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18/06/2012 21:25:48

simonhefferMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Now we have the option of multiple audio tracks, its easier to direct dialogue in Muvizu.

Take a track with your dialogue into Audacity and using Split New, Split Cut + Paste you can move each voice into its own track keeping the timing as you recorded it. Export as MP3 and import into Muvizu and you're almost there.

Inevitably when you do this only one voice will have sound at the start of the track. The others will be silent until they have their go. If you export the track as an MP3, Audacity trims the silence off the front of the track. This is quite annoying as you then have to fiddle in Muvizu to get the timing right again.

So the question is how do I persuade Audacity to keep that initial silence?

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Home ? Tips & Tricks ? Audacity dialogue exports