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2016/8/3 20:28:49
Chicken test from Sinister MrDrWho13 wrote:
This is even better than the first one! Keep up the brilliant work, Ikes!

Thanks a lot MrDrWho! I agree that this one came out better than the first one.
2016/8/3 19:45:23
Chicken test from Sinister

The chicken story continues, since I have modeled my own one! I am kind of proud that I have made it with sculptris. After some trail and errors and watching tutorials, I have quite managed to do it. It is a marvelous program, for being freeware. I had to reduce the polygons on the head though, because it came in distorted in muvizu at first, so it's a bit blocky. But the chicken is relatively small, so it's not such an issue.

Something I did different here than the first sinister one, is that this is based on the potato head man. I've attached the chickens head to the face mask and the body to the neck socket. That way there is some more head movement possible, because the body turns a bit together with the head. This one also has toes on the feet. I used the handcuffed action before the walks, so his arms are beside his body.

P.S. I don't know if this technique is known here, but I've used a slow motion on the end in this video. You can easily do that by copying and pasting the png's of the frames you want slowed down. Here I've pasted it twice for even more slowing down, so you can have a better look at the chicken.


2016/8/3 3:23:32
Trying to create a "minion" Hi,

There is a way to give your minion 1 eye. By rotating the Z and X axes of the eyes and position it. So one eye is in his head, the only difficulty is moving it, because left is down and right is up...

2016/8/2 23:42:16
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
oh, we're not letting you off the hook that easily! No-sir! This is too good for no follow up! ;-)
You'll just have to model your own chicken. Even something elementary without the cool textures would let us see what you did.

Yeah... I was kind of afraid of that already I have no experience with organic modelling, but I'm definitely gonna give it a try. I think sculptris could come into play for this. It might become more of a cartoonish chicken maybe...


I bet Clayster would make you a quick chicken model in exchange for whatever you make with it.

I will keep it in mind, in case I fail to model it... thanks for the sugestion (if Clayster agrees with it of course)
2016/8/2 23:38:32
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. PatMarrNC wrote:
if a utility character can't be provided (one that can be invisible while its attachments are not, and which preferably has attachment points for all the major bones ..so we can attach models to thigh, lower leg, feet, forearm, upper arm etc)

... then the next best thing would be a new action that forces the characters arms against its body so they don't swing outside any attachments while walking. Ikes has already pointed out the OBJECT restricts the movement, but it still requires space and the arms could stick out of some attachments

Well, there is also the handcuffed action, wich puts his arms along the side. You can actually get quite some bizar (arm) movements, if you do certain actions before a walk. Try the falling or dancing actions. Quite funny.
2016/8/2 23:07:12
Chicken test from Sinister mindiflyth wrote:
That is just amazing! Great work.

Pigeons, ducks, crows and parrots would also seem like good possibilities. I was thinking this could have applications for a dinosaur too, or maybe even a dragon. (Although I wonder if there would be a way to do either without the character having such skinny legs. It works well for a bird, but other creatures would be more problematic.)

Thanks! It should be possible for other bird like creatures. It turns out it can be done with the potato heads as well. They have also slots for the feet, so you could attach claws or something. If you give the character an "object" action before a walk, it holds it's arms in front and doesn't swing them out of the attached body.
2016/8/2 21:28:59
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
oh, we're not letting you off the hook that easily! No-sir! This is too good for no follow up! ;-)
You'll just have to model your own chicken. Even something elementary without the cool textures would let us see what you did.

Yeah... I was kind of afraid of that already I have no experience with organic modelling, but I'm definitely gonna give it a try. I think sculptris could come into play for this. It might become more of a cartoonish chicken maybe...

2016/8/2 16:59:56
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Anticip wrote:
Longer dress would also be great ! Up to the feet.

That's not a possibility in muvizu. You could model a dress yourself, but that would cause problems with the legs going through, when she walks.
2016/8/2 8:46:56
Chicken test from Sinister Many thanks to you all! I have to say that I did not model the chicken myself, I downloaded it from tf3dm.com. I see now it's actually for personal use only, so this model is not really useable for anything. It was more of a test to see how it reacted in broke up state. It does open up more possibilities for other characters/animals. I can't put it in the store then I'm affraid.

edited by ikes on 02/08/2016
2016/8/1 19:02:24
Chicken test from Sinister Haha, Thanks! Glad you like it. Maybe they look like turkeys because I moved the head a bit too low while they walked.
I will upload it to the store, so you can experiment with it if you like.

