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2011/9/21 12:40:27
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) I'm getting it... and OUCH! It is hot!
2011/9/12 12:44:45
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Hey Neil, this is my own mistake here. "Online" has the little collapsable menu arrow next to it which I was taking as it was selected at a glance. In fact, you're right: no group is selected. I guess then that my request is to have Recent selected as a default rather than nothing.
2011/9/12 2:15:01
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Or how about this, which has nothing at all to do with the latest release:

If a character action has head or eye movement assigned to it, but I move their eyes or head prio ro the action, it cancels out the built in movement with the action. This has happened in every release, I only just now thought of it when I used the "look at nails" action but the character only lifted his hand, he didn't actually look at it.

I'm sorry, I seem to be a bit of a whiner lately...
2011/9/11 20:36:10
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) This is also a random frustration that's hopefully part of the patch:

Occassionally and for no reason I can figure out, when I go to direct the Record button doesn't work. In fact, nothing works except hitting the space bar to play and stop and nothing else. After going through a bunch of other menus and finally back to Direct, 1 in 5 times it will suddenly work again.
2011/9/11 19:37:39
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Is it possible to sneak in one last request for the patch? I can't imagine this would need a whole update:

When going into any of the "create" menus, or even the New Scene menu, the default is "Online," which is an option I for one have scarcely, if ever, used. The old default was "Recent" which makes much more sense from a workflow perspective and is far more useful.

Any chance of reverting to Recent as the default? Just wondering.
2011/9/9 0:58:05
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) pyrrho wrote:
Danimal (although we may have to urge you to see an optician)

Well thank you... I think. I don't care if they're user defined, just maybe a step or two up in size permanently.

Found another wrinkle: right clicking on the "Camera" line in the timeline no longer allows you to select which camera you want to start with or which one gets the cut. This was a great time save previously.

I'm also in agreement that the mouse seems to consistently miss and trigger late when hitting the stop button. It's almost maddening.
2011/9/8 12:39:44
TRANSPARENT VIDEO IMPORT TEST Looked cool, plus he was getting DOWN AND FUNKY!
2011/9/8 12:37:30
Camera movement not deleting I've seen a similar thing occur with character movement. You delete the movement but the character still walks. OR... you move the character movement forward on the timeline and he still walks as he did before at the original time, then suddenly teleports back to his starting point and walks again at the new time.

Kinda odd.
2011/9/6 23:55:45
Having problem with my account It did work. That was my initial thought but when the giant warning that my videos would be removed popped up I chickened out. I did it now and indeed I can post comments again.

I do hope the videos show again, even though I think I only had four or five.
edited by Danimal on 06/09/2011
2011/9/6 12:39:24
Having problem with my account This sounds somewhat familiar for some reason...

My YouTube account still shows linked and is linked to a Google account. I haven't tried to upload a video but imagine I'd get the same error since I definitely do when I attempt to comment on videos here.
2011/9/5 21:52:22
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Let me chime in on the small font size as well. Seems kind of straining for the eyes after a while.

However, I love the two-column format on the character actions prepare window, allowing way more to be seen at once. I did notice that when you select an action the character performs it, as before. Unlike before, when you click it again, he does nothing. In other words, you can only audition each action once. To see it again you have to select another action, then back to the first.

The new microphone shows as "None" when you hover the mouse over it.

Really though, these are minor bellyaches. The layout looks great and really maximizes real estate. The various shadow tweaks look awesome as well.

Excellent new release!
2011/9/3 11:22:06
Another odd one Nothing at all to do with the software, but every time I try to post a comment on a video I get this dreaded message:

Sorry, we could not post your comment at this time.

When I click on the video to open YouTube, it posts just fine. Something wrong with the interface here? And I did already check to make sure my account was still lined to YouTube and it is.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
2011/8/29 12:34:39
Teeth The custom body maps do indeed allow you to put color or gaps on the teeth. If you leave the rest transparent you can add the gap without having to design a whole skin, the regular character clothes and design will show through.
2011/8/28 12:56:16
Newbie.... ukBerty wrote:
I'd not seen this before, although it is quite old.

I guess we all must sound like MadDash212 most of the time.

Never saw that either but man is that funny, thanks for posting!
2011/8/26 12:48:48
Newbie.... Sounds perfect to me.
2011/8/25 21:48:55
Newbie.... Please just give the characters the ability to hold stuff. Put every restriction under the sun you want for whatever reason you want. If they can hold nothing more than feather dusters and coffee cups I'll be happy. Maybe the occassional can of pop.

Any step forward is a good step in my book.
2011/8/25 17:05:12
Newbie.... I would hazard a guess that Marco's reply meant that they are toying with giving characters built in props to use as attachments, similar to how the musical instruments work, but none of the props they are looking at now are weapons.
2011/8/25 12:42:22
Stop breathing, and hold that POSE!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease do not remove the breathing completely. One of the things I like so much about the software is that the characters don't just stand there like statues. It adds a touch of realism.

Perhaps an option to turn off breathing would be helpful, just as you can turn off blinking, but I've found a number of poses where the character holds still anyway so it's not much of an issue.
edited by Danimal on 25/08/2011
2011/8/23 12:45:17
Various improvments Yes, I agree, the camera movement system is always infuriating. Oh, you didn't say that? I wonder where I got that from them... :P

Neutral mood and object holding have been mentioned before and I believe the staff has said that there is a neutral mood in the works. Maybe in the new release due out this month?

Object holding would be ideal, but at the very least if they could tweak the wrist attachment feature to allow us to pick any object already in the program to be what is attached, which we can then use the already incorporated rotate and scale tools to make it look like it's in their hands. Oh, to dream...
edited by Danimal on 23/08/2011
2011/8/22 12:35:42
best size to upload to utube With Vegas I render to 1280 x 720. I still use the XviD codec and get pretty small files but of a nice, large screen size.
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