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2011/11/13 18:00:02
facial animation workaround Thankyou Dreeko! If only I'd known about this ages ago... Thumbs Up
2011/11/12 16:40:34
Camera Options and Filters Another camera option I would suggest is a target reticule - difficult to line up your shots exactly when you can't identify the centre point. Surely, this being Unreal Tournament and all, it shouldn't be that difficult to implement - isn't it already built in to the game engine?
2011/11/11 16:47:04
Camera Options and Filters Can't help with the brain plugin, but you'll find the free (and pretty good) screen capture program CamStudio here http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/files/legacy/

There's a newer version out too, haven't tried it yet though.
2011/11/4 21:59:28
Random requests! Named Cameras! Colour coded and nameable, that would be helpful (and kinda cool).
2011/11/3 19:48:06
Align animations within a take Hey Dylly, I've had some experience of this one. The movies will run in their own little world until you either ;

a) Go back to the very start of the timeline, then they will play from the start and then loop, or...

b) Start recording, at which point they will themselves reset back as if playing from the very start of the timeline. And then loop.

What I'm saying is - they only ever sync to the start of the timeline when you record, regardless of whatever you do (or think you've done) in any other modes or at any point on the timeline when you're not recording.

If that doesn't suit, you would have to animate each of the backdrop properties to trigger the vids to play at a later point. It's a bugger, is what I'm saying - Muvizu doesn't really give you too much control over how vids are played within the sets. It was for this very reason I resorted to split screen to be able to cue up a vid alongside a character - I don't know if this would work for yourself, but I think you may have to start improvising...
2011/10/31 20:34:08
Muvizu Just Reset Itself Just read this - my Muvizu (64 bit) had reset it's video options too, last night. I corrected them and carried on, I didn't realise this was a bigger problem. Updater issue maybe? Also, I have both 64 and 32 bit versions installed. And no, no crashes last time I used it and I never use any resolution except 1280x720 these days, so no changes there.
2011/10/29 21:25:23
Muvizu TV simonheffer wrote:
Sounds like a great idea.
I'd add Movie Moments for videos that create/parody scenes from great movies.

Parody Channel - good one, although couldn't that be covered by Comedy? Would we want sub-genres for the vids as well, or would it start to get a bit tricky to define their place? (like having Zombies or Vampires as sub-genres in Horror, or Parody, Slapstick, Satire, etc in Comedy?)
2011/10/29 1:58:42
Muvizu TV Just noticed that the site has over 800 videos posted on it's gallery - will there be a party for the 1000th? Buddies

In a more practical vein, there really is a need to organise the gallery so that you have some kinda chance of finding one you'd like to see (again) but don't remember who it was by. And to give new users more of a chance of finding something they like, rather than having to randomly watch stuff off the lists. I suggest the following channels for Muvizu TV :

DIY (tutorials)

There's a lot of music videos, so it's a no brainer to have that.
It also makes sense, I think, that some of the other channels should follow the themes that Muvizu already has in-built.
I would have a Jokes channel to distinguish them from comedy, since comedy is subjective but jokes are a distinct thing (and quite short usually).
And series is for everything else that is mult-part.

Muvizuers could select the channel that suits their movie at the point when they upload, so it would organise itself in future. Any thoughts, people?
2011/10/27 22:08:05
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! One word - kilts. Och aye.
2011/10/25 21:31:22
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions No problem, I'm just so used to being Ziggy72 here it looks odd to see my real name on the forum. It's my online tag generally (Ziggy72), but it's cool to use my real name on the credits. And Thea's too, since she wrote/performed it.
2011/10/25 20:35:21
Machinima Expo 2011 Now Accepting Submissions rgrove wrote:
oops, my Expo co-producer just pointed out to me via email that I left off a Muvizu film we are screening, Ronald McNamara's "Five Tips for Dumping Your Relationship". So that make 3 Muvizu films we are screening out of 14.

By the way, we accepted about 30% of all entries submitted this year.

