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2012/5/10 9:24:21
Unreal engine 2012 video We get day trips? And chocolate...although I'm getting worried about Dreeko...sound like he's turning into Nigella!
2012/5/9 16:58:07
Unreal engine 2012 video Alright...where do i sign up...there's got to be somewhere to sign up...?
2012/5/8 22:32:51
Which are the best software 3D.......? SketchUp...3DsMax...Maya...Blender....anything that will allow you to make a model, texture it and export it as .ase file.
2012/5/6 20:47:53
Muvizu withdrawals.. I think I have a case of animators block, well not so much block in that no sooner than I finish a sequence then I find a better way or simpler method to improve what I've got in the can so to speak, so I go back to the drawing board and start again.

I get a total buzz from uploading a finished project though and spend a couple of day's recharging the batteries before moving on to the next project.

I have to admit to having too many irons in the fire on occasion and any spare time I do get ends up with me thinking up new projects, ideas or 'get arounds'. Sad to say, last time I went fishing the lad had to give me a nudge as I was so engrossed in thinking of ways around animating the wheels on a 'gig van' I was totally oblivious to my rod tip whipping round and missed a 'bite & a half'.

In fact I've had to go old tech and buy a project notebook, and I mean pen and paper here, with tabbed sections so that I can give each section up to an individual project and when I come up with something new I can jot it down to be worked on. My old system of drawing on the back of cigarette packets no longer works as I've gone on to roll ups, & anyway I couldn't smoke enough cigarettes to keep up with the demand for blank paper.

At the minute I'm working on one film of my own, a collaboration and about six different models, as well as building a Muvizu related website, writing and recording a couple of tutorials.

But then I can't just blame the Muvizu guys either...every time I get a blank and try getting a break some complete plank of a politician does something so sodding stupid I have to start writing and animating about it.

As for projects that have not seen the light of day....erm about...1,2,3,4 oh and the one about...5, and that thing with the...6,7 and the one that does the...8 oh too many!
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2012/5/6 11:09:31
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... Hi EEF,

I've used quite a few video editors and so far the top three I tried are as follows

In number 3 spot is good ole' Windows Movie Maker...Its FREE and does all the basics
In Number 2 spot is Pinnacle Studio...Great effects, great sound...but a complete pain in the ass with product keys to open each individual section of the software...and if you need to reinstall on another machine....forget it.
But in Number 1 spot for quality and price Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum!
2012/5/3 12:30:26
Dreeko's Tutorials Excellent Tutorial! A question though...you moved the car at the end and the lights moved with the car..headlamps and tail lights...how was that done?
2012/5/2 0:43:28
Dreeko's Tutorials Dreeko...I'm sorry! My Bad! I will refrain from asking for tuts, especially ones involving dismantling the pc and trips to Ikea!Pat on the head
2012/4/28 0:19:14
Sketchup to Muvizu ziggy72 wrote:
Dylly, I have a question for you and I think it's best asked here (to help everyone else too).

I have this frying pan I made in Sketchup - I would like to have a graphic in the middle of it (say bacon & eggs) but when I put a picture in there it comes out like this ;

This is using the Muvizu wanted poster as the picture. Very nice design it creates, but not what I want. I tried adjusting the UV parameters in Sketchup but it didn't help. I know I'm missing something here but I don't know what. Can you help?

Thanks in advance!

Ziggy!!!!!! I've found a cure!

Below is a poorly modeled plate with an image stuck in the middle all done in SketchUp! I've found a plug-in that can UV map in SketchUp that will also export your SketchUp model as a .obj so that it can integrate with a free UVW mapper such as Roadkill and re import your uv's to your model...so in other words you can have your cake in the middle of the plate!

The plug-in is called SketchUv Mapping tools and is available from www.smustard.com...The bad news....oh all right it's $15.
2012/4/27 0:16:39
New Glasses Ordered new glasses today...I'm glad the other half was with me...talk about salesmanship...worse than car salesmen...then the other half stepped in and started negotiating...90% discount in the end. So in a weeks time I will be firing on all cylinders again...well maybe a spot of gasket trouble but that's only to be expected at my age!
2012/4/26 22:25:44
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... Hi EEF,

I downloaded and installed both 64 bit and 32 bit codecs. I've taken a screen shot for you of what got installed on my laptop and the xvid (as that is the codec I use) settings as I input them.

