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2016/8/8 2:58:58
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) 'Dairy Air' - brilliant!
2016/8/7 11:16:43
lost shadow option Yep - it was the F12.. didnt know you could only apply shadow from 'normal lighting' setting. Thanks guys!!
2016/8/7 10:14:56
lost shadow option that's exactly the one im looking for but it's not showing up in between ground and ambient. just strange havent seen this happen before
2016/8/7 10:11:28
lost shadow option Yeah I checked there it's not showing up under ambient occlusion
2016/8/7 10:06:20
lost shadow option Took a break from my main muvizu project with a side muvizu project (yep i'm addicted now)

Anyway nearly finished it, went to sort lighting but I've somehow lost the shadow option, It's not in it's usual location and i'm definitely a fan of 'realistic shadow mode'

cheers for any feedback
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2016/8/3 7:38:57
still images/photo frames - without importing thanks Dr

Knowing the 'object' movement has just saved me a bunch of time
2016/8/3 7:24:11
still images/photo frames - without importing Without having to import (i'm terrible at that) are there any ideas/workarounds on how to create a photo frame with a picture in it?

I'd like to have a character holding a photo frame with another character in that photo
thanks as always
2016/8/2 2:58:39
Chicken test from Sinister Probably the most realistic looking thing i've seen on here yet! Wow
2016/7/28 6:28:13
floating objects Each time I load a saved project everything sets up in the wrong place (floating above the original location)
Just wondering if this is my bad graphics card causing this or something i'm doing wrong that can be fixed?
Sorry to be posting so much on here i'm just currently working on a passion project
2016/7/28 6:10:13
Words / Letters For all the innovative complex features muvizu has, I was surprised that you cannot alter the size of words/letters? Would be helpful in future
2016/7/28 1:00:22
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. Seriously thank you everybody for the invaluable advice!

I think I'm behind the times and have a lot to learn based on your feedback.
Currently not using layers/imports etc to it's potential, i'm basically just adding items/characters etc and working it all around the timeline

Taking 2 hours to render 10 seconds of footage is daunting (considering its part of a 4 min project) but I'm having so much fun it's worth it.
Also seems to not crash now I tried the trick of putting copper coins on my laptop as a heat conductor.
Thanks again everyone
2016/7/27 1:19:58
1st person view techniques Thanks for the suggestions everyone,

Fazz - that video is breathtaking... Definitely raised the bar and motivated me seeing that kinda quality level
2016/7/27 0:42:04
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. Just finished a fairly epic 10 second scene -

20 characters,
x1 camera (moving)
full ambient shadowing
x2 lasers effect
x1 smoke effect
x1 roman candle

My laptop crashed trying to render this beast. I am too poor to buy fancy graphic cards and computers, but AM thinking of adding more RAM.
Just wondering if any tech gurus know if this will actually make any difference when rendering? I know the graphics card needs to be improved but it crashed due to limited threads..
I really don't want to have to sacrifice/strip back the footage so would be hugely grateful for any tips or feedback.
2016/7/26 5:14:14
1st person view techniques Good thinking as always, cheers Pat
2016/7/26 4:00:29
1st person view techniques I'm planning to do some shots from 1st person view, including waking up and getting punched.. Any tips on filters or effects, specifically for an 'eyes opening' shot?

Thanks as always
2016/7/22 3:47:28
Thinking of getting this software I initially was frustrated by limitations in the software but there are workarounds, creative problem solving tips and a good forum on here.. It actually gets to a stage for me now where it feels like there are overwhelming amounts of options (which is great!!!)
2016/7/22 2:58:21
How to make a crowd I've noticed that it's all about placement, it's a trick they use on real film sets to create perspective and illusion... The whiskey idea works too!
2016/7/21 7:53:59
My 6th and largest production Very funny - especially the ending with the photos!
2016/7/21 6:54:42
Workaround to simulate falling water I've noticed adding the right colored Laser can look good too!
2016/7/18 6:11:23
recording eyes & head movement I've noticed it often after recording character eyes and head it doesnt work properly when played through. Is this a common bug and are there any work arounds? thanks
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