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2016/12/24 4:18:55
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price It will be interesting to see what everyone here is able to do with programs like Poser in the coming year. I like Pat's idea of having a sort of showcase more than a contest of how it is being used in Muvizu along with film editors. I thought the wolf that Pat used was very unique and it stood out as such in his Halloween video.
I appreciate your comments, theotherguy, too.

Thank you for installing all the features and going through the manual, and reporting your findings. I just do not have that sort of time write now. I am looking at DAZ Studio, too, and it is free. I went through the first tutorial, but have no clue how I would use it in Muvizu. However I am new to all of this, and really happy to have so many new things such as Poser, and Daz to look forward to learning.

There are excellent animations being created without all the extra software programs. Muvizu is something that you can grow with especially if those in charge keep adding ways that make adding props or "background characters" made outside the studio into the studio possible. Pat once mentioned it is the story that carries the animation. However, it seems that most of us want to find out how to enhance the story with the right tools to create better scenes.

I am not sure if I am making sense, but I know that I wanted to make a Christmas video, and spent days looking for the right music that I could use without copyright infringement, and more days looking for background scenes, (that so far I am unable to get to work right, or to duplicate in another program).
I do not want to short change the story. That is why I thought learning how to use outside sources to create what I want might be the way to go. Learning how to use Poser, or something similar might help with this or future animations. I do not see any harm in learning them when time permits.

So Pat, I really do not feel so clever at much as I feel a victim of circumstances, and that being I need to replace my roof.
2016/12/23 22:06:25
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Based on what I have read so far, I am going to wait a year to buy Poser. I do not have the qualifications to attempt to learn it. I still have to get better with Muvizu. I am going to try using Free stuff for now.

I am putting a new roof on my house so that is taking up my have fun money for a while. I will let you all get better with Poser then next year you can help me if I feel I have time to use it.
2016/12/22 5:36:32
DANGER!!! (New video) This is going to be great. I will have to watch it next week when I have more time. I watched the first 5 seconds and was already laughing. Reg nad kcin or Nick Danger.
2016/12/22 5:32:59
CINEMATIC MUSIC gimmick wrote:
Mmmm, to produce Hollywood music, you must study music for 15 years...

Or buy a $50 software like MAGIX Music Maker with banks of film music loops

Very easy to use. It's like Lego with bricks of music

I looked at Magix Music Maker tonight. That looks like fun, too. There are so many diversions out there. I think I need to quit the day job. Then I could not afford to buy all this stuff though or have a place to live, or electricity. Oh well. A friend of mine said I do not have piano player hands...ha. I think they are more for typing, or working in fields (my grandfather was a commercial flower grower). But then little kids play the piano and I think my hands are a big bigger than a 10 year old child's hands.

I am going to have to watch some Magix videos if they are around to see how easy it really is. I do not think I have the patience for 15 years to get to be an accomplished musician. It would be nice to be able to make original music though. There would never be that much of it, only a few seconds here or there. Or maybe a minute.
2016/12/21 3:02:59
CINEMATIC MUSIC I will continue to use creative commons music it seems. All my attempts at being musically inclined have not gone very far. I enjoyed the information about the chords though, and the information about the software.
I thought about testing my skills or lack of skills with Garage Band. It is already on my school issued iPad. I am never ever bored, there is just way too much to learn in life.
2016/12/19 21:50:42
CINEMATIC MUSIC Thanks Pat! I always wanted to learn how to play the piano. This was a fun tutorial. I am downloading a free app just to test my skills.
This might be another distraction from making movies, but you never know. The tutorials were paced great, and I can't wait to test it out.
Maybe I will not have to spend hours looking for that perfect background music.
2016/12/18 16:29:51
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Pat,
You mention in a modeling program in this part of your post:
its basically the opposite of the last idea. Instead of modifying a Poser character to look like a Muvizu character, this idea is based on migrating the look of a stock Poser character to a Muvizu character via attachments

1) pick a character in poser that's similar to a muvizu character
2) export him/her as an OBJ file
3) in a modelling program, delete the body and recreate the face and hair as attachments for the Muvizu character

voila! You have a Muvizu character with a new look... and a character in poser that looks just like him, but can do things the Muvizu counterpart can't do!

