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2013/9/1 16:57:42
Bamboo graphics tablet & Skullcandy headphones. MrDrWho13 wrote:

No. These were Facebook-based contests sponsored by Muvizu on their Facebook page. Not competitions, just "draw a random winner" type of contest. These were back in May 2013. Links on these posts just return you to the top of the page. A search on Google led to a dead-end.
2013/9/1 16:44:30
Bamboo graphics tablet & Skullcandy headphones. Were there any winners? There were no announcements of that on either Facebook or here.
2013/9/1 16:13:45
Scammer - Amir Gabriel I didn't get one. Not even the scammers will talk to me.
2013/8/30 16:42:41
Robots robots robots Latest video... over a year in the making (lazy)! Just uploaded. Why I wait to upload it at 4:30pm (Muvizu time), I don't know.

Enjoy! (Watch in HD).

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2013/8/22 14:58:11
After Installation Error Give them the answer that works and they leave. Isn't that something.
2013/8/20 14:27:17
After Installation Error ...and here:;_ylt=Au3x8w2qRWEOtV9u7CuqA9IjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20130425001337AAd9XNT
2013/8/20 14:25:36
After Installation Error You may want to look at this...
2013/8/16 6:01:35
Video Joiner not working!!! In all my time I've used Muvizu, I have never used the video joiner, not even to test it. All my videos are actually just clips that I edit using a video editor. I use Corel Avid Pinnacle Studio 15 (there's a mouthful). It is the easiest for me to use because it is very intuitive. But it's not free.

A (fairly) good free editor would be Windows Movie Maker. Power Director is also very popular (not free, but many times bundled with other software) and highly recommended by cNET (but not me).
2013/8/16 5:49:11
How do I lip-sync to more than one audio file? urbanlamb wrote:
there is a way to do it but the method described has never worked for me the intended muvizu way is to lump all the dialogue into a single audio file and use shush and talk to that. There is a second method of using the other audio slots per character and fooling muvizu into recognizing that dialogue and just using the talk function but its fidly and doesn't work if you are not careful and for me it has never ever worked reliably.

The second method is what works for me. Using Audacity, I would take the dialog and split it into separate audio files containing just one character throughout the whole audio file (not fun). It takes a little bit of doing, but once it is done correctly, it's all smooth sailing from there (fun). I did this with all the Nick Danger episodes, considering the extensive use of dialogue with multiple characters in the recording.
2013/6/25 14:19:52
[Coming soon] Yearning DoublePrimePictures wrote:
But will remain my only silent film.
A Muvizu logo will also be featured in the film.
I do not know if there is such a thing already.

There isn't a "standard" logo sequence created, but Muvizu should produce one for those who want to promote the product. That being said, I produced one as well, just for fun.

2013/4/24 15:32:21
New website feedback thread Now that patches and updates are trickling in, where on the site can I find a listing of said updates and patches (without having to search thru the forum?

What happened to the News page?
2013/3/17 13:52:57
To the community at large fazz68 wrote:
i dunno about most people here but i dont have a pot to **** in, so if muvizu does charge for their software im afraid thats me done. its not that i wouldnt pay because i love messing about with muvizu but at the end of the day i just wouldnt be able to afford it.

I agree.
2013/3/17 13:46:38
Muvizu Play Launch! Couldn't join in (technically, I wasn't invited, but was asked for a RSVP, confusing).

What we want to know is the future of Muvizu "as it moves out of beta" and how it affects it's users.
2013/2/19 2:12:26
Wanted a chicken character Welcome to Muvizu! I, too, use my real face (not really). The closest thing to a chicken, however, is the Chicken Man mask. Other than that, you could use a 3D object from Sketch-up, but it wouldn't be animated. But that's more of a Expert level type of thing.

Have fun above all other things!
2013/1/21 12:09:06
Moovizu facial animation tutorial. Dreeko wrote:
I have refrained from using my normal Scottish voice on this tutorial for a wee change!

I thought Sean Connery was Scottish!
2012/12/24 14:20:29
Voice actors? We need em. skylike wrote:
As you guys have probably guessed by now the voices for Tales from Zombietown are done by 2 guys, and occasionally we rope in someone for the odd part.
What we really need is people to fill future characters females/males/ possibly robots, and whatever else Dre504 comes up with...
Anyway if anyone is interested hit us up.

P.S this will probably be for season 2 moreso so it is still a while away , just wondering if their is any interest.

Thanks Muvizuers

If you need any American (any dialect) voices, I might be willing to lend a hand. It could be anything from timid to loud & obnoxious.
2012/12/24 14:17:34
Voice actors? We need em. maeruskanaerus wrote:
Here's my attempt at an american girl!

Sounds American to me (except for the word "everyone". Something distinctly odd about that.)

And as always, avoid words like "couch".
2012/12/24 14:07:15
Can't complete the download!! Glad you figured it out. I've ALWAYS had trouble downloading anything from the Muvizu site. I've ALWAYS needed to use a download manager to make it work.

Why do the servers at Muvizu stop the downloads every 10 - 20 seconds?
2012/12/24 14:04:47
FIVE MINUTE MYSTERY I'm rather partial to these types of videos. Well done.
2012/12/24 13:56:57
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Marco_D wrote:
Hello everyone,

The video for today is available in case you didn't noticed This is the last clue.

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions for this competition here - to avoid disappointment.

You can find the advent calendar video here -

Good luck.

Merry Christmas to all and I hope 2013 brings you happiness and success


So, tonight will be the night that further instructions will be posted on the site?
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