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2014/3/1 18:37:40
Anna and the Robot, a Short Film Bravo!
2014/2/23 20:48:58
WHAT? What ziggy said, yeah.

Also, you might enjoy some of the tips on the Newbie Guide to Recording page (also Português, Español, Français, Deutsch) at Librivox. They get all kinds of people with all sorts of equipment, and try to work with everyone.

The Librivox tips for vocal character performances are excellent as well!
2014/2/23 20:07:19
My first movie in just a day Very kind, thank you. I've dabbled a bit in Blender and once owned Animation:Master, no doubt it's better than ever these days. Wish I had more time for them, so definitely appreciate having a fair selection of objects as well as the actions prerecorded.
2014/2/23 9:11:32
Cinematography in The Incredibles In the same vein as the Storytelling post, you may enjoy this analysis of camera work, layouts, and much more taken from The Incredibles.


Highly recommended.
2014/2/23 8:53:18
Posing when editing character. As a beginner I must say that the whole family loves the novelty of characters' self-examination, but I suppose it will become tedious after a week or two. I vote for "tick to disable" as well.
2014/2/23 7:57:15
My first movie in just a day I've just download Muvizu and turned out a short clip in 24 hours. Very impressive program!

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