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2014/6/9 21:33:17
New mod! Welcome! as i am new here and trying to learn as much as possible, is a nice addition to have someone here more actively involved! looking forward to your posts!
2014/6/9 4:01:10
Using a separate vocal audio track in music video. i havent been able to figure that out but i used the separate track i recorded and added it to sony vegas and worked my dual audio that way
2014/6/7 22:15:56
hello, new here here us my Star Wars Set
2014/6/7 6:42:49
Coming Soon... wow! SO MUCH TALENT HERE! loving all the work, can't wait to see the finish products
2014/6/7 3:42:40
hello, new here
2014/6/6 22:19:52
hello, new here here are two more "HATS" I converted but its tough to do.. The Greedo has an error but will look ok for a background character

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2014/6/6 21:55:49
hello, new here i made a commercial, needs work on the camera movements. but i think it looks ok. you can see all my videos here at

would love some to hear any advise anyone can offer

2014/6/6 5:18:11
hello, new here Hi all I am carlos. I found muvizu by luck in youtube. I am retire Air Force and I have nerve damage. So I started playing with it and although I can't spend alot of time sitting down I have had some fun working with this. I had to buy the plus version so i can just get nuts with it. I can't believe how hard it is to import models from other programs but today i had success importing a stormtrooper helmet. I am loving this and have alot of ideas to run with it. here are a few things i have made.
2014/6/4 2:22:11
Body proportions this would be amazing to make smaller super heroes, side kicks too
2014/6/4 2:20:59
Super Hero actions i wish we could use all the props for all the characters. I need a cape for my robin figure but you can only get it with the heroes pack...i don't know how to code but i would think a script or code change and you could use any item with all the characters. I also wish they had a side kick figure
2014/6/2 5:37:06
help with character items thank you for the answer.. I do have the play+ but couldnt get it to work....u rock!! thank you
2014/6/2 1:24:43
Head Attachments? i am trying to do this to the beefy guy i dont seem to figure it out. can you explain more about this?
2014/6/1 23:56:00
help with character items well not perfect but this will do for now. i just need to figure out how to keep it on his hea. i use the door frame and turned it upside down. anyone know how to lock it to stay on his head while he moves?
2014/6/1 22:27:26
help with character items Thank you for the fast reply. I spent so long painting robin I'll look for that pack and try it. Thank you again
2014/6/1 21:46:04
help with character items Hi so i am working on a batman and robin, but i cant figure out how to make a robin cape or even the batman ears. I know i cant paint them. i am attaching a picture hoping someone could assist. i am also willing to share the robin texture if you want it. thank you for your time.
2014/5/28 23:36:44
Trying to upgrade getting error i am having the same problem , did they fix it for you?
2014/5/27 15:40:09
superman texture i know there is a post here with super hero textures, but the superman is not available any more. could someone re share it. only half of the ones in the list work. would someone be able to re upload all of them? thank you!
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