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2013/11/18 13:21:28
Muvizu WIKI log on Also can't log in, and this is still what I get when I try to access the Wiki from the links on any Muvizu page (I have to use an external link t access the Wiki at all) :

... and the Twitter feed never works either. I'm using IE 11, up to date and all. And before you ask, no I'm not changing browser. The majority of the world uses IE, get used to it
2013/11/18 13:07:49
Mail problems Activation email? Uhh... nope. Activation for what?
2013/11/17 3:36:40
Map Alpha to........ GhostLamer wrote:
I can only get away with more then one material with opacity mask everything else requires me to take limit it all to that one single material.

Really? Could you elaborate on that, since it makes no sense at all? Or don't spammers check to see if anyone has responded to their pish?
2013/11/17 3:28:11
Just have to share these guys stuff. primaveranz wrote:
GhostLamer wrote:
I have trouble believing they record some of that in real time.

I have trouble believing you are not just a spammer

I have trouble believing it's not butter
2013/11/15 21:15:33
Change the youtube comment system back! "cant you at least get some air freshener you incompetent assholes?!" - brilliantly stupid vid, good one.
2013/11/15 19:29:52
I have Muvizu Goggles Hang on, you mean constantly looking at the world in a deconstructivist way ISN'T normal?! Damn, I too have dem dar googles on then...
2013/11/12 17:18:32
MUVIZU: PRO I don't wish to know that!!
2013/11/11 21:01:54
Object Lock doesn't work properly. Myself, I use Muvizu in exactly the same way as ukBerty described. For the Death Star Canteen, I built the kitchen outside the room (on a copy of the ground plane, on the 'floor' of the skydome) and allowed everything to jiggle about as much as it liked. Once I got everything sized, then I assembled it properly, then moved it (a bunch of objects at a time) into place inside the room. Tedious yes, but I suffered zero jiggling or set implosions. Damn collision...
2013/11/10 21:35:34
Object Lock doesn't work properly. Once again, welcome to the club Everything should default to 'floats' on import, Lock should actually mean lock, and Muvizu's own objects shouldn't sabotage your set simply by using or resizing them, and yet...

It's all down to the inbuilt physics y'see, and although we've been asking (for years) for the option to turn these off we've never been given the option. Come on HQ, is it really that hard to remove abilities from the program?
2013/11/9 21:03:48
New Hat All you really need to do is download a reindeer or something similar from Google 3D Warehouse, get it into Sketchup, delete everything except the antlers, then export that as an .ASE file. There are lots of forum posts regards the pitfalls of that apparently simple process, so get ready to read
2013/11/9 19:25:28
New Hat Pretty much, yeah
2013/11/7 20:15:22
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly, I think you're actually an undercover agent for IKEA trying to subtly implant new and groovy furniture designs in our minds...
2013/11/5 22:11:18
Hello Muvizu Community Howdy
2013/11/4 22:43:29
FBX I would recommend you cut it into 3 pieces, then repost - the smaller starting images will make them scale bigger, if you see what I mean
2013/11/4 22:14:29
How Do I Name My tracks You can't name the tracks - the tracks get their names from the characters/objects themselves, so you have to rename them through their respective Edit windows.
2013/11/4 22:13:03
FBX Dylly, you'll need to repost that image so the scale will be big enough to make out the text. The 'full scale' version is still too small.
2013/11/4 19:49:29
Object Movement primaveranz wrote:
I think you are probably right. I seem to be spending most of my time in Muvizu fighting against the software

Welcome to the club

The Gravity slider is to do with happens when you let go of the direction keys while directing - with Gravity turned up, it will fall back to the ground, otherwise it will float. As for getting your book to fall off the shelf, I can sympathise. For my latest opus, I had to make some trays fly through the air - this involved holding down 2 keys, then 3 for a split second, then 2 again. A dozen times. That took a while to get right. I would've thought that using rotation + down at almost the same time would achieve the falling off bit, but getting the book to land right? No idea

Oh, and the axis thing? You choose which axis you want to use by moving the view close to the axis in question (relative to the model) - once you start directing, the view will then properly snap to the axis of the model. Yeah, it's a clunky system, but the object movement system in Muvizu hasn't changed much at all since it's inception - just one more post-it note on the suggestion mountain...
2013/11/4 1:12:57
Coming Soon... The Death Star Canteen, for yer perusal

2013/11/2 20:18:32
FBX Dylly, your textures are brilliantly grotty And the right stool is perfect.
2013/10/31 19:35:51
Themes I actually did make a stickman vid, but forgot to finish it because I got sidetracked. That's the problem with competitions - meeting the deadlines. Whatever you decide on, give as much notice as you can before the due date please, as some of us are stretched for time and have to plan ahead.

(I will finish the stickman vid and post it for Christmas instead, even though its not at all festive... )
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