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2012/1/1 13:49:37
Happy New Year! Happy new year.
2011/12/30 13:22:10
Has he been yet ? Congratulations to the winners. Great short films guys.
2011/12/23 15:54:32
how to put my video in the gallery? Hi

If your uploading your video using the upload button on your account on this site then your doing everything right. Dont worry if the video doesn't show straightaway. The guys at muvizu have to process the video I think before it displays on the muvizu video page.

It may show up later keep an eye out.
2011/12/23 14:38:39
Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to Vince and all the guys at muvizu HQ.

Thanks for all your hard work this year.

Enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas Too all you muvizu video makers aswell. Look forward to seeing whats comes out in the new year.

Have A good one all.

2011/12/2 12:21:51
Mixed Muvizu / live action I use a similar method to Berty. If I need to replace the watermark back.

I set the muvizu set to green with full illumination and render out 1 TGA still of just the watermark on a green backdrop.

Then in my editing software I make sure its the top layer and add a chromekey so only the logo is visible on that layer and re render out the video.

Looks good as new.

Nice Live action mix with muvizu. Works very well indeed.

I been doing some live action mixs with graphics stuff too. I've not tryed it with muvizu yet though.
Heres one of my latest videos if your interested in checking out.
2011/11/29 13:02:15
Muvizu remakes Great remakes. The animations and sets are excellent.
2011/11/25 13:27:07
Undo last recording button I would find that very useful. It is abit of a time kill ATM.
2011/11/25 13:20:36
Half speed recording. Hi

Sometimes when recording it can take many atemps before I get the timing and movement correct.

Example: When i record fast head movement it can take me 20 or more attemps before I'm happy and even then I still have to fix some of the timing in the timeline.

It would be very useful to be able to turn on a half speed feature in certain cases to make the job easyer and to get more perfect results the first shot.

If I remember correct their was a function in the unreal engine that did just that. Slows the whole world down to a float number 1.00 being normal.

Function slomo

I'm sure if this feature was added it would have many uses to help get things correct the first time round.

Sorry in advance if this has been requested before.
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2011/11/24 14:46:56
White Wine in the Sun Outstanding work Berty on the video. Fantastic music too.
2011/11/22 16:44:45
Loading old set problem That was my thoughs too. Just hope I have the asc files on a cd somewhere Big Grin

Thanks Marco for the link to the older version.

2011/11/22 15:50:38
Loading old set problem Hi

I get an error when trying to load an old set. I get this message.

There was an error loading the scene.

The file is an unknown format.

I think I know where the problem lies. I tryed opening an old set file that contains no cutom static meshes and it opens fine. But when I try to open a set file that has some of my own imported meshes I get the error message above.

Is there a work around for this or am I screwed ?

I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks Bez
2011/10/18 12:00:03
Fly Great video Very funny m8
2011/10/5 15:59:15
Bat Manuel "Patrolling" Part 2 Bat Manuel needs a sidekick for sure. Love your work Paul
2011/10/5 15:54:23
up with the cock Great work
2011/9/29 13:25:16
Bat Manuel (first Video) LOL that was sweet. Love the camera work.
2011/9/29 13:17:40
Toon Dubstep That was pretty cool.
2011/9/29 13:16:59
Having problem with my account Seems to show now. Took sometime I though their was a problem. Seems not.
2011/9/29 13:13:55
Having problem with my account Kinda getting a problem again posting. When I post a comment on a video and it doesn't show on the muvizu comments but it does show on youtube.
2011/9/26 22:21:48
On the News Real funny stuff m8. Great Idea doing news reports.

I,m suprised no one is cashing in on big brother or the xfacor with them being hot topic at the moment.
2011/9/6 15:07:07
Having problem with my account Thanks Ian that seem to of done the trick. Video is now uploading without that message appearing.
Cheers m8.
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