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2010/11/16 20:41:33
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I like the idea of a waypoint system for characters and cameras and for everything that's gotta move.
it would save a lot of frustrating hours trying to get that perfect walk path, perfect dolly shot.
I've had a go at moviestorm, and I think they have a pretty good waypoint system, quite easy aswell Quiet

I like the current system, but for us bleeding edge junkies, we want bleeding edge murder toolsAvast!

Owww arrrrrrr!!!
2010/11/15 0:07:21
That is what i call emotion I think this animation clip explains a lot about facial emotion...

2010/11/12 18:41:47
Ragdoll mode? Yeah matt, I've seen some of that machinima stuff, really really funny, I just thought about it because it is in most
Game engines and with muvizu powered by the unreal powerhouse, why not?
You know what, I'm laughing thinking about it.
It might be difficult to do, but, hey, look at muvizu now, last year we couldn't even turn our puppets heads, now
We've got our little play people playing zz top!!

Can you imagine the funny stuff we could make, eg shooting our polticians out of a cannon ha ha ha,
I think a lot of machinima makers out there might start using muvizu a lot more if stuff like this was in it.
long live muvizu ROFLMAO
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2010/11/12 16:33:58
Ragdoll mode? I'm having a brainstorm today, I think if we could move our puppets in free space like the object animation gizmo
and combine it with ragdoll mode, well........ would that be funny, or is it only me who laughs at stunts gone wrong.
anyway, enough of sick humour, would this be possible with the unreal game engine?
2010/11/12 14:38:33
props & animation packs? The reason I've brought this up is that I thought, like many of us that the choice of having the normal download
and the bleeding edge bete version was cool.
then I said to myself, yeah, why not do it with your props and animations.
I don't know why I brought this up because I'll download the whole lot anyway,
2010/11/12 13:35:24
props & animation packs? Hi team, with the ever increasing size of the download, what do you and the rest of the us think of
Prop packs, animation packs?, I say this because I think everybody has their own style of what movies they like
To make, eg, war, sci-fi. All I'm thinking about is the size this monster and all its assets.
My god, in a about a years time it'll be over 4 giggs!!!! Whaaaaa?

i Just think it'll be good for everybody to cut down on excess baggage

All the best, artpen
2010/11/12 10:14:51
Creation on-the-fly YYeah, sounds good, I've been playing around with the moving objects gizmo, and it's great, If the team can apply this
Gizmo to our puppets and with extra ability of a link feature, even better.
This ability for our puppets would be fantastic, imagine making our puppets fly around, the illusion of
Super speed walking, even the illusion of ice skating, falling out of a window " aaaaaaaaaaargh " " BANG!!
We could still use a cape

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2010/11/10 23:20:00
latest version This version is absolutely fantastic, love everything about it, moving objects, moving lights, musical instruments, it's just amazing Toast
Team Muvizu , your software is now going to blow the socks of everybody else, i don't think you realise how good it is , and i can't believe it's just going to get better.

i've just had a little go, and i can't believe how easy it is to open a door, move a car, and well,,, play a musical instrument, the animations are top notch.

well, Vince and crew, you have the Holy grail, object interaction......Kneel!
2010/11/1 20:21:27
Particle Effects Just watched the new update demo, top draw Cool
2010/10/30 8:29:15
Suggestions / Modifications skymovies, disney channel, skysports, sci-fi channel, Bravo, history, gold, skymovies, now mmm, what's top knotch
About our muvizu is, is, isssssss, " my good god it's free ".
I was thinking, would you be a bit sad if you went to Starbucks ( not free ) and they gave your coffee in a builders
Tea mug?, " hey, give me my coffee with the starbucks logo on you twat" I would say.
Muvizu's is a revolution my friend, drink it, and be happy...
2010/10/29 18:58:47
Constructive criticism on Beware of the Bench Pleasure toonarama, keep on making great toons Thumbs Up
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2010/10/29 10:19:12
Constructive criticism on Beware of the Bench Hi toonarama, I've already commented on your vid, but I know you're a perfectionist so here we go.
like I've said before, the sound needs to be right, I'm talking crystal clear, its something I'm working on!
Your idea is funny, and good. I've watched the winners vids, and to be honest if yours and many others had
Worked harder on your fancy fades, titles, greenscreen chromakey you would have been in with a shout mate.
Like me, I was confused about what you could do with post editing software, but by the looks of it the winner As
good as it is, is jam full of post edit special effects.
Here's a tip, why don't you go full hog and re edit it with all the trimmings.
Cheers, all the best toonarama
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2010/10/13 12:52:22
Staundoone Uncovered Yeah its good to see dreekos work on a comedy. I've got some comedy scripts I did years ago, just did'nt
Have the platform to make them come to life...well, its been a long time but..... Drink
2010/10/13 10:38:56
Favourite ever cartoon? when I was a kid, I would laugh at the little man on the pink panther show, in a way I think he was like WE Cayote ha
ha ha
2010/10/12 20:01:49
Staundoone Uncovered Good work dreeko, keep it up;
2010/10/12 15:07:32
Favourite ever cartoon? WE Coyote cracks me up every time. I loved that one when he was falling, looking up at the camera and waving, then lands ok, looks up, looks at the camera front shot, then produces a little broken umbrella.,then a massive rock lands on him! , and the quality sound of that classic " pofff"" when he lands in the distance..
Ha ha ha bowrofl quality...
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2010/10/11 13:26:39
Don't think I'll make it... I know the feeling, kids, yer gotta love em. I had my second movie ready to go, 11 o'clock last night.
Uploaded by 11:55, come on!! Yes!!, watched the uploaded movie, oh no! Whaaaaa? the movie only had somehow
Chopped the beginning Whaaaaa? and the end off !! .... now I know how hitler felt in DOWNFALL
After that lovely moment, I retired to bed and thought of my role as a family father trying to juggle his hectic
day of screaming kids, broken doors, faulty lights ect, and thought........
Violin Sod it!!! Then I fell asleep THE END Sleepy
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2010/10/8 10:42:27
Help! Submitting competition entry... Cheers toonarama for your reply, yeah, sod it! I'll post edit and hope it's near HD qualityDamn Computer..
2010/10/8 10:13:07
Help! Submitting competition entry... Hi toonarama, I think this has been a question before? The competition has said that it needs the set file, ok, fine
But if you post edit, save it, upload to you tube, then say you win, or a runner up, they will have a set file without the
Nice titles, effects, fades and so on. The reason I have brought it up again is because i have an entry which will look
Crap if I can't do transitions, dissolves ect.
If I can't post edit, I will try and do it in muvizu only to get the HD set file.
I hope we clear this up before the deadline. Cheers mate
2010/10/5 22:11:41
Let's hear it for the Muvizu team Dear Muvizu, can I just say that you have created a monster. I think you have chosen wisely with the cartoon-like characters, I like many other users love the simplicity of the interface.
If you can give the characters more emotion with more facial control with sliders, eyelid control, eyebrow control.
And finally, the holy grail, object interaction Cool
All I can say is well done muvizu, you seem like very nice people, and you will be rewarded with great animations from very talented animators, who are determined to help you achieve your goals aswell as ours.
All the best inventions come from Scotland eg, Television, tartan, and Tunnocks and the one and only Muvizu.
ill buy you a pint one day Team MUVIZU beer
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