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2015/7/13 10:16:34
king's mantle Unfortunately you can't transfer the cape because the newer characters are rigged differently to the old ones.

If you don't mind a cape that won't have the flowing effect - so just a solid object - I think there's one for the fat man. Alternatively you could make on in sketchup/download one from the 3d warehouse/ask someone else to make one which you could then import.

I hope this helps,
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2015/7/13 10:12:45
prepare sound effects not working It's already on the bugs list - number 4
2015/7/12 10:36:08
muvizu over RDP The E2 error can be fixed by running as an administrator:
Although, I must admit that I've never seen anything like this before.
2015/7/10 20:18:42
6/7/15 release bugs ziggy72 wrote:
Directing Character Properties (Expression/Custom Texture/Skin etc) no longer works. You can go into the Prepare bit okay, and the Initial State works, but when you record nothing happens when you move the slider/click the new texture/whatever. Bummer. Can't use this software without them any more, I find, especially the Expressive slider. Please fix fast

It's the same with objects, bug number 2
2015/7/9 10:35:10
6/7/15 release bugs Oh dear not this again. Hopefully these are being added to the virtual sticky note board.
2015/7/9 10:31:36
It's all happening here! mindiflyth wrote:
Sorry for such a noob question, but I'm still not understanding how we're supposed to update. When I go to Tools in the program, there are no new features to download. I saw the stuff here about re-installing the program... do I have to do a full re-install every time there's an update? And if I do that, won't I lose character models and other stuff I've saved?

When you open the program it should ask if you want to update. If you licence manager is still under the question mark menu, then you have the old version, and if the update thing doesn't pop up when you open Muvizu then you should re-install your program.
Your set files will remain, so it's not like starting from scratch.
2015/7/8 20:43:01
It's all happening here! urbanlamb wrote:
All we need is a pathing system similar to the way they move the characters click on the floor/ground in a few places or above the ground (whatever) tell the camera to look at an object or set of objects at different points in time and set the speed and you have most of what is needed to move the camera in a reasonable way.

A couple of things to add to this idea:
  • Smooth corners (or at least the option to enable them) so the camera does not jerk at each set point.
  • The option to rotate the camera while it is moving or even the option to set it to look at a point or object.

However, I am interested what the mysterious keyframe system is about
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2015/7/8 20:37:08
It's all happening here! Clam wrote:
I took MrDcWho13's illustration to mean that the camera follows Mikey, then we go back and layer on each option we choose: The camera follows Mikey, we add some rotation, then add some zoom in, and so on--recording each layer one at a time. I realize the "Follows Mikey" doesn't necessarily mean it roams with Mikey, but if it did, I think this would be a fast, efficient system with precise control.

Yes, the main focus was the speed controls, but the camera locking to a character or object has been requested for ages so I thought I might add it into the design.

Urbanlamb, there would be an option for "none" so it wouldn't have to track a character.

Glad to see people discussing various options, and I knew my idea was flawed at the start - just a thought provoker.
2015/7/8 17:19:45
Need a model or set made? Try the ziggymesh exporter:
2015/7/8 17:02:37
Need a model or set made? What are you exporting from and what exporter did you use?
2015/7/8 16:05:09
Need a model or set made? It says this topic is closed but I can still post on it. (Looks like the staff will need to have a poke around with the forum)

First of all you'll need to put your texture or at least one of the correct size on before you export it from sketchup or where-ever.

You need to go to Create-->Import to import an object that's not attached to anything. If that doesn't work, what specifically is not working?
2015/7/8 16:00:04
It's all happening here! Danimal wrote:
And though everyone says it's faster, it took longer to load my super primitive sets. Definitely no error messages though!

Mine wasn't faster but it's probably affected to the rendering I'm doing currently in my video editor. (I'll try it in an hour when it's done)
When loading an old set I found there were still the error messages that everyone ignores now.
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2015/7/8 15:57:22
It's all happening here! ziggy72 wrote:
the AO is already helping.

I tried it on my dalek asylum set and it only made any noticeable difference when turned up really high. Having said that, it takes the overall look of the video one step closer to looking realistic.
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2015/7/7 20:36:16
It's all happening here! These would control the speed of movement in the same way intensity sliders work. The further the slider is in any direction the faster to camera moves that way - allowing the user to control the soft starts and ends of movement.

Edit: An invert tickbox could be added for those who want left and right/up and down switched for any reason.
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Edit 2: A reset button could also be added to move the sliders to the 0 position
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2015/7/7 20:23:13
It's all happening here! Danimal wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
We also need a better camera system this is the biggest handicap in this software

i agreeApplause

The MrDrWho Camera animation system (Version 1. Awaiting patent )
Each option would take you to a separate prepare menu, and you could use multiple types at any given time.
Custom would take you to the old camera prepare menu.

(direct coming soon)
2015/7/7 19:44:56
Assistance I've been lurking on this thread since the beginning and it really looks amazing. Great work Drewi and Rebel!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the animating and camera cuts.
I'm sitting tight for the final video.
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2015/7/7 19:12:34
Can't download Full version Clam wrote:
Got the trial, with contents, but no option to put any number.

Took me a couple of minutes to find it - It's in File-->Upgrade-->Licence key and it takes the code from your clipboard. (assuming you have a code, if not then contact support: )
2015/7/7 19:07:36
It's all happening here! ziggy72 wrote:
One thing I noticed though - on the update screen, you're still using the old Muvizu logo. It's the only place it still exists, I think. I'm not even going to think about the other changes coming, I've got some lighting to play with...

Last time I pointed this out, they said it was due to you upgrading from a beta version rather than installing fresh.
2015/7/7 14:23:21
It's all happening here! toonarama wrote:
I didn't get the email either but I had to recomplete my registration so that might have something to do with it.

Ah yes, I had to do that too - perhaps that's why.

Edit: If there's anything important on the email, could someone message me the important bits? Thanks.
Edit 2: Thanks Fazz and Berty
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2015/7/7 11:10:07
It's all happening here! fazz68 wrote:
mindiflyth wrote:
Oh, so the people posting in this thread have some sort of special status on the Muvizu site, so they're getting to see stuff early? That explains it. Really looking forward to any info we can get! After a long period of quiet from Muvizu, it's great to hear that things are happening again.

nope you have exactly the same version we have.

Yeah I just fired up Muvizu and it asked me if I wanted to update.

Edit: Still haven't found/received the email, but I assume it's the same as the blog post.
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