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2011/4/28 20:34:11
A tutorial vid from Dreeko claireq wrote:
I used CamStudio which is a free alternative, although it doesn't have the nice zoom feature which comes with Camtasia
Nice with a list of screen recorders available free.


Excellent link, and CamStudio works really well - thanks!
2011/4/28 20:09:33
A tutorial vid from Dreeko "It makes it more...cloudy like" Big Grin Brilliant vid (again)!
2011/4/27 20:09:42
Move Character Danimal wrote:
Dreeko, I'm pretty sure you could make a tutorial on how to turn on your computer and we'd all be interested..

I second that!
2011/4/19 20:21:00
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Danimal wrote:

It's not a big deal and I understand. I can always make a new texture map. I'll use my favorite image editor: Michaelsoft Taint. Comes free with Binbows!

I couldn't get my copy of Taint to work with Michaelsoft Kista. I searched for it on Guggle but it didn't help.
2011/4/17 18:41:49
Scriptwriting and character development Jamie wrote:
Thank you for this great link Toonarama.

I am a big fan of Henry's cat! My favourite has to be "Henry's Cat: The Good News Day" however youtube seem to have removed the only copy of it there. Which sucks. However here's another one!

I think you can see Good News Day here
I was always a Roobarb & Custard man myself
2011/4/14 20:00:47
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Not a request aimed at the Devs? Are you feeling okay Dreeko?

Just a quick point - I had thought of posting up all the objects I've used that I got from Google Warehouse, but I didn't make them or know who did - how would that work copyright wise? If we're okay to do that, I'll post up the lot (about 50 I think).
2011/4/10 22:11:27
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) @Toonarama Yeah, that looks really good, and simple to use - the tesselation effect gives a very nice organic look. If only we had a similar system in Muvizu... <hint hint>
2011/4/10 20:36:21
Uploaded sets and 3d assets @Dreeko Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that one. It's not perfect owning to the way light interacts with backdrops, but it's a nice start for something. Will post it up tonight.

(also the trimmings on the walls won't sit straight owing to the 'Muvizu Flip' objects always seem to do when too close to each other - you'll see what I mean!)
2011/4/10 12:36:16
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) Thanks for the in-depth reply Jamie, but sprawling out into other programs which need other programs... that way madness lies, and Muvizu should be easy to use, so...

Unwilling to accept that I needed to learn Maya just to do this I checked around, and the ASE exporter we use for Sketchup says it supports UV and texture exports - but it only seems to work for UT3 itself, not Muvizu natively (incidentally there's a new version of HSKP2UNR - v1.02 beta). The new version doesn't change anything relevant, but while I was messing around I discovered a (pretty ugly) fix.

- Created a box in Sketchup, used the Materials window to paint some surfaces (doesn't actually matter which material you use, it just marks that face as textured). Exported it as an ASE as per usual.

- Copied the texture I wanted to the c:\UT3 folder as a BMP file (let's say wallpaper.bmp)

- Edited the ASE file for the box, and replaced the name of the texture from Sketchup to the name of the texture I copied to the c:\UT3 folder

*MAP_CLASS "Bitmap"
*BITMAP "C:\ut3\wallpaper.bmp"

- As you can see, the name of the material is Brick Basket Two, but the bitmap can be renamed something different.

- Loaded up the object as per usual in Muvizu, and lo and behold, one (wallpaper) textured box.

You could probably tweak the UV scaling options to get a better fit for your model, but I'm happy to just have some way of achieving something in the same ballpark as JonBez's excellent rocks. See what you've started JB?
2011/4/9 20:43:45
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) Like UKBerty, I also feel like a noob watching that vid - you make it look easy. Could you do a similar thing but show how to do it in Sketchup, which is what we can all have access to by default? I've tried to maintain the textures in Sketchup, but the ASE format doesn't seem to support them (or maybe it does, and we just need some guidance from someone like your good self!)

