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2013/1/10 23:59:22
Muvizu Live Action - TFZ Season 2 Promo KerryK wrote:
Hahaha! I really enjoyed this! It was very well done and I love the concept (old skool MTV HOLLA! Although it may be because I've been on a Daria kick this week). Very nice stuff Mr J

Thank ya !
2013/1/9 8:22:06
Ghost House Trailer thingy EEFilmz wrote:
jonbez wrote:
Thanks Everyone
Jamie wrote:
Looking good John! Is this season 2 or a new series based on the same characters?

As far as I know the writer of ghost house (Dustin) is intending to do a kickstarter to try and rise money to fund more episodes. This is a one off Avengers spoof trailer To Help with that.
I know dustin has alot more scripts written for ghost house. But I have no Idea when more episodes will be made im affraid.
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Fund more episodes? Muvizu is free....?

Of course it's free but seriously. With the time,effort and quality that Jon puts into it and the amount of actors.
I'd be ask for money too. Good luck Jon!
2013/1/9 8:19:03
Ghost House Trailer thingy Jon you are a freakin genius. Thank you for making my day!
2013/1/9 1:55:33
Muvizu Live Action - TFZ Season 2 Promo This was a little project that never really got finished.
So i turned it into a promo for Zombietown Season 2. So as you have time to wait for that to come out watch this VVVV
2013/1/4 2:51:17
CANT FIND A SET I KNOW IVE SEEN!! Hey all need your help!.

A while back i remember seeing a muvizu set (possibly a movie) that uses a street set at night with a Chinese restaurant on the street.
I really need to use that set !! Anyone remember it or who made it?? I cant find it anywhere
2012/12/21 0:22:23
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL Ok you all waited so patiently.

Here ya go !!! Merry Christmas Bitches !!
2012/12/20 22:52:00
Voice actors? We need em. KerryK wrote:
HAHAHAA! Thanks dreeko! Yeah I've been strong armed into doing a few clips for Muvizu - this being the favourite

Yeah but I'm not sure about your warning about levels of commitment. @maeruskanaerus' efforts are pretty good!

Forgot how good Kerry's voice is ! In regards to the commitment side of things. We are not NAZI muvizuers, but like i said its a reoccurring character so you'll be needed for a few episodes.

Still interested ??? Good ! i'll start contacting peeps next year when we start working again.
2012/12/20 22:49:20
Voice actors? We need em. maeruskanaerus wrote:
@woztoons you're so right

I'm still laughing @woztoons comment.. hahahahah ooooo shiny thing excuse me.
2012/12/20 4:02:58
Voice actors? We need em. maeruskanaerus wrote:
Here's my attempt at an american girl!

And what an attempt... that was pretty cool
And you made a video response.. that's effort!
Dre and I will let you know, thanks again !!!!
2012/12/19 23:44:39
Voice actors? We need em. Dreeko wrote:
Ask Kerry
Her accent is real and I'm sure she'd jump at the chance!

Awwww coolies, thanks Dreeko.
2012/12/19 23:03:27
Voice actors? We need em. maeruskanaerus wrote:
If any of these voices are any good to ya I'd be happy to help.

Can also do a pre-pubic girly voice

We really really need an american accent girl. Any chance ? BTW please don't offer if you can't be committed. The character that we are evolving will be a continuing character, so you will be doing multiple episodes, anyway throwing that out there..
2012/12/9 23:16:43
Random requests! EEFilmz wrote:
The only thing that really bugs me about the "dome" sky as is is the clearly visible verticle seam(or line) that defines where the two ends meet. Othre than that I try to work around it, and sometimes the existing distorted effect'd be nice if we had the "choice" of which to use I think, like Ziggy's HD skies or the original....just my opinion, and there's probably more important things going on at Muvizu like how to GRASP objects maybe? lol just kidding!

Put a really big tree over the seam .. lol.. sorry i'm sure that didn't help ...
2012/12/6 22:24:10
I'm going for the colonel, just for his raw courage...reminds me of myself boxer *Flex*

Or um...Jezza

Oh, but I also like Zombie Dog....

Are you allowed three choices?

You can have as many as you like , we just love feedback .. thanks.
2012/12/4 2:22:11
Sorry Skylike for the late response your post got lost I think. But as this series is on my to watch list. I watched your last episode and liked it very much. I happen to like the guy with the pill on his shirt so what ever his name is lol.

That would be Dre thanks for the feedback !!!
2012/12/4 0:32:18
WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE TFZ CHARACTER ? Wow awesome response.. *face palm*
2012/11/29 5:32:39
WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE TFZ CHARACTER ? The boys from Happy Apple would like to know!

"Who's your favourite Tales from Zombietown character?"

Leave your vote in the comment section below!!!!
2012/11/1 4:04:57
JEZZA DOES STUPID SH!T - Chilli Challenge Once again not exactly Muvizu, but if you wanna see Jezza (IRL) in pain .... watch this ..
BTW any suggestions for his next challenge feel free to leave them in the comment section!

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2012/11/1 2:26:43
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' Nice first attempt Hope to see more.
2012/10/31 22:52:20
DRE & JEZZA Play - Minecraft (Halloween) Just thought i'd share what we are up to lately.. we be branchin out and all that ..
Don't stress we are still all about our Zombietown but yeh check it out if you have the time...
PUMPKINS, POTS, AND PIG RACING what a combo huh ??
2012/10/30 2:45:31
HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN Thankya maam, yeh i spammed them all ..
urbanlamb wrote:
nice ghost story I was going to ask if you were going to put it in the halloweeny thread but I noticed you did so retyping my response
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