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2017/4/5 16:23:42
A walk in the snow very7 cool, ammostro! I like to see people thinking outside the box finding interesting ways to get the results they need! Keep up the good work!
2017/4/5 15:00:02
NEW VERSION RELEASE Looks like a new version has been released. Has anybody tried it yet? I don't see an update in the WIKI's release notes yet, so I have no idea what the changes might be....

Last update was static lighting and OBJ import, so without any official information, my guess is that this release makes those features improved in some way.
2017/4/5 14:43:34
Period Dress Wanted drewi wrote:

LOL.... my dad used to say "call me anything but late for for dinner..."

(I figured I must remind him of somebody he knows named Ken)
2017/4/3 14:55:54
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X I previously mentioned that there was a setting in Win 10 for that, but since Rocque has been using her computer for a year, changing that setting now would result in having her data files scattered across 2 drives, which I assumed would be confusing to most people.

At the very least, moving the existing project files to the other drive accomplishes most of her goal (use the space on the larger drive instead of the limited space on the boot drive). Whether to use a shortcut or a windows configuration to open the new location by default is almost a moot point, since functionally speaking the low level commands end up being about the same.
2017/4/3 13:26:28
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X Rocque wrote:
I just cut and pasted mine, then put a shortcut in the C documents folder, so that when my applications automatically try to store data and projects on drive C, the shortcut redirects me easily to my drive D DOCUMENTS folder.

How does this shortcut work? That would save a lot of grief in the future.

Thanks for the fast reply.

1) I created a new folder on Drive D: and named it DOCUMENTS

2) Then I copied the folder and all of its sub-folders from the DOCUMENTS folder on drive C: to drive D:

3) Once everything was copied, I deleted the files in the C: version of documents (but you don't have to )

4) I created a shortcut at the top of the C: documents folder which leads to D: Documents. In my case, that's the only thing in the documents folder on drive C: now, so I can't miss it.

5) When you save project or data files, most programs automatically open up a SAVE dialog box, and the default folder is DOCUMENTS. When that dialog opens, I see my shortcut, since that's the only thing in that directory now. I double click the shortcut, and it takes me to D: DOCUMENTS where I have sub folders for all the programs that save data. I then scroll to the correct folder and save as usual

Hope that answers your question about "how does that work"
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2017/4/3 13:15:51
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... thanks Ammostro! People like you make this forum fun!
2017/4/3 2:38:58
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X Rocque wrote:
I am looking forward to your progress with your new computer, Pat. I am happy with the one I purchased last summer, but not happy with how they partition the two hard drives that come with it. They made the smaller one the master C drive and that automatically holds all my programs. The larger drive is the D drive and it has so much room, while the C drive is almost out of room in less than a year.

I asked a tech guy at work if I could somehow change the drives around and he said not unless I wanted some major headaches.
I wonder why they would install a C drive with small space on it. Let me know if you have a solution for this one.


you can use C drive for just the operating system and put everything else on D... but you have to change the default settings or windows puts everything on drive C:

One thing you might be able to change "relatively painlessly" is to copy all your DOCUMENTS to your D drive. I just cut and pasted mine, then put a shortcut in the CBig Grinocuments folder, so that when my applications automatically try to store data and projects on drive C, the shortcut redirects me easily to my drive D DOCUMENTS folder.

Once programs are installed, they don't grow.. its the data and projects that need all that extra space anyway.
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2017/4/3 0:06:55
Period Dress Wanted would either of these work?
2017/4/2 16:12:36
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X well, I'm not a product review kind of guy... but I promised to follow up with a little info about how this system works with Muvizu. In short, it works well with Muvizu.

Without any tweaking to get the system's best performance, it loads complex sets 3 to 4 times faster than my previous low-end gaming system. Now that I'm using Rod's multimesh animation, I had noticed that having multiple video textures running at the same time was bogging my old system down. Now I see no degradation of performance even with lots of other elements being added to the scene.

The system I bought came with a GTX-1080 GPU, which is better than my previous GTX-1060, so once the CPU does what it has to do and turns the ball over to the GPU, all bases are covered.

Given the much lower pricing of AMDs Ryzen series of CPUs (compared to similarly powered intel CPUs), anyone looking to upgrade their PC need not be afraid of the Ryzen. At least for content creation. If you are also a heavy duty gamer there might be better choices for you. I don't game at all, so content creation was the niche for which I wanted to find the best "bang for the buck"

As far as benchmarks, test results vary but ...
the system's best frame rate at 1080p is about 115 fps (average is around 100fps)
Cinebench score on the CPU averages around 1730cb, (if you are a person who cares about such things)

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2017/4/2 15:52:26
Have you made a tutorial? RORODUCK has been busy making tutorials! If you're a newbie (or a seasoned veteran user who just likes to see how other people do things) check out his youtube channel! And you might want to bookmark his page, because I have a feeling he isn't going to stop making tutorials any time soon...

(there are so many ways to have fun with Muvizu...)
2017/4/2 15:45:44
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? is there any interest in a modular set with UVMapped walls and floor that can be used standalone as a simple 3 or 4 wall set... but which can also be combined together into a multi- room house?

