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2017/4/23 10:53:30
Unable To Use License Key Wondering if it's safe to still purchase character sets.Anyone done that in the last few days?
2017/4/11 1:39:22
NEW VERSION RELEASE When i first used Muvizu Xvid worked as a codec for avi backdrops .I wonder if that will comeback one day because it was very convenient.
Maybe it had to be sacrificed to make room for something else.I had old versions that still worked with the xvid codec but was advised to uninstall all previous versions to get an issue with .set thumbnails to work.I got the thumbnails back but couldn't get my old muvizu versions
back as admin told me they were too old to be reactivated...Anyways I think about it every day.Bit Wonky..
2017/4/10 10:35:06
custom character and action , Muvizu style Well done Pat, immense work and big thanks for posting. Cool
2017/4/5 13:37:06
Period Dress Wanted errm?...

2017/3/30 10:45:32
Multimesh animation I would like to but cant get my head around it.
2017/3/27 20:26:06
27/3/17 today only Oops!! well done BigWally.. forgot to put the link up.Yeah good point Pat. 'Give Away of the day' Progs have to be installed and registered on the day..
Also for those not familiar with Filter Frge .. it's installed initially with a number of given textures. that's only the start, you can download thousands more for free from within the prog.
2017/3/27 11:27:14
27/3/17 today only Giveaway of the day-free today a program that i think you all should get .believe me.
Filter forge 5 pro.Get this prog now...dooid ..do it doo ut......errm du yt!.
it will allow you to download thousands of textures all of which are editable and the prog is both standalone and can be a plug in for photoshop.Cool
2017/3/15 2:33:45
Lobby Cam, Chapter One In Love@martha
2017/3/14 15:19:43
Adding My Face Experiment with the uv maps that come with these characters..backward engineer?...they will perhaps give clues to placement of the key features and blending.
The mouth area needs to be elongated slightly to fit with the muvizu character i've found.
open up the textures with the edit button for the characters texture map.
For the boy figure.
and Beefy ...just replace the key facial feature area with your own.
2017/3/6 23:25:20
Multimesh animation Rip roaring, bracing, exciting, innovating and other words like that.
2017/3/1 23:15:35
Editing costumes in house muvizu control. The problem of PAINT taking control of the image edit in Muvizu persisted for me in win 10.
The problem was highlighted by guys in the chat area recently.
Some had no problem and photoshop defaulted for them. so i thought there must be a solution. I found this video.

I have just got photoshop to be the default art edit software activated by Muvizu using the method highlighted in the video.
Worked in win 10 and 7.
Thought it was worth a post.
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2017/2/18 16:43:14
moviesets.org access REALLY don't be intrigued like i was......its a pornography site with nasty virusesque pop ups jamming your browser and worse.
2017/2/16 14:23:10
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Yes indeed!! it looks exquisite. A feast for the eyes.
2017/1/27 15:50:39
seeing if there's any interest.... i know i will use it one day.Gas bottles and welding torch?
2017/1/16 10:14:38
Help loading video..... Thanks for the info BigW. Overlooked this route the first time you posted it. Are these sensible settings? i.e. Have i got it right?the output plays ok in a video player but when imported into muvizu onto a backdrop the vid loses resolution clarity on my crate.like the colours break up a bit.still a usable and handy solution in some instances.
edited by drewi on 17/01/2017
2017/1/15 18:02:16
Help loading video..... Yeah they should fix that back to the way it worked originally to work with xvid, it was great then. such a fun part of muvizu.
ermm ....Du id....err..doo id...um.... do id.
2017/1/14 22:46:38
Need help for african village and caracter 1. Re video editor - most use hitfilm.
2.My advice is don't bother with .ase
Convert your model attachments to .fbx , Blender can convert .obj to .fbx
2017/1/13 9:33:13
Style ...software for the toolbox This looks like it's at least one for the toolbox.
Free today only.
Check out the video on the download page.
STyle...250mb download
2017/1/13 9:10:42
Need help for african village and caracter Rodrisilva has made this masterpiece which may help or at least somewhere to start your project.
be sure to thank the makers.

Also this masterpiece by Rebel may also be of help or a combination of the two,or save elements of both into your favourites and compose something new.

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2017/1/12 20:15:54
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity yes and no apparently...
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