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2017/3/23 14:28:03
Have you made a tutorial? I think the standard Muvizu tutorials are excellent... well made, easy to understand and they cover the full spectrum of Muvizu's features. But due to the fact that we all process information differently, there are topics that people have wanted to see explained differently... hence, the user-created tutorial.

If you've made a tutorial, consider adding it to this WIKI list of user-created tutorials!
(scan the page for your name, it might already be there... but if it isn't, please add it! )
(click on the pencil icon to start editing)

or, you can click on the web sites menu:
HELP > WIKI > ALL PAGES > scroll to the bottom > User created tutorial compilation

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2017/3/23 14:07:44
Kiss Cover C'Mon n Love Me by the TAkeaway Thieves I like the cruise ship theme! Great setting for a video!

I didn't understand part of the video... like the scene in which the chicks had green eyes ... perhaps something about caribbean island voodoo?

If the Kiss character skins came from the Muvizu user created assets, then your video credits should probably include a shout-out to whoever uploaded them. (Ziggy72, as I recall). Likewise for the beach set. (wdeprospo as I recall)

Is TAKEAWAY THIEVES your band? And did your band record the song in the video? If so, you probably want to make that clear to the audience, because recording your own music is a major step up from using public domain or creative commons licensed music!
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2017/3/23 13:36:19
From The Mind of Some Guy Named Rob VI clever. I may have to find my way to your youtube site so I can subscribe.

I just looked at your profile and I noticed that you are missing an opportunity. If you upload through your profile (they still end up on youtube)_your videos will be displayed on your profile here, and also in the Muvizu gallery.
This serves as an additional way to funnel new viewers to your youtube channel, where they might subscribe.

You should definitely start uploading future videos from your muvizu profile page, since its problematic to go back and upload videos that are already on your youtube channel in order to have them show up in your muvizu gallery.

When you are making money from subscriptions, any way you can drive people to your channel helps!
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2017/3/22 17:39:56
cartoon attack heli depending on a person's modelling skill, coupled with some tricks that Ziggy, Rod Silva and Ikes have come up with, I think it is possible to make some pretty convincing custom characters with attachments. The more complex characters aren't easy to make, and they aren't as flexible to animate as a standard Muvizu character, but there are possibilities that can be whipped up in the Muvizu environment.

If somebody had told me a year ago that it was possible to make a T-rex with movable jaws, head and legs, a totally animated chicken or a pigeon with wings that flap, I'd have struggled to believe it... but we've seen all 3 in the brief time I've been on the forum. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

We've asked for different things that would make it easier to create custom characters (more attachment points, extra legs, multi-attachment slots with 2 or more toggleable attachments... etc. I'm clinging to the hope that one of these days we'll get a new add-on pack with some goodies along similar lines.
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2017/3/22 14:36:23
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X Is anybody out there running Muvizu on a system that has an AMD Ryzen 7 1800x CPU? If so, I want to hear your thoughts on it.

If you aren't already aware of it, the Ryzen 7 is an 8 core 16 thread CPU that costs about half what intels 8 core 16 thread i7 6900 costs. It looks like a good processor for content creation like modelling, animation and video. Coupled with a good GPU, I'm wondering how it would handle what we do.
2017/3/22 13:01:28
Stanley Ipkiss - Meeting with the Boss I'm surprised nobody's commented on this video yet.. it's been posted for a couple of days already. Maybe it just scrolled off the front page before people saw it.. there were a lot of videos posted this week, and that tends to push older videos downstream.

I liked your use of music in this, and your intro was reminiscent of a Pink Panther episode. I also liked your sets... original and interesting. And the camera pan around the corner to reveal the man walking down the hall was nice.

Regarding the opening music, the volume should have dropped when the character started talking. It conflicted with his dialog for the viewer's attention.

I liked the animated eyes when the lights went out, and the lighter in the foreground... but I think that the 3D Muvizu environment would have been more effectively used if you had employed the lighting system to scarcely light his eyes instead of using 2d animation. But, its interesting to see different techniques used to accomplish the same goal, and as such the 2D eyes work.

I thought the "you're fired" message could have been presented in a more logical way... maybe written on a notepad, or in an email... something more consistent with the story's setting and less consistent with a quick video editing solution.

All in all, I think the video accomplished its goal. It held my attention from start to finish, and I was very interested in seeing how you set up your scenes! Great fun!
2017/3/22 12:39:11
cartoon attack heli Blender is an amazing value... it's free and powerful as some other high-dollar apps. Plus it has a huge user base and tons of online tutorials. But, having said that....

I only use it for converting my models (created in SILO) to FBX or ASE so Muvizu can use them.

My objection to using Blender for much more than that is that the program is so feature rich that they can barely squish all the controls and buttons on the screen, even after making them incredibly small. My aging eyes can't focus well enough to make sense of Blender's interface... it just looks blurry to me.

However, if your eyes are good, I don't think you'll find a more powerful and capable modelling program for free.
2017/3/22 11:23:30
cartoon attack heli Man, that looks GOOD Ammostro! Nice job!
2017/3/22 6:07:23
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender I finally had time to experiment with this new Blender plugin, and it worked great! A file that took over an hour to export as ASE from Sketchup took about a minute in Blender! And I'm happy to report that it handled my first multi-mesh animation!

I'm one of those guys who rarely gets things right the first time, and it always drove me nuts to wait an hour or more for each revision to process through Sketchup. Now I can continue to screw up, but at least it will take less time to work my way through my process of eliminating errors.

