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2012/11/20 20:09:39
Caption Me! Brilliant stuff people! Big Grin

(Incidentally, this still is from a movie I was working on a year ago and abandoned. May still go back and finish it, since the set's there, script's done, etc... Amazingly, the film has nothing to do with Hitler )
2012/11/20 1:27:03
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) You have fixed the transparencies! I can't break the trees anymore - thankyou! Also, for the train set, could we also have a 'splitter', you know, a section where the tracks split into two lines? Would look even cooler, and busier, if we can have some of them in there too. Next update, obviously
2012/11/19 20:33:24
Caption Me! Okay, here's one...

2012/11/19 20:21:04
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Like what you've done with the place - added new places to imprison our characters, trains for the Heroes to stop, and...bog rolls! Finally, that most mundane of things is included! It's stupid I know, but it's the details that count

Also, do my eyes deceive me, or have you fixed the transparency issue where it wouldn't survive a save? Been experimenting with it, and it now seems to be working...although objects in sets that were already transparent have zero texture on them at all now, and when you re-import the transparent texture it does nothing or goes completely opaque. Still, no big deal, I can just re-import the original objects and they look okay now. My trees in Sammamish are going to look even better if this is going to work the way I think it will...
2012/11/19 19:13:34
cell phone and sitting position ...and as if by magic, up pops a mention to the very video I was talking about.


Hope this helps
2012/11/18 21:45:01
Caption Me! WozToons wrote:
Annotate this.....

"Do you have ANY idea how many Health & Safety forms I've got to fill in for THIS?!!"
2012/11/18 16:18:14
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
I haven't decided if this is a "group" coming soon thread but I will post here anyhow haha

It was me that created the topic, but it was for everyone to show their stuff
2012/11/17 22:25:57
YouTube annotations How about we just save our preference as part of our login? If you have to have the annotations turned on for an interactive movie, then you would expect the need for them to be flagged up in it's description anyway.

Having said that, I don't want to interact with a movie, for me that's called a game. Just old fashioned, I guess
2012/11/17 19:30:53
YouTube annotations Movies don't have annotations. Sound, visuals, that's it. No distractions. Annotations off, please.
2012/11/16 18:20:46
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! Applause

Good job D!
2012/11/16 17:11:12
cell phone and sitting position ekessler, I'd advise saving yourself a lot of hassle and change your character a little - make them have a bluetooth headset instead, thereby getting round the fact that Muvizu characters can't hold the phone pose. There is no animation in Muvizu that will let you do what you want, standing or sitting - been there, discovered that

And now the second problem - there is no ear object for bluetooth headsets/earpiece. You have to get clever with one of the other facial attachments and reposition it so it looks like an earpiece. Someone did that before, ages ago, and I can't remember how they did it - I think it was a rotated part of one of the sets of glasses. Hope that helps.
2012/11/16 0:04:39
Caption Me! WozToons wrote:

"Should've gone to Specsavers"
2012/11/14 20:24:52
Caption Me!

"The new larger model of the Inflatable Kung Fu Slipper proved impractical in consumer tests"
2012/11/13 22:41:17
Caption Me!
2012/11/13 22:05:32
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
Its a kind of "insanity" and probably we should start some sort of support group ziggy.

You lot already are my support group Big Grin
2012/11/13 20:50:43
Coming Soon... Thanks for the kind response people - just wanted to show that I've been beavering away on something... I should point out, though, that this is just a set test shot - it's not in the movie. Haven't shot frame 1 yet (other than the set test that Kerry and Co saw). It will be months yet before it's done (assuming I can find my American voices...)

Also, those trees? They aren't pictures on backdrops - they're proper 3D trees. Can't tell you how much pain I've gone through to make them look reasonable! Sometimes, you just can't make movies in hours, or even weeks, but the grind is worth it in the end. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway Big Grin
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2012/11/13 0:44:28
Coming Soon... Sammamish.

Ted says Hi
2012/11/11 16:22:34
Import from .set file Top idea - I'll most definitely second that. Thumbs Up

For me, it's about the time it takes to get just the right colours when you import an ID heavy model (sometimes 20 colours to change), and having to do that every time you import it...so tedious. Favourites are more trouble than they're worth, so importing from a kind of Scene window which just shows the objects already held in another set would be well handy.
2012/11/10 19:29:35
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Picked up my prizes from the Post Office this morning - excellent stuff, thank you Muviizu HQ! Thumbs Up
2012/11/9 19:56:57
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
WozToons wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Though there are lots more great new features not shown in Mike's thumbnail to look forward to.

WozToons wrote:
behind the poster is a character manipulating several props with his hands. These include a gun, phone and cup amongst others.
Thumbs Up


NO!!! It can't be true. Is it really going to be that good a Christmas or am I just imagining things? I am good at reading between the lines and perhaps the cat has just been released from its incarceration. On the other hand it may still be in the box and we have no idea whether it is dead or alive.
You are 100% correct... When you say "it can't be true". Stick Out Tongue Apologies if you misread my earlier post - I just appreciated your joke is all - I didn't mean it to be connected to what I'd said earlier. My bad!
Needless to say, the day we are confident we have a solid mechanic in place to allow characters to hold objects, it won't be announced via a winking smiley on the forum - it will be announced via a size 8000 font message on the front page with accompanying pictures of Muvizu characters on the phone to their mothers, fathers and everyone they have ever met to let them know that they can now actually use phones.

So, with regards to characters holding objects in the next release - the cat is dead, my friend.
Soz, Woz!

Gasp! I'll be checking the home page every day now!Duhh

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