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2012/9/11 21:17:16
feedback after using muvizu for "reals" Yes, camera movement is one of the big issues - the Muvizu guys and gals are already aware of the various requests re waypoints, smooth cameras animations etc. I have also asked for a list of frequently requested enhancements so we can see what's already in the wishlist.
2012/9/11 21:10:40
Great Program with a lot of potential.. but... The OP seems to have gone missing Creeped out
2012/9/10 17:19:41
Not sure where to post this i will plonk it here I would agree with the crazy rodent...

I've had times where a set has been useful and times when I've loaded the set and then just taken an object from it e.g. the table from cheers-look-alike set.

I wonder whether it may be useful (during Create object/Import) to have a way to choose an online set and access it's parts (a bit like the scene view) so you can Import just one object from it? This would save having to save your set, load the new one, find and copy the object, load your original set and then paste the object.

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2012/9/7 12:21:43
Thunderclap It might be nice to have the lightning effect as a general object action so we can have it hit buildings, planes etc. (Storm is a bit random)
2012/9/7 9:53:05
University of Reddit: Muvizu Course Well, of course, Muvizu already has a number of great tutorials from staff and users and a lot of the fun is to experiment with stuff. I guess it's down to the Muvizu chaps on whether they want to take advertising to Reddit esp as it's all on youtube anyway.

adam_knox wrote:

Me, I need to work on script writing, finding it hard coming up with something worthwhile to animate... =)

As for scripts - a good place to start is to take your favourite (short) scene from a film and make a Muvizu version. Or just take the dialogue and put it in a completely different context!!
2012/8/31 13:52:36
Freeze! MrDrWho13 wrote:

ps: is this something to do with that Dr Who thing?hmm
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Nah, just one of those stream-of-conciousness things - or something beer
2012/8/30 12:12:45
Freeze! I'm thinking as well as the Hustle scenario, there's also the Matrix sort of shot where the camera pans about in the frozen scene to emphasize the incredibleness of the feat the character is performing.
It might also be handy where you want a particular pose to be held by your character - some actions do this some don't. You might also want a pose from the middle of an action.
2012/8/30 7:57:09
Freeze! Having watched some old episodes of Hustle I wondered whether there's any mileage in a freeze-frame button. This would freeze the action of selected items in the scene view but still allow unselected items such as the main character to move about.

2012/8/30 7:51:05
Transparency background output I think a common way to do this is to use the old green screen technique. Film your characters against a green back drop and use a video merge filter in your video editing program, they can usually use other colours than green too. Or am I being too obvious?

2012/8/29 18:36:30
Rebirth trailer Another family affair,here's the trailer to the next long(er) movie...
2012/8/29 8:03:36
Effect slow down Thanks berty,

Strangely after rendering it actually doesn't look too bad.(see dr who trailer)

2012/8/28 21:14:13
Effect slow down I'm using the roman candle effect and noticed that it slows down a lot when I go to 'Make a video.' Not when I'm generating the video - just going into that mode. I'm animating the intensity to build it up but there's a significant difference at the lower intensity between 'timeline' mode and 'make-a-video' mode.

I did try with a simpler set and couldn't notice much of a difference there - so any tips on how to fix this?

I tried to capture using camstudio (not sure why the youtube upload is black and white Confused ) - hopefully this shows the difference.
Here's the timeline version:

Here's the make a video version
2012/8/28 16:30:24
Super 10 (seconds) zig-a-zig aaaaahhhhhhhh!
2012/8/25 14:18:30
Super 10 (seconds) Domesticity...

2012/8/24 23:10:01
Super 10 (seconds) A spot of culture for you...
2012/8/23 11:08:33
Super 10 (seconds) I presume we've got a bit more time as those of use NOT on facebook have only just seen this?
2012/7/13 11:57:22
Random requests! If we are contemplating adding auto-animating the door closing , could we not auto-animate the door opening?

In either case you're talking about determining the movement type(rotation), the amount of movement, speed and, in this case, the axis of rotation.Goofus

Are we thus heading towards a more generic object animation feature? Maybe the first step to waypoints and camera programming - whey hey! Party

Sorry - calmed down now.

2012/7/9 13:38:40
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congrats Tim!!!
2012/7/7 10:40:16
camera right click Hmm just posted about this myself so that would get my vote too.
2012/7/6 18:24:12
Camera movement Tracking is definitely a good idea although I think I'd still prefer my own way-points (with opportunity to edit camera properties like depth of field at those points). As I'm sure I've mentioned before moving the field of view smoothly is a pain - no chance of that Jaws shot zooming in on Brody on the beach.

Another point slightly off topic , but when I right-click the camera view to go to the camera I'd much rather be positioned behind the camera i.e. go to the view the cameras showing. Most of the time I go to the camera I want to move it and it's easier from behind the camera.

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