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2019/4/16 17:33:03
w3 error W3 error should be fixed now guys.
2017/2/15 9:44:29
How to purchase muvizu when u dont have paypal towfick-kamal wrote:
we dont have paypal here. Can i purchase muvizo or anything from the store with payza..

Sorry, our payment system doesn't accept payza but other than PayPal we also accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro if that helps?
2017/1/12 10:12:53
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity Superb tutorial PatMarrNC, you've definitely got a knack for this
2016/10/7 9:58:38
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy PatMarrNC wrote:
aw crap! I just spent a friggin hour writing a detailed review of your video, and when I submitted it, I got dumped to the LOG IN screen with no warning and no way to retrieve what I wrote!

Apologies PatMarrNC but, for security reasons, the site automatically logs people out after a long time of inactivity. What you could do to mitigate this is :- when logging in, tick the 'Keep me logged in' box. This obviously isn't advisable on public computers though and won't work with Facebook logins..

I may be able to do a fix for the forums, though, as typing shouldn't really be considered inactivity in this case.
2016/8/12 10:50:07
This is my Olimpic games video The forum video glitch has been fixed guys so videos should show up again
2016/5/27 10:18:37
User store PatMarrNC wrote:
Has there ALWAYS been an eye beside the number of views for each user asset in the store? I ask because I just noticed that number represents VIEWS.

Hi, the number has actually always indicated the number of views however the icon beside it used to be a downward pointing arrow. We changed it to an eye recently as that makes more sense. We may show a download count in the future, though.

clayster2012 - You can see how many you've sold by going to 'My sales' in your profile.
2016/5/10 12:47:16
Gallery Videos missing? Thanks for spotting this, the site was updated this morning and the gallery was showing muvizu videos before anyone else's. It's fixed now
2015/11/11 12:03:34
Can't find the download button for key frame pack foff47 wrote:
Hi Ian,
I followed your directions and found it

Now, are there any tutorials on how to use it

There will be very soon. In the meantime, here are some brief instructions:

To use the key frame system, just create an object and then go to Prepare Object Movement. Here you will find a drop down that lets you select the key frame mode. Once you go into Direct Object Movement you can add key frames to the time line using the + button. When you move an object at those key frames it will record where it is in space and time so you can play back the movement.

A similar system is available for Camera Movement, Object and Character Properties.
2015/11/10 11:03:07
Can't find the download button for key frame pack Hi foff47, the keyframe expansion pack doesn't need to be downloaded but you will need to re-activate muvizu to see it. If you go to your profile and click 'My products' on the left you will see your licence key. Copy that and re-activate muvizu in the licence manager.
2015/8/25 17:00:08
Loser ( 3d animated short ). Loving it! And good to see you back jonbez!
2015/7/27 17:28:40

As some of you have noticed - YouTube video uploads are back! Hopefully there won't be many teething issues with the new system but let me know if there are.

urbanlamb - It should allow any video file but if you can't see your videos in the file browse pop-up then please change the drop down from "video files" to "all files".

mostro-picture - There isn't a way currently to add existing videos from your YouTube channel to Muvizu but I'll add them manually for you.

fazz68 - Will add your old ones back too.

2015/5/20 9:41:26
shut up!!zip it!...shh! Hi folks

Yes, video uploads and comments have been offline for a few days unfortunately. The Google API used for that had changed so we're having to make some internal changes to follow suit. It will be available again very soon but feel free to post your videos in the forum or chat pages in the meantime for all to see.
2015/4/17 9:34:55
can I use Muvizu screenshots for a tutorial in Ro Hi
It depends whether you're using it for commerical use or not. If you are, then you should purchase a licence. More details here: http://www.muvizu.com/Commercial-use#faq
2015/4/17 9:28:04
Ride a motobike victormehluli wrote:
How do i get Beefy for my muvizu play

Download the content pack from the assets library here: http://www.muvizu.com/Pack/1/Heroes-and-Villains
Or download the 'Full' version of muvizu which includes all the content packs.
2015/4/1 9:42:24
Problems with buying Play+ MovieFrog wrote:
I am trying to buy Play+ with my Visa debit, but SagePlay keeps asking me to put in my Social Security number to get this thing called "Verified by Visa" which I do not want to sign up for. How do I get Play+ without using my Social Security number? Can I use something else to get Muvizu that is not SagePlay?

MovieFrog, "Verified by Visa" is just an additional security stage but if you don't want to sign up to it then alternatively when you get to SagePay you can select to pay with PayPal. You should be able to check-out with PayPal even without having a PayPal account. You can then pay in PayPal with your VISA card.
If this doesn't help then please get back in touch and we'll try and work something out.
edited by IanS on 01/04/2015
2015/3/27 9:54:37
Can I buy licence on behalf of someone else? muvizukip wrote:
the in app thing is confusing and nothing in the website (sales dept) lays out if you can buy the key and email it to someone else.
I currently believe that the in app thingy is specific to the pc one is logged on and doing the purchasing .... need clarification and maybe a citing on the website.
HELP !one bday is coming up

Hi muvizukip, I answered this on your question on the chat page.
2015/3/25 9:40:56
two computers oldtap wrote:
Is it possible to use Muvizu on two computers? I have installed Muvizu Play on my desktop and upgraded to Muvizu Play+. I have installed Muvizu Play on my laptop and would like to upgrade on that computer as well; however, I haven't been able, so far, to get emails on my laptop so I cannot copy and paste the licence. Is there a way to do this without the email?

Yes you can use it on your laptop as well oldtap. I've sent you a private message with your activation code so you'll just need to open up a browser on your laptop and copy the activation code from the message in to Muvizu.
2015/3/24 9:55:12
Fix the glitchy HD video? TheBankser wrote:
Thanks! Do u know any other softwares that are basically the same as Windows Movie Maker? Cos i usually use that to join all the videos together, and add sound effects and music along with them.

Virtual Dub & AVISynth may be worth a look. http://www.muvizu.com/Wiki/wiki/45/essential-kit
2015/3/3 9:54:49
Issue with Commercial License toonman wrote:
Today i download new muvizu and reinstall it, then i lost my license for Muvizu + please let me know. Thanks

If you've still lost your licence, toonman, get it touch and we'll be happy to send you it on again: http://www.muvizu.com/Support
2015/3/2 14:21:19
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Read more about the new release over in the blog.
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