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2015/11/19 11:26:41
Grouping cameras with characters? For cameras, it would probably be more useful to "follow" an object/character rather than just grouped, so you get a smooth animation.
2015/11/19 11:24:39
More timeline tracks + how to adjust a direction? ritsmer wrote:
Is there a possibility to slow down everything while directing (maybe 1:5 or slower) so that the animator has time enough to apply his things to the character - and then play it all back in real time?

I've requested this feature before, but it's not been implemented yet. You could direct all your actions and then move the blocks in the timeline to be exactly where you want them.
2015/11/19 7:15:25
Reativar camera Go to Create-->Camera, and if that doesn't solve your problem, go to View-->show cameras window
2015/11/18 21:58:21
More timeline tracks + how to adjust a direction? Hi, I'm glad to see you're enjoying Muvizu, and I have some solutions for your problems.

1. On the top right of the timeline there's a cog/gear icon. Press that and you get the option to show the little buttons at the top of the timeline that show/hide different types of tracks. I can't remember if they're on by default. For example, you could press the music icon to show the sound tracks etc. When you go to direct something, the other tracks are hidden to make sure you know what you're recording; then you show only the tracks you need.

2. You can't change a directed movement, but you can move the character using a double click on their destination rather than the dragging system.

I hope this helps, and don't hold back from asking more questions.
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2015/11/18 16:45:25
Lock an Object to a Character This only works with imported objects- go to the character edit menu and for many of the sections (hands, arms etc) there is an option to import something to that slot. This locks the item to that individual body part. If you don't have any .ase or .fbx assets of your own you could just download some free assets from the store.
2015/11/17 22:27:31
Error when recording cutting cameras!!! HELPPPP It's a bug in the latest version on Muvizu, a patch should be coming in the next couple of days - stay tuned. (You'll get a pop-up asking you to update)
2015/11/17 17:35:14
Market place It's a great idea, and might be the push I need to get into 3D model design!
One by one may be easier, but selling the items together means more likely profit. As for selling whole sets or just content packs/assets, I think it needs more experimentation on what's the most popular for people to buy.

In terms of page layout, it would be nice if there were more space on screen for the assets/packs. Either by making the thumbnails smaller or allowing more per page as you scroll down?
Another thing I've just thought of is adding categories, as used in the the Muvizu application organizing the preset sets.

I'd love to make money from videos, but I can't see how the store would come into that, so I'll bring that up at some point in the future.

As always, I'm delighted to see the staff interacting with users!
2015/11/17 7:14:51
Key frames update 10th November You can rotate an object around its centre, but be aware that with keyframing you don't set the rotation point so it may be more difficult to rotate something around a point that's not its centre by default.
I've also found that if you set the movement type to linear, you can move and rotate objects at the same time like this (specifically the dalek's head):

Also shown in this clip, moving 3 objects using keyframes as a group.
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2015/11/16 16:10:12
Optimum PC requirements? Good point Ziggy, I didn't put enough emphasis on the graphics.
2015/11/16 7:14:10
Key frames update 10th November ekessler wrote:
I "activated" my key frame pack and I get an error. Error code E2.
What does that mean?

Try running Muvizu as an administrator and activating again:
2015/11/15 22:09:51
Optimum PC requirements? Not_Coen wrote:
Thanks for that.

I've just opened contact with the company who built my last two PCs and have asked for their advice on which are the best components to choose that will be above the minimum spec to run Muvizu.

In this forum I've seen queries about Unreal engine 4 and I've read that Unreal 3 is no longer being updated. I'm assuming that a graphics car that can cope with Unreal 4 would have no problems with Muvizu ... or is that too simplistic an assumption. (I'm IT savvy as far as use is concsrned, but NOT when it comes to the intricacies of technical specs).

Pretty much any PC built since 2010 will pass the minimum requirements. I think getting something that supports Unreal 4 should have no problems with Muvizu, but there's a chance it'll be a bit overkill, giving it "less bang per buck".

On an additional note, if you're planning to spend a bit more, you'd be better off getting an intel processor (i5 or i7).
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2015/11/15 18:50:36
Optimum PC requirements? There are recommended requirements on this page: however, I'd say these are slightly outdated.

