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2011/3/31 13:05:19
I am not Michael Caine Quality. Did you do the voices as well?
2011/3/30 23:57:21
Camera control Wow, just wow, man. My head's full. I am sure, however, that your excellent post will elicit cogent comment from people who didn't try to look at it all at once.

Many thanks,

2011/3/29 16:38:29
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl toonarama wrote:
pyrrho wrote:
but you'll always take a hit on performance unless you're prepared to shell out serious money (or unless you win our next competition).

And how much would that cost exactly?

I can't say exactly because it depends on how you spec it, but the last prize laptop we gave out sells at £2,225 +VAT - mind you, we get a discount, and free delivery :-)
2011/3/29 14:55:24
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl I'd say that you should decide why you want a new machine. If you need to have something portable, then a laptop is the only way to go - but you'll always take a hit on performance unless you're prepared to shell out serious money (or unless you win our next competition).

If you're always going to be using your machine at home and you have the space, you'll get far more bangs per buck from a PC. The machine isn't limited nearly as much by "form factor", (ie, size) or overheating contstraints as is a laptop. Also, it's far easier to swap out components and upgrade them if you have a PC than if you have a laptop. A laptop will last, what, two to three years, but upgrading a PC will extend its life far more than that.

That's my, somewhat philosophical, opinion - which may be entirely wrong so anyone who wants to take issue, please do - and I hope that someone (where are you, Jim?) will answer your question properly.



PS: One rogue consideration. AMD's Fusion stuff - high-performance graphics/low power consumption - hits the market very soon. We've been playing with Fusion-equivalent cards and will soon have a pukka Fusion laptop for assessment. (AMD have been running Muvizu on their Fusion kit during demos, such as at the recent CES.) It's a development that may bridge the gap if it lives up to expectations. At the very least, this little post should throw a spanner in your works :-)

Yours, helpfully,


AMD Fusion info:
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2011/3/25 10:38:56
Sets/Objects - Works in progress That was superb. So I can take it that Sketchup doesn't have a dragon?
2011/2/25 14:06:16
Importing objects jimitodd wrote:
I'm creating a health and safety training video and would like to use muvizu...

Hello, Jimi -

Glad you like Muvizu, but a health and safety video sounds like corporate use to me, which implies commercial usage of our software. This requires some form of paid-for licence to satisfy our needs and those of Epic, on whose Unreal Engine 3 our software relies. So, please drop us a line at to enable us to reach some sort of mutually satisfactory arrangement.


2011/2/24 13:56:00
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. Dreeko wrote:
Are you all still on track for a new release of Muvizu tomorrow?

(fingers crossed)


Monday is the appointed day and, yes, we are on track. As far as the asset library, its shelves are in place but there's not much on them. The idea is that we'll keep adding to it and the hope is that people such as you will, too. We've got to find some way for you to earn your keep ;-)

To clarify, it's the website that gets upgraded on Monday, the application itself isn't due until the end of March.
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2011/2/23 11:37:36
My First Effort claireq wrote:
I can sense good things to come from you in the future

Good grief, Claire's gone all Deanna Troi on us again.
2011/2/14 16:40:15
Ziggys new animation Dreeko wrote:

You got the u and the c the wrong way around.
2011/2/14 16:39:50
Ziggys new animation Quoling wrote:
That's ridiculous - it's clear from Ziggy's post that the content was "naughty" and it even says so on the youtube link...personally I think it's an amazing video and if my attempt (which is taking an age) is anywhere near as good I will be over the moon.

I understand that, but please bear with us on this one. Other powers are at work here. We are not in the business of censorship, being guardians of other people's morals, or anything similar. We would, however, bar a clip for anything that breached British laws on incitement, hatred etc - as one would expect - which this superbly made clip clearly did not.

The video will be reinstated just as soon as we can protect those who want to be protected by a button saying, "Are you sure you want to watch this naughtiness", or words to that effect.
2011/2/14 15:13:56
Ziggys new animation We had posted this on the site this morning, but received a complaint about the language. For reasons unlikely to become clear in this post, we thought it prudent to remove the clip - which is a shame because it is wonderfully made.

