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2015/8/4 13:50:38
Assistance Rebel is really a talent, much thanks for his patience on this project and also Drewi for the nuts and getting the ball rolling. Discounts to the Muvizu community!
Special thanks to Muvizu itself, it was a great accidental find.
I especially like the shot of Earl's gal on the monitor, Rebel has a lot of cool things buried in this if you look closely.
2015/7/7 22:33:32
Assistance That is One Organized, Very Cool Squirrel.
2015/7/6 12:57:18
Assistance As Drewi said, you and Drewi have taken this to a level I did not imagine. Much thanks to you both!

The fact we have always tried to drive regarding the totes is that there are many different brands that can fit our systems, so a mix of colored plastic totes as well as our Fold-A-Totes would be ideal.
2015/6/29 14:48:40
Assistance Thanks for the comment Ziggy! Looks like I am fortunate to be working with a "Rebel With A Cause"Cool As well as Drewi
2015/6/29 13:37:24
Assistance Our boy Earl looks like he has his hands full here! You are right about the importance, the before and after is what drives the point. Most of us deal with this same problem (excluding the nuts)
Thanks Rebel, looks awesome!
2015/6/28 19:58:36
Assistance Hi Guys,
Not the best looking entrance......
2015/6/22 5:35:03
Assistance Basement is a good spot, the worse he and his situation were before, the better off he will look now.
Some warehouse photos as promised, not very attractive but it is a warehouse.
Let me know if you think they can work.
2015/6/18 22:51:03
Assistance Got it Rebel, me too, the guy kills me! (no reference to Goodfellas) I will work on a new recording and give it a little more "zest".
I should probably watch Vinny again to pick up some......... aaaaa you get it.
2015/6/18 20:47:00
Assistance Earl looks great. I think he matches the voice. I was shooting for a lovable character but with a hint of an attitude. Kind of like a dialed down Joe Pesci. The cut off sleeves add to that..... What do you guys think about his little belly, would he be cooler if he was really fit? Either way I think frazzled "Earl" could have a bigger belly. Kind of a result of hitting the Squirrelweiser?
A couple of small bobbles in the recording. I get 1 mistake out and then make two new ones I sped it up and then slowed it back down until I felt it was as clear as it can be.
Warehouse photos tomorrow.
The wave file is quite large for just audio but I think the quality is good. I am sure the format can be changed from here.
2015/6/17 13:23:38
Assistance This sequence sounds perfect. I completely agree on the garage scene. The more I think about Earl's story, the more directions I see can be taken with this. I think 2 minutes is probably just enough, your thoughts? If for any reason we feel it needs to be stretched to make it a better story I have another small point that could be made.
Yes we do have a warehouse but not a showroom. I will take a few still shots of our warehouse to see if the space looks appropriate.
All is appreciated!
2015/6/16 5:02:42
Assistance Looks like my message took too long to compose, try again.
1. Earl goes back first to when it was just nuts. When he goes back he can look rough, no cool hat, no necklace, couple of sprigs of hair sticking up, no logo on shirt dirty and stained, couple bottles of Squirrelweiser laying around?
2. Then he moves ahead to when he has totes but they are all stacked poorly, tipping over, can even crash? He has to deal with the bottom tote.
3. When he goes back the voice can have some re-verb for a distant effect?
4. Then he finishes up back in his organized space, happy as a clam.
2015/6/16 4:51:12
2015/6/16 4:48:20
Assistance Just sent a detailed reply, hope it went through.
2015/6/15 23:53:58
Assistance Guys,
Sorry for the delayed response, I have been travelling. I am blown away by the effort on this, you guys are awesome. You have totally taken this to a place where I could have never gone. I have to be honest, I am a very new to Muvizu so it is hard for me to collaborate. I had this idea as a mascot for our product for years. I will make my adjustments to the script and supply it and have to stand aside and watch you guys fly. I am obviously in the company of some very capable people. I love the plastic tote as well as the fold-a-totes because our systems do hold both. I see the detail and difference in the compact model verses 12 Tote original! In regard to the squirrels feet if there is a lot of effort there we can give him the sneakers back. Earl is already becoming a star and he hasn't even been in a movie yet. Please see attached a more current logo design.
Much appreciation!!!
2015/6/11 13:29:22
Assistance You did see wall mount flanges. Please see below PDF of assembly instructions which will give you a complete understanding of components.
2015/6/10 22:10:57
Assistance You guys are both very kind to do this. I will need to get a good rate on freight Product only available now in the US and Canada but we are always looking to expand so.................. Earl certainly looks like a squirrel now and with the empty space you can really see the construction of our system!!
2015/6/10 15:14:16
Assistance Rebel,
I tried a reply yesterday but it did not go through? I will finalize script and record as you suggested. Would like to show a Fold-A-Tote being folded and unfolded. As shown in video link attached. If I video just that action and maybe remove hands entirely to make it look as though it is happening by itself, is it possible to drop this in the set? Also can Earl slide a Tote into the system?
Drewi can you assist with making the squirrel look more squirrel like and some 3D nuts? Before mess of nuts and After organized set?

Please see link below:

Much thanks to you both for even taking the time to look at this!

Possible to take this correspondence to a private chat between the three of us?
2015/6/9 17:05:27
Assistance Ok guys I used a text to voice program Balaboka to make this audio clip (see link below).
1. I need to refine the script but this will give you an idea of the direction I am trying to take.
2. I am sure we can create a much better, cooler squirrels voice than this like an Alvin the chipmunk type voice.
3. I would think we can get better results with a recorded voice that is then altered rather than text to speak, as you will see some of this is impossible to understand.
4. As Drewi said the squirrel can stand some work to make it look less like a dog converted into a squirrel. I would like to keep Earl around as our mascot, maybe even make him a sales rep. He can work on nuts for commision
I think with ability to create using this tool we can make something really interesting and catchy that will blow our other videos using people away or then divert people to our other videos.

Thanks again to you both for taking the time to look at this!!
I know how you both can get a Bin Warehouse as long as you don't live halfway across the world!
2015/6/8 22:49:05
Assistance I already had dropbox. I thought I would need an e-mail address to share. Please see if this link works.
2015/6/8 16:22:52
Assistance Hi Rebel,
Thanks for the reply. I am certain that someone who has experience working with Muvizu can create something much better than I. My focus is to create a really cute and funny way to bring our product features across to people. I have been unsuccessful uploading the work I have done on my set so far, what is the best way to share a set? I also have an audio file that I created using text to type software that needs to be adjusted some and then plugged in.
Please tell me the best way to share what I have done so far and Thanks!
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