Is the modeling program Poser? I am not familiar with the terminology yet. I loved the demo video. Thanks.
2016/12/18 16:22:27
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Tony and fman00 thanks for sharing your entries. Now I want to make something that I might actually finish by Jan. 1. If not, there is always next year.

Both of your animations were enjoyable to watch with surprise endings. I liked them.
2016/12/18 16:07:00
Latest Muvizu ? I have not downloaded the very latest one yet. Hopefully those who have will show up to answer your question and let us know how the latest one is working. I have not upgraded yet.
2016/12/18 16:05:03
Cinematics Students Final Movie Projects Thanks for sharing the link Starhopper. I would enjoy teaching something like that at our local Community College. I know they have a full on animation studio there, but since I work full time, I have never had a chance to take any classes. It is a goal to eventually do that. I would enjoy moving up from high school students to college ones who actually might want to be there.
I am sure students would want to be taking a multimedia class at any age though. Well I am naturally biased in that area thinking everyone would enjoy it.
2016/12/16 14:43:31
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Different rooms? I will check out some tutorials over the weekend. I am going to put the code in here and the deadline for those who want to get it at the low price.

Code: 61offposer

Expires: December 20th.

Does anyone know if you have to pay each time this updates, and if so, is it safe not to update when they run them? That is definitely something to think about.
2016/12/16 14:17:17
Cinematics Students Final Movie Projects These were really fun to watch. Thank you so much for sharing. It was nice to see all of the creativity on these projects. What grade level are the students? I was impressed by the teamwork involved in creating the videos. Everyone seemed comfortable with using Muvizu. I loved how the cars drifted in the final animation. That was great.
2016/12/15 15:07:43
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Hi Everyone,

Did you get this in your email for Muvizu users? What are the advantages to this program? Does anyone use it, and if so is it compatible with Muvizu?
If anyone has any information about this product and wants to share, Thanks!!

Also, how well do you have to draw to use this? My drawing skills are very dusty, but once upon a time I could draw.
2016/12/15 14:47:19
Scaling an object HitFilm has a free option, too, with a lot of the features that Pat was talking about. I believe they just ended their once every so often sale, but they have them every now and then. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials, and a forum. One person has a short YT video of some type of military aircraft like a harrier taking off in front of his house. It is really fun to see stuff like that.

Let us know when you finish your project, Witchy, so we can all see what you did.
2016/12/14 14:53:56
Can Someone Explain The New Lighting? Pat, let us know what you find out about being able to use the new lighting. Thanks for testing it out.
2016/12/14 14:51:37
Can Someone Explain The New Lighting? tonyob67 wrote:

Thanks Tony! I thought there was one, and I appreciate you sharing it with me.
edited by Rocque on 14/12/2016
2016/12/14 2:31:18
Can Someone Explain The New Lighting? I have been trying to get scenes dark like so many of you can, but can find out how to do that. Now we have static lighting, and I have no clue what that even means. I am hoping someone can explain it. I hate to make a scene that is supposed to be sad looking all bright and cheery.

If I add someone's pre-made scene am I stuck with the lighting they used? I can not even find the lights.

Does static lighting never change?

Thanks to anyone who will take the time to attempt to explain this to me.
2016/12/10 4:19:00
Long Dresses, No Slit Pat,
You have done a great job on these. I downloaded the dropbox set and will open it up tomorrow. Thank you so much.
I am looking forward to the other parts, too.

Again, Thanks!!!
2016/12/8 14:33:31
Suggestion for New Items In The Store Forum Posts Pat suggested that we start a new thread since the other one is getting too large. I am wondering if we could add them in segments? Monthly? Every 3 months? Put the date in the topic perhaps, and keep the top post where it can have a list of the items, or someone edit that one when they add something new so there is an easy to find list.

What do you think? I spend hours looking through the user part of the store, and it is incredible, but my key words must be horrible because they do not get good results. Maybe if we start something that makes the sets easier to find in the forum, listing keywords, too, it could save some time for users in the future.
2016/12/8 14:26:59
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Thanks Clayster. I downloaded it and that was fast, but am not sure when I will upload it. I just had difficulty with another large set, and once it was uploaded it kept freezing up. I have a good fast computer, too.
Anything you do to help us is greatly appreciated.

I love the set and all the colors. It looks like fun to use. I stand in awe of your talent.
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