2011/4/8 20:57:12
Interface & Timeline Neil, you should know by now that the Zigphone never sleeps! Anyroadup, thanks for the reply, and to reply to your reply...

No Smiles
I can get around the expression thing since I know it's there, I just wanted to know if anyone else knew it was there. I feel better now, thankyou.

Object Properties Box
Where would I like you to put it? Ooh, the cheek of it! I was thinking you could have it snap to the side of the screen furthest away from the object you selected, thereby giving you the most space to see it. It would work best in widescreen I guess, but really anywhere else except the centre of the screen would be an improvement.

Error Pasting Object
How about having an option to show a ghost preview in front of you of the thing you're about to paste, and have it turn red if it intersects anything that would prevent it from pasting? The preview doesn't have to be detailed or anything, just a box would do really (the collision one maybe?). And yes, it would make me chew through my monitor if I had to see the error message for any set length of time - I'm trying to work here!

And Muvizu obviously needs some psychotherapy - Tell me about your mother...
2011/4/8 20:08:57
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) I've just downloaded the set, and still can't work it out - how the hell did you texture the rocks?
(Rocks which look bleedin' amazing I might add - another ace set worship )
2011/4/7 1:00:48
Interface & Timeline New gripes! Been creating a set, and the same 3 problems keep bugging me ;

No smiles - I create a character, he's happy, he's smiling, great. I load the set up later on, and he's not smiling anymore - his state is still generally happy, but his mouth is now closed when idle, no teeth showing. It's a small point I know, but it's hard to get any consistency when the characters decide how they're feeling, not me. Wierdly, if you copy and paste the character (multiple times even), he'll come out showing various states of happiness, regardless of the Expressiveness level. Why?

Object Properties Box - You right click on something, and the object properties box appears...right on top of what you wanted to change, so now you cant see it and have to drag the properties box somewhere else. Over and over again. Every time. Annoying, but not half as annoying as...

Error - There was an error pasting the object.
Not enough room. Please try again in another location.

Okay, so I click OK and move over a bit and try pasting...
Error - There was an error pasting the object.
Okay, I click OK, move somewhere else...
Error - There was an error pasting the object.
But there's tons of space!!! I'm high up and everything. Try again...
Error - There was an error pasting the object.
AARRGGHH!!!! The fact it's so damn picky about where you paste things is bad enough, but do we REALLY have to click OK to acknowledge it every single time? Couldn't the error box just appear, then disappear after a second or two? I know there's not enough room, why do I have to tell the program I agree with it? Does Muvizu feel insecure? What I'm asking for is that the message not bring everything to a grinding halt until you click OK.

Apart from that, all's good!
2011/3/31 19:16:58
Free sound editors, sound-effect or music makers Goatboy wrote:
Simple yet effective game-like sound generator. Online version.


Excellent. Simple too, and love that you hear the sound immediately after you change anything.
2011/3/28 20:33:17
Music Album using Muvizu Artwork Really good detail and colour balance - like it!
2011/3/24 22:12:24
Sets/Objects - Works in progress That's funny. And educational too!
2011/3/21 19:56:06
Ziggys new animation Luscan wrote:
New version is up. Thanks for your patience, Ziggy. Outstanding work, have a gold star.

Haven't had a gold star since primary school, and that was a looooong time ago - thanks! Just stick it on my future posts, so I can revel in it's shinyness
2011/3/20 15:31:02
Ziggys new animation Deleted and reposted the Troggs Tapes set file (the picture I'd used was bugging me, so I had to remove the whole thing to change it).
2011/3/18 20:29:44
Eyes?? Custom textures? As in coloured contact lenses kinda thing? If it's not, can we have that too anyway? (hey, I got one in before Dreeko!)
2011/3/18 20:26:40
Straight lines Found it - it was the 'Bleeding Edge Beta and things that make me go hmm' topic that keyboard control for characters last came up. Last year. C'mon GlasgowJim, surely you know who to badger for this! You're on our side now
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