...sorry, what was that? Someone mention my real name...?...bloody hell! Nice one - thankyou Mr Grove In case any of you out there ain't seen it, it's not on the Muvizu website as it lives in the video section of www.soyouvebeendumped.com as are a few other of my efforts.
2011/10/23 23:19:47
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) To be fair to the new version, I've completed my little movie in only 10 hours (!!!) and only had 3 or 4 instances of non responsive timelines, one crash, and one very wierd thing where, on every camera view, it would only render a video file I had imported instead of the view. It had been running constantly for about 3 or 4 hours at that point, so I'm not really surprised to be honest. Save often and expect surprises...hey, that could be Muvizu's new motto!
2011/10/23 18:34:38
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Trying to Dreeko, trying to

Just making an animation to enter for the Fusion competition to see if I can fire off one in a day (I mean, how fast is your news report turnaround?!). So far so good...
2011/10/22 19:47:48
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) mysto wrote:
I have an issue...

In the old version of Muvizu when you hit the space-bar during the recording phase it stopped the recording. In the new version when you hit the space-bar to stop recording it doesn't stop anymore. Each time you hit the space-bar it records the previous action over again instead of stopping.

Any chance of getting the space-bar to stop recording like it did in the previous version while recording?

I'm not sure but I think Ziggy touched upon something similar in an earlier post.

That I did - object focus. Massively annoying that the focus stays where you left it, rather than defaulting back to the play/pause button. However I could live with that, and the constant sync lag with the dialogue unless you go back a bit, and the 1 minute limit on HQ files, and the unexplained and random pause on opening the Create menu, if only the zoom on the timeline zoomed in on the play marker - it is driving me fecking INSANE with annoyance that I can't zoom in on anything but the start or the end, and not the bit I'm interested in, leading to constant dragging back and forth trying to find the bit I was at before I was stupid enough to zoom out. It takes me a long time to create my movies anyway, but at this rate... Brick Wall
2011/10/22 0:21:27
Nudge camera ? I salute your perseverence in the face of adversity! Thumbs Up

(brilliant post too - definite LOL there!)
2011/10/21 0:18:10
The 30 Second News... HA! Brilliant (and concise too!) Big Grin
2011/10/18 0:47:57
2gb limit? Yep, thanks for that mcmillan - unfortunately the codecs available in the 64bit version are extremely limited compared to the 32bit version, so it's either huge files or smaller, crappier looking files. Huge files it is then

Also, Mysto, are you planning a moon launch or something? What kind of a system spec is that?!! Must be nice to use though...mmm, power...
2011/10/17 0:30:56
2gb limit? Thanks guys. Mysto, what is your system? The good folks at Muvizu HQ couldn't replicate my problem, even using one of my sets, so it must be something we've got that's different.

My system is;
Win 7 Ult 64bit SP1
i5 2500k
8gb RAM
ASUS mobo
Nvidia GTS 450
SATA drives, various USB attachments, running the 64bit version of Muvizu. Nothing weird in the background (by wierd I mean downloaders or system managers or any junk like that)
2011/10/16 17:56:55
2gb limit? I have a strange problem that has arisen during the past year's updates (not exactly sure when it started). If I create a Muvizu file, in any codec, that is over 2gb in size then that file is unreadable to most media players and all editors. 32bit, 64bit, old version, new version, it makes no difference. If it's under 2gb all is fine.

I did all the usual stuff you'd expect - updating drivers and codecs and the like, and resorted to reinstalling windows (7 64 Ult) but nothing makes any difference. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, please let me know - I can't work out what the source of the problem is, so any info would help.
2011/10/15 18:43:59
Random requests! Headphones YES! Toolbox YES! Dragons with Guns YES! Sorry, ignore that last one

Glowing! I mean, you can't have candles or lightbulbs looking like, you know, candles or lightbulbs because we can't have a visible light source, like a glowing ember or star or what have you. It would be nice to show the source of the light, not just the result.
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