2016/8/1 16:14:14
Chicken test from Sinister Hi Guys,

I have made a chicken from an all the way scaled down Sinister character and added the body of the chicken to his back socket and the head with neck to the hair socket. It works quite well, since sinister does not swing his arms much when he walks. You can't do too much head movement or the neck comes out of the body, but it is quite useable. I will probably upload it in the store, if desirable.

Test Movie:
2016/7/29 11:13:57
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Anticip wrote:
1) I'm looking for a way to dress women characters with Niqab / Burka and more discreet veils.


As for a niqab you could use the hat Keffiyeh and for the face veil a foto Face mask that's scaled down and positioned down. Make everything black colored.

2016/7/29 9:58:12
Stand while holding cup. primaveranz wrote:
How do you get a character to stand holding a cup in their hand and not have it dangling at their side?

Also, how can you place balls on the pool table without them floating above it?


Have you tried pose 5 of gangsta? After you directed the action, he holds that position. The balls you can try with keyframing, then the collision is disabled.

Good luck,
2016/7/25 18:42:15
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) hehe, thanks Pat! Too bad you can't partcipate in the competition, unfortunately you can spend your time only once... Maybe next time.
2016/7/25 14:25:21
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) My entry did not happen to me or anyone I know, just made it up. It had to escalate quite quickly to fit the 20 seconds.
Enjoy and good luck to the other contestants!

2016/7/23 14:58:37
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) PatMarrNC wrote:
I've never had a disastastrous vacation, so for ideas I Googled the phrase "vacation horror stories"...

Man! Apparently lots of other people have had bad vacations! It made for interesting reading, but I still don't have an original idea that can be squished into 20 seconds. But the deadline's about a month away, so ....

Same here, never had a disastastrous vacation. I could make something up, but I think 20 sec. is quite short. Why is the limit 20 seconds?
2016/7/15 23:50:24
Sweet Home 3D Hi everyone,

Anybody into interior creation? Have a look at Sweet Home 3D, it's a free interior design application. You can draw walls and windows on a 2d floorplan and it's created in 3d automagically. There is also a lot of furniture available / downloadable. You can export to OBJ, add collision in an editor and export/convert it to FBX and import in muvizu! There are quite some tutorials on youtube for using the program.

I just started playing with this, so I don't know all the features yet, but I think it's very valuable add-on to muvizu for creating rooms and houses.

2016/7/15 0:01:25
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
Ikes, I'd never seen that clip... wonderful skit.... But I like yours better, I think you did a better job of capturing the essence of it.

Thanks very much! I must say I'm happy with people like you, who take the time and effort to motivate and compliment others. If you or this forum did not exist I think I did a lot less with muvizu than I do now. The last couple of months I'm almost constantly thinking and searching for stories to make an animation off, because it's so much fun!
2016/7/14 23:34:38
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Hey Pat,

Thanks for all your kind words. I wish I wrote the story myself, but as I mentioned in the credits at the end, the sketch was made by Dave Allen. You can see the original on youtube:

I will reply to some of your questions.

The set is mostly build out of flat 2d backdrops with textures, as well as the roads and trees and indeed did I use some for the cars and scooters too. There are not so many cars available for muvizu. I have tried to import existing car models, but most come in all distorted or not at all.

With the actions you have to be very creative sometimes with combining parts of actions. The part where he tries to pick up the money I filmed only his hand and arm of an action and inserted and animated it in Hitfilm.

The car owner action for getting his keys out is the mobile phone action.

If you watch the original sketch you understand why I did things as I did.

Thanks again and good luck with the next competition, if there will be more...
2016/7/14 20:59:34
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) wow! I just got home and see that I won the contest Many thanks! I don't know what to say... It's allways difficult to hold competitions in the creative realm, because everybody has his own tastes. But competitions like this can give you just the push to go on and finnish it, where you otherwise sometimes loose the interest and put it aside. I do hope we get more competitions here and hopefully lots of participants.

Great job everybody that participated!

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