure if importing from sketchup would work on that.
2015/7/9 15:04:03
Lip Syncing Problem Hi! It's not as hard as it seems. Here's what I do (and this is something I figured out myself):

1. If you don't already have it, download Audacity (it's free, so no worries there).

2. Open Audacity and import all of the dialogue for the scene you're trying to do (which I assume is saved as separate lines).

3. Under the Edit menu, go down to Select and click All.

4. Under the Tracks menu, go down to Align Tracks and click Align End To End.

5. Save the audio track with whatever name you want.

6. Import the new audio track into Muvizu and sync both characters to it.

7. Pick one of the characters, open the Direct Dialogue screen, press the record button, then click Talk or Shush as needed for their lines. If necessary, go through the timeline after recording and manually adjust things so their mouth only moves when they're supposed to be talking.

8. Do the same thing for the other character in the scene.

If you did it right, the conversation should play out fine when you play it back. Ta da! Hope that helps!
2015/3/11 14:38:58
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Wow. I go away for a few months and come back to find a brand spanking new update. I've been toying with the idea of attempting to do a 45-50 minute movie version of Busted, but I wasn't sure the software was capable of doing what I had in mind. With the bug fixes and new content, it actually might be now so I'll have to spend some time playing with it to see what I can do. Thanks for all your hard work!
2014/11/8 0:12:43
General Video Editing Advice Needed Thank you very much! I tried Lightworks and it works beautifully! Now I just need to figure out how to chop off the end of the timeline. I rendered out my montage and the program apparently felt the need to go to the end of the blank part instead of stopping where the video ended. Tutorials, ho!
2014/11/7 18:06:13
General Video Editing Advice Needed Hi all! I'm trying to put together a montage for a documentary type project I'm thinking about doing and I got all the clips I need edited to the right length to fit the music, but when I went to put it all together, my computer crashed and had to reboot itself because windows movie maker apparently doesn't like working with clips that are three seconds or less. Is there anything you could recommend doing? Do I need a different editing program? If so, which one would you suggest?
2014/11/3 12:59:05
Lipsync to more than one audio file What I do is record all the lines I want for a scene, use Audacity to put them together into one dialogue track and then sync all the characters to that one track. Then, you make a "record dialogue" pass for each character separately, having them talk and shush as necessary. Hope that helps!
2014/10/31 2:52:45
Digimania News Sorry for the triple post. Please bear with me.

Okay, it said the payment went through, I input the activation code, but it won't activate. I get error code E2. What does that mean?
2014/10/31 2:17:26
Digimania News Nevermind. I found the information on the wiki. I didn't think to check that until just now. D'oh!
2014/10/31 0:26:52
Digimania News How do I upgrade? The site says I'm supposed to do it from within the software, but it doesn't seem to want to let me do it from a blank set. Am I supposed to load one of my old scenes and do it from there or am I missing something?
2014/10/26 17:02:02
Lugofilm Ltd Presents I'm back with my first Halloween special!

If you care to see the other (non-animated) episodes of this series, they're on my youtube channel:
I'm considering changing the regular show's format to be a Beavis And Butthead style show where bits of game footage with commentary are interspersed with animated cartoon segments. The insane amount of work that goes into something like this makes that seem like a daunting task, though, so I'm not sure if I should try and do these regularly or do short bits like I've been and only do animated specials occasionally. What do you think?
And in case any of you are curious, I haven't given up on Busted, I'm just trying to figure out the future of it. I have a workable idea for a movie version that would run 40-50 minutes (as opposed to the idea I floated awhile back that wouldn't have been all that workable despite my enthusiasm) and I'm trying to decide whether I want to put in the year or so it would take to properly bring such a project to fruition. It's something I really want to do, but I'm just one guy. First world problems, right?
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