I started it a while back but never finished.. if there's any interest I could probably have it in the store by Monday or Tuesday...

As a model, the walls would naturally be attached at the corners. If you combined several copies of it into different rooms, you might have to take care to avoid gaps though.

To make a 4 wall set into a 3 wall sitcom-style set, just apply an alpha texture to one of the walls.
2017/4/1 22:17:58
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? another thing that cleared up a lot of weird shadows in my models was UVMapping. When you apply color without UVMapping first, its as though light treats all the surfaces as though they are facing forward (when they aren't)

After UVMapping, the light is applied to the surfaces with consideration to the vectors, which eliminates a lot of visual anomalies.

That might not be a 100% technically correct description, but whatever the true reasons may be, I can say for sure that UVMapping makes a positive difference in a model's appearance.
2017/4/1 21:54:13
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? regarding the strange shadows:
2017/4/1 21:52:39
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 now that you're subscribed to GiveAwayOfTheDay, be aware that if Reallusion offers ANY of their products, and you DL it and get it installed... that gets you in their customer database, and thereafter you'll get better prices. So, even if its a product that doesn't interest you, snag it anyway just to become a registered customer. That will be worth money later when something comes along that you do want.
2017/4/1 21:47:42
Latest on importing? scorpio66 wrote:
Hi Pat!

I have used Lightwave mainly and have just been experimenting.
Lightwave exports directly in fbx format, and I have inported a simple box with textures from a UV map set in Lightwave stright into Muvizu.

Im so pleased I can now get some models in.

wow, that's awesome that the program you already know how to use can export directly to FBX.. it doesn't get much easier than that!

I thought there were problems with the fbx format, but for my needs it seems to work fine.

the problem that sometimes arises with FBX is that people try to import models with rigging, and then Muvizu throws an error. But if you're importing meshes and materials, Muvizu loves that stuff!

I tried making a small video with the fbx model in, and it seemd to take much longer to render, but it could be my settings.

it could be the poly count. Traditionally game engines use low-poly models, and Muvizu is based on the Unreal 3 game engine. Although it's tempting to make models really smooth, that does increase the polygon count dramatically, and all the extra geometry requires resources. As a general rule, keep your models as simple as possible.

Thanks again for your input Pat, it is appreciated.
I hope I can contribute some models to the community at some point...

Regards Chris

my pleasure, glad my comments are helpful! I'm sure you will fit in very well to this community of helpful and creative people! I look forward to seeing your work!
2017/4/1 18:22:10
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? I feel your pain, that's one that always bites me in the butt too. Have you tried just downloading one of the existing sets from the store and changing the textures to meet your needs?
2017/4/1 18:16:21
Latest on importing? In my opinion there are a BUNCH of rock-solid ways to get models into Muvizu. And of all the problems one might raise about the product, getting models into it is wayyyyy down the list. The sheer number of free assets in the user part of the store testifies to the success many people have had in creating and importing their own models.

Assuming you already know how to use some modelling program, the simplest way to get your models into Muvizu is to use Autodesk's FBX converter, which is free. (link below)

From your modelling program, export as OBJ, DXF, DAE, or 3DS file..... then open it in the FBX exporter and save it again as an FBX.

note about the FBX format: it allows saving meshes, textures, actions and skeletons, but Muvizu can only import the mesh and materials. So when you export from your modelling program, don't export anything but the mesh and material

There are more ways, and the complexity of the solution depends on what you want to accomplish. There is a lot of information in the WIKI about the topic, and that's a better place to look for complex explanations than the forum. At the top of the Muvizu web page, click on HELP then WIKI....

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2017/4/1 15:58:22
iClone 5.5 3D Give Away of the Day 31/03/2017 doby wrote:
Witchy wrote:
Only free for 24 hours

iClone is a real time 3D animation and rendering software program that enables users to make 3D animated films.
edited by Witchy on 31/03/2017

Tried to install it. 6 hours left on giveaway and said license was expired.

it might be a time zone thing... but don't worry about it too much. They'll offer it again. In the 18 months I've been on this forum, this is at least the 3rd time they've offered it. That averages out to about once every 6 months. Reallusion is very aggressive with their marketing, and they jump through hoops to get people hooked, which is why they make it so easy to get involved.

They're already hyping iClone 7 (not released yet, but should be soon) so by the time the giveaway of the day offers their outdated version again, it might be iClone 6.

If anyone's counting, 6 months from now is Sept/Oct, so be watching for it then....

They've offered previous versions of all their products through GiveAwayOfTheDay... so also watch for Crazy Talk and CrazyTalkAnimator. I've seen both offered multiple times. Once you're on their mailing list, you'll be notified.
2017/4/1 15:46:51
The Grand Bastardo returns sgnrmedia wrote:
I think that we all have that part of our personality that has these kinds of thoughts.

And no sense in keeping them all bottled up inside - will just eat you up after a while

I agree. I'm about to go down the same politically incorrect road. Still trying to figure out how to do it without alienating half my friends and family.
2017/3/31 22:53:34
Arm Yourself! theotherguy wrote:
I've had a couple of breakthroughs with backdrops, textures, and environments and you'll see them in my next episode.

looking forward to it!
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