I've still not had chance to hunt down the motion jpeg codec but I think Dreeko is working on a tutorial for us!
2012/4/23 19:59:24
New Glasses Mine are for reading and close work too, but I would be lost without them. I recently forgot them on a fishing trip and couldn't even tie a hook. I can also guarantee that as soon as I put them on I will hook a fish and have to take them off, then lose them or drop them in the water.

I would also be lost at an art gallery, firstly because I couldn't see but secondly because my daughter can interpret what I think of an artwork just by how I wear my glasses. On top of my head... interesting, on normally...very interesting, on the end of my nose...Jesus give me strength & some paint thinner...on the end of my nose with a sideways glance...this plonker needs severe chastisement and deserves the same contempt as jugglers, mime artists, politicians and lawyers. Now the Eric Morcambe waggle means, to quote my daughter...

"Someone's playing silly buggers & hasn't realized Dad's just rolled a six!"
2012/4/23 19:45:44
Remove watermark, and put a clip at the end. I agree...Lets organize a march...Muvizu Pride...Take to the streets..ahem anyway...what I did enjoy was what fman00 did with the Muvizu Logo at the start of this film

and animate the logo some more...in fact any one up for a little informal challenge to see how we can best incorporate the logo into a Muvi?
2012/4/23 14:09:22
New Glasses Any glasses wearers out there? After the Beagle...Beagled my glasses...I've been saving up for a new pair...now the question is...is it worth getting the antiglare tint for computer monitors or does it alter the colours on the screen?
2012/4/23 9:25:35
Favourite ever cartoon? Dylly the beagle has just sat entranced by that episode of the Clangers...I must hunt out some more for him as he's fed up with one man and his dog reruns.

I loved the Clangers as a kid...yet there was always something a little disturbing about it...a little dark...& that Soup Dragon always scared the crap out of me...good practice for sofa hiding when I got into DrWho.

But for sheer weirdness and really frightening the bejesus out of a kid you couldn't beat the Germans. This kids film was cut into three parts and shown as a mini series by the BBC. Now this really had me frightened! I present The Singing Ringing Tree!

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2012/4/23 1:57:05
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... Hi EEF,

I'm very happy with the X-vid on the 64 bit...I just read Dreeko used the jpeg & apparently it has some benefits with regard to putting video onto backdrops. For editing work I use the following bits of kit Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, Virtual Dub for making transparent video backdrops,GIMP with the GAP plugin for those times when you just have to resort to the TARGA sequence to add an effect and of course Audacity for the sound.
2012/4/22 20:26:36
Dreeko's Tutorials A request for a tutorial...could you broach the subject of codecs...which ones, where are they found, how to install and set them up please?
2012/4/22 20:23:40
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... Hi EEF,

Codecs I found to be a big pain in the arris, and something I don't understand to well at all, so I'm not going to tell you what you should do but tell you what I did.

While using a 32 bit version of Muvizu I downloaded and used the K-lite codecs, my favourite was ffdshow as it gave me good quality with relatively small file sizes.

Now I have a 64 bit machine and use the 64 bit version of Muvizu I have the k-lite pack installed and X-vid installed. I was too thick to realize that I had to install 64 bit codecs, however after someone pointed this out and I installed 64 bit k-lite and x-vid I got great quality and low file sizes. I now use the x-vid codec on my 64 bit machine.

Now The Mighty Dreeko mentions the loss less motion jpeg...but I had a good look around for this codec but once again I was a bit on the thick side to find it or recognize if I had found it, and never got around to asking him exactly what it is and where to find it, until now that it...

Please Sir? What is and where is this codec?

Could someone who knows about these type of things make a sticky of the locations and types of codecs to use and how to set them up?
2012/4/22 1:33:55
65535 I didn't suss it...what I need is for Muvizu to accommodate Normal Mapping or allow animation of movement for grouped objects...hmmmm back to the drawing board!
2012/4/21 9:26:27
65535 After some cogitation, I think I've sussed this one and I will be giving myself a good kick in the backside for committing such a blunder. I forgot that Muvizu is based around a game engine...I made a high poly model where one often repeated component has literally hundreds of faces within it. What I should, and will, be doing is replace the component with a simple box and painted texture.

What's that acronym? Ah yes KISS Keep It Simple Stupid! I will be placing this little post it on the side of my laptop screen!Whaaaaa?
2012/4/21 1:13:49
65535 I broke Muvizu! Well to be exact my latest model broke the 65535 faces barrier...so wouldn't import as collision could not be applied...apparently. Now Muvizu did provide a hint as to how to cure this, by adding more materials to make smaller chunks...but I'm afraid I don't quite understand what it was getting at...anyone got any ideas?
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