At the next website upgrade slated for the end of this month, we'll have a system for marking content as "universal" or, with a warning icon, "naughty/sweary/etc" so viewers will have to dismiss the warning before subjecting themselves to material that may warp their fragile little minds.

As pointed out in other posts, the clip - as is any uploaded via the Muvizu app - available on YouTube.
2011/2/11 16:52:23
Sad old man First video? Good grief, that's astounding.
2011/2/8 10:03:38
Difficulties sending email to Muvizu Team Hello, Pinguino.

We've not noticed any problems with our mail system here but sorry for the trouble you've been having. I'll message you privately.


2011/1/24 18:51:54
Opacity workaround Neil wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
If only we has the ability to use avi files with transparency then we could have some really cool effects!

No promises, but I'm going to have a look at that if/when I get chance.

Neil, don't encourage him. He's dangerous. Whaaaaa?
2011/1/12 18:30:56
Trailer Guy Dreeko wrote:
Here's my latest offering...

Trailer guy!

Flollow a strange and intense voice over artist as he tries to find a new career

please leave a comment



I am really going to check my smoke alarms. I have zero confidence in the fire service in Scotland if this is how they spend their time.

2011/1/12 13:00:53
Muvizu in French ! Muvizu version Française Dear Corentino -

Please contact me, vince, by emailing so that I may discuss your well-intentioned efforts on our behalf.
2011/1/3 19:07:21
Beware the Pie Part 4 ukBerty wrote:
Yes it's here and the project finally comes to an end.

Stellar stuff. Thanks for a series wonderful on many levels, from script, to Muvizu use to some of the best puns ever.

Apologies, too, for the delay in publishing this. I lost my BT connection again so had to rouse Robert to hook me up to the CMS again with new details.

Let us know if you're straying near Glasgow any time, we'd like to meet you.
2010/12/1 17:04:36
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely satscape wrote:
I wouldn't dream of using Muvizu to make a serious drama, it just wouldn't work, but for silly comedy and fast production, its the best tool in the box.


Satscape Films

I'd have to agree with this - we knew when we embarked on this that we were catering for a cartoony and fun market - but I've seen a couple of things made in Muvizu that would suggest otherwise. One is The Hipster Bee-Bop Junkies -

Other stuff has been produced by a community group near us; children talking about life in a none-too-pleasant environment. I reckon that much of the impact is in the voices and the scripts - if there is a script.

So, yes, we're as you suggest, but there are Muvizu works around that are genuinely touching and emotionally charged without being comedic.

2010/11/24 15:16:11
Switch to a different game engine NeXuS wrote:
is the fact that you are keeping Muvizu closed source a team choice or is it because of licensing issues? Did you actually ever think of going open source at all?

I'd like everything to be open source and I believe that information wants to be free. However, real-world constraints intervene occasionally and Muvizu can't be open source because its core is UE3 (this was the most sensible and timely route to getting a product released) and that's a bit of tech that we license on Epic's terms. In short, we don't own the code, we're just allowed to use it on their commercial terms. Mind you, Epic is a pretty good outfit to deal with and its UDK release a year or so ago shows enlightened thinking.

We are, however, trying to open up Muvizu as much as possible to allow import of third-party-created assets - we've got part of the way there and intend to go further.

2010/11/24 11:24:50
Suggestions / Modifications ReggieMetalFox wrote:

Hello everybody, I'm a french machinimaker and I was at the MachinExpo. I have already made some tests with Muvizu (excellent software !) and I am working on a very big project (I will probably demand a Commercial Licence).

I have the same question than Kelvin876, how can we remove the Muvizu overlay ?
edited by ReggieMetalFox on 11/24/2010

We're glad that you like Muvizu and it'll be interesting to see what happens when you demand a commercial licence for your big project.

We like Muvizu, too, and we like content created with it to carry our watermark; this is similar to TV channels carrying idents in a corner of the screen or YouTube displaying its branding. We can and do provide non-watermarked versions of our software at our discretion. This is by agreements arising from personal discussions rather than forum posts.

Oh, and we're fairly tolerant so it's no big deal that you're French. Honest. Don't beat yourself up about it.

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