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18/08/2010 11:43:46

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Hi all,

I'm newly registered, an independent filmmaker ( and looking for an animator to collaborate on a short to submit to both Raindance comp and The Robin Hood Tax comp.

Details are on my profile - essentials are as follows;

Two characters in a plain setting. Objects will drop on them (with Sound FX) - one will be bashed to the ground by the objects. The other will anticipate a similar effect but barely feel the impact of a much smaller object.

I will supply a Voice Over (and the characters will listen and react to the Voice Over - the fallling objects are also times to the Voice Over) and storyboards of key frames.

The desired tone and style is a pastiche of a Pathe Newsreel - so final output will be B/W (but doesn't need to be scratchy - beyond the essential animation, as much additional texture and extra little touches as time allows will be fantastic).

So far as roles and credits - I'm looking for someone to animate and add details/nuance within my script and direction.

I will need an .avi to upload for Robin Hood (via a fileshare site) - the Raindance upload can either go straight from you or from an .avi sent to me.

If the above has your interest, email john'at', let me know a little about you - I'll send the Voice Over text and additional detail and we'll take it from there.

Links to previous work would be good to see and, while the animation is relatively straightforward, the more experience you have with Muvizu (and animation), the better and we can get into some subtle detail and tight timing.

Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes

John LeB
07/09/2010 22:23:08

StoneheadExperimental user
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Hi John
I just spent some time on your site and your films and upcoming projects look very cool indeed. Sorry I cant really help with the animation as I have entered the Raindance comp myself...I have only recently found this software but it seems a great way of giving my music a decent visual appeal on Youtube relatively quickly. I have a couple of animations up if you fancy a look but most of my work is in music.
Good luck Ian
07/09/2010 22:55:22

toonaramaMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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I too am doing my own animation for the competition but it is worth you knowing that there is no way of using Muvizu to amimate objects at this current time which seems to be a central part of your story; you may need to look elswhere for this particular project unfortunately
12/10/2010 13:34:45

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Or maybe you'd be better to wait for the next release...
29/10/2010 09:36:39

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This is slightly off-topic, but I needed somewhere to post it. User Omnissiuntone has made a video that we've just published - - which is clever and funny because of its dialogue. The Muvizu animation is competent, too, but could be taken to another level to complement the script.

Anyone out there fancy offering to collaborate with a version two by creating new visuals?

This may seem out of order, given that it's none of my business and the work is good in its own right, but what is my business is Muvizu evangelism. Encouraging collaborative works is part of that. Watch the clip and, at the very least, offer suggestions.

While we're at it, there is a great collaborative filmmaking site at - which was spawned by the first internet collaborative film project Star Wreck. People submit help with scripts, costume designs, CGI, voice talent, camera work and god knows what else it takes to make a film - plus an endless list of ideas and offers of assistance to enable filmmaking by people outside the industry. We'd like to encourage the same collaborative/co-operative spirit, and we'll be trying to do so on our site, but we'd also like it if people used wreckamovie's service to achieve great results with Muvizu.

Anyone interested in independent filmmaking should look at the Iron Sky project, created and enabled by wreckamovie, here: - and pay particular attention to the two video teasers produced so far.
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29/10/2010 10:52:35

claireqMuvizu staff
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I think that is an excellent idea. I always struggle to come up with good ideas for scripts, especially original ideas like the Darwin video. I would love to give a bash at making a new video for it.
I think my previous vids have been good in the animation and set design departments but when it comes to a good script and voiceover, my videos lack. I don't like the sound of my own voice (partly due to the fact that no one outside Glasgow could probably understand me!)
Def think Muvizu users should utilise the collborations part of the community. You only have to look at Jonbez Ghost House to see what working with other people can achieve.
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