Thanks again for finding and sharing this version of the sketchup ASE exporter! The last one I tried was a previous version, and I never could get it to work
2017/3/21 14:00:50
Making ASE export work in Milkshpae or Blender awesome! You are an amazing help to this forum, Rod! Last time I tried the Blender ASE exporter, it was the texture error that stopped me... now that you've fixed it, I'll use your version and give it another try! I'm very excited about the potential of your multimesh idea, and anything that makes it faster is a big help!

are you willing to say exactly what edits you made? It might help people who later DL the unedited version and can't make it work
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2017/3/20 13:44:53
Attempting to Ride A bird In Muvizu : Shenanigans Speedking, I bet you were always that kid in art class that the teacher singled out as an example of a creative thinker! Your work always has a surrealism about it... the characters are whimsical, and the music always takes the action in a direction I'd never anticipate in a million years!

Regarding your man riding on a duck: mission accomplished! I didn't notice at first that the man's legs were modelled into the duck, and that his legs were colored to be the duck's legs. Very clever! (At first I thought the man was wearing one of those inflatable pool ducks that kids use.)

You mention Blender, so I'll assume you modelled the duck in that environment. If you exported it as FBX, you may or may not be aware that there is a setting in the FBX export dialog that will smooth the angular look of a model

Once you click the menu option to export as FBX, on the left side of the screen (about 2/3 of the way down) are some modifiers, and one of them says GEOMETRY. If you click GEOMETRY you'll get more options, and you'll want to select FACES. After doing that, continue saving the FBX as usual, and I think you'll see that the resulting model is much smoother in Muvizu.
2017/3/20 1:46:20
Lobby Cam, Chapter Two well, it didn't take you long to create your second episode! I'm still a little bit sketchy on where you're going with this, but I guess that's part of the plan. Keep people guessing so they keep watching. I like the polish of having an intro and ending like a tv show... Good job, and keep 'em coming!

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2017/3/20 1:35:15
Nick Danger - Lost Gals (Part 3) This is an awesome theme for your videos, BigWally! And you always do such a good job with each episode! TYhe firesign theater stories are a great choice for Muvizu!
2017/3/20 1:29:08
From the Mind of Some Guy Named Rob V I like the changes! Intro was short and to the point... the banter was amusing, and I MUCH prefer your real voice to the sound of the text to speech bot. And the final request for people to subscribe is perfect! You're on your way to catching some of that internet money that flows around! Keep up the generation of new material and you've got a thing going!
2017/3/18 13:08:55
Creating A Cartoon Voice here's a link to a youtube demo in which Melodyne's formant feature is used to manipulate the gender of a vocal. One advantage of Melodyne is that it can be used as a plugin with other audio software... Audacity for example.

Audacity comes in many versions, some of them can get quite expensive. But their entry level program can be found on sale occasioanlly at affordable prices. I'm not sure if the entry level version includes format manipulation though...

the demo:

the product:
2017/3/18 12:46:10
Help loading video..... I must have ruined all my stock animations by running them through multiple video conversion utilities looking for the pot of AVI gold at the end of the rainbow... VirtulaDub won't even open them anymore. Apparently they've ended up in a format that VDUB doesn't have a codec to unlock. ;-(

Having said that: I have AVIs from prevoius test that were created with Virtual dub,and others that were created with Xilisoft using the settings outlined by Eugene Cheese... and neither worked for me. Must be a driver issue. Seems like it worked until I installed a new graphics card.
2017/3/17 23:44:25
Creating A Cartoon Voice sgnrmedia wrote:
Another decent voice altering solution is Screaming Bee's MorphVOX..

hey thanks for the info about MorphVOX... I had never heard of it, and it could be just perfect for the average Muvizuer who is trying to handle all the dialog alone! Many of the presets sound useful! And the price is certainly reasonable too! I may be adding that to my toolbox of solutions!

one of many youtube demos:

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2017/3/17 13:32:35
Creating A Cartoon Voice DougBailey wrote:
What are people doing to create animated / cartoon sounding voices?

lots of different things

I'm thinking there should be software out there that will create different sounding voices.

as far as software is concerned, some people use text-to-speech software that offers different characters

I have Audition, but that seems more for correcting audio problems. Not that familiar with it, maybe it does have what's needed?

lots of people use pitch changing in Audacity to make voices higher or lower, and my guess is that Audition probably has that capability. Another thing it might have is FORMANT correction. Formant correction is useful in making a male voice sound more female without making it sound chipmunkish.
MELODYNE is a relatively expensive piece of software that is all about sound manipulation. It has both pitch and format correction plus a whole lot more. It's practically "must have" software for any recording studio.

Or are folks just changing the way you speak when recording?

yep, that too! Even if you are also using software to alter the sound, its a good idea to speak differently for each character. Different accents, maybe a falsetto or a rasp or a lisp... (it worked for Bugs bunny and Elmer Fudd!)

But the absolute best (my opinion) is getting other people to voice act the parts
2017/3/16 22:46:33
Help loading video.....
It would be nice if they someday get that adding an avi file to a backdrop worked out.

it does work, but only on a very specific kind of AVI. But yeah, I remember when just about any ol' uncompressed AVI would play on a backdrop. It's a handy feature to have, for sure.
2017/3/16 20:42:04
Creating A Cartoon Voice here are links to a bunch of videos users have made about dialog creation. They're all useful in different ways.

using Audacity to create dialog tracks for Muvizu: (PatmarrNC)

Dialog Workaround (IKES)

Creating a Talking Character (student video tutorial)

How to get Multiple Dialog tracks in Muvizu: (JimMuvizu)

Fixing Muvizu lip synch problem: (Daniel Robinson)

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