Muvizu runs on the Unreal game engine, so you'll be looking for something of gaming spec (Especially the GPU). If you're planning to spend £600, then you should go for something like the FX6300 and GTX750ti, but if you're planning to spend a bit extra (>~£700) then you might want to bump up the GPU to a GTX970 or better.
As for the other parts, you'll probably get 8-16GB of ram (16GB would be your best bet since Photoshop tends to eat RAM), a power supply of 500W or above, and an SSD-HDD combination (perhaps 240GB SSD as the boot drive and a 1TB HDD for storage).

Windows 10 seems to be a good option now that they've sorted the majority of the bugs. If you get windows 7 and then upgrade later you run the risk of having strange errors floating across unless you do a fresh install. The cheapest place I've found in the UK for buying windows 10 is
The other parts vary but NewEgg tends to do pretty well.

I'll happily put together a list if you need one.

I hope this helps,
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2015/11/15 13:12:44
Creating drop shadows Hopefully this can point anyone who's wondering about render layers and drop shadows in the right direction.

So I've set up my character on layer 1, with the shadow sharpness whacked up to 100%. Separate shadows are enabled on both layers.

I'm rendering both layers

oo-er, my pc is struggling with 1080p sharp shadows lol

4 folders have been rendered:

As Berty's said, the shadows are for what falls on the layer, so layer 1s shadows are like this:

And the background's shadows are like this:

I'm using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.
So we import the sequence as we would with any other image sequence. (selecting the first frame and ticking the image sequence box)

Repeat for all layers apart from the background colour.

Now I've come across a problem, my shadow layers have solid white which is especially odd since my colour layers have transparency. I'll key it out for now but I'll have to look into it.
I've set up the layers like this:

And this is the result:

You can see the problems with keying out the colour - Berty do you have any advice?

Conclusion: To get the drop shadow you need to only separate the background shadows, and I need to look into why my shadow layers are not rendering with transparency.

2nd attempt:
This time I tried with not separating the shadows on layer 1, and using a mask for the shadow layer:

The shadow is still too light.
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2015/11/15 12:27:06
Creating drop shadows theotherguy wrote:
The only method of rendering anything as far as I'm aware is to go to 'Make Video' - I then go to 'Advanced' to select 'Image sequence', there are three check boxes under 'Image sequence options' - Depth pass, flatten layers, and Cutout occluders, the Cutout occluders is checked by default as is Anti-aliasing on the top right -

I'll play around with it now, but I think "flatten layers" is not something that should be ticked for the shadows.
2015/11/15 9:15:06
Key frames update 10th November auroraambria wrote:
Once you've bought it from the store, just go to file-->upgrade-->Activate. Once you've done that you're good to go. Go to prepare actions/properties/movement for whatever you want, select key frames, then hit direct.
From there you just move the thing to where you want, when you want, and click the + button. Muvizu will generate the animation between the states depending on what option you've selected.

I looked under "File" and there is not an "Upgrade" option available to me. Is it somewhere else?

Oops, "licence manager" was "upgrade to Muvizu:play+" for a while, but they've changed it back.
2015/11/14 23:18:23
Creating drop shadows Did you render both layers? Have you tried separating the shadows on both layers?
2015/11/14 23:07:19
Key frames update 10th November auroraambria wrote:
Creeped out I can't even find where to download the Key Frames content pack (just purchased). Am I doing something wrong? dunno
It won't show up in the content pack menu within Muvizu. When I use the License Manager it tells me my license for Muvizu+ is good to go, but nothing about the Key Frames pack. Help? puppy dog eyes

Once you've bought it from the store, just go to file-->upgrade-->Activate. Once you've done that you're good to go. Go to prepare actions/properties/movement for whatever you want, select key frames, then hit direct.
From there you just move the thing to where you want, when you want, and click the + button. Muvizu will generate the animation between the states depending on what option you've selected.
2015/11/14 12:16:29
Download Key frame Pack Gherrion wrote:
That did it... now I assume I set the keys in object/character prepare movement

Yep, a tutorial is coming soon but basically you go to prepare and choose if you want keyframes or direction, then you hit "switch to direct" and press the + button once you have everything positioned in the right place at the right time.
2015/11/14 11:57:50
Download Key frame Pack Gherrion wrote:
Just purchased the key frame pack but can't seem to find a way to download it into MZ

No need to download, just go to File-->Upgrade-->Activate
2015/11/12 16:56:01
Problem after doing the upgrade help please Sounds like something you'll have to send in a support ticket for
You've probably not lost the sets, but there's a problem that's preventing Muvizu from opening them
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