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2012/10/28 2:55:39
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Woz, silly question here, since I haven't entered into anything yet...How do you enter a vid? just upload to muvizu or post to your videos or what? not sure, I thought I was late, and then about 2 hours ago I thought of something and am hashing it out right now lol and it'll be done before the dawn I'm sure. lol WozToons wrote:
Good entries already and the deadline's not until the 30th.
2012/10/28 0:48:10
A Screenshot Thanks Jamie, I was searching for a way to make semi transparent shower curtain, so you could see someone behind the curtain, and that kind of helped me, although my brain was already wrinkled and I'm wondering is there a tutorial on how to do this? just so I don't have to guess to get it right? I find myself messsing with ambiant light etc and lighting am NOT good at wondering if there is a way to setup my scene easier? think a camera slowly zooming (from either/both sides) of the shower curtain...sounds a bit "Psycho" I'm sure heheheh.

Jamie wrote:
Danimal wrote:
Wouldn't it be easier to just pop in a backdrop using a camera output as its texture, position the camera to act as a mirror, then add the rust texture to the camera as an overlay?

Yeah, you could do it that way pretty easily but you'd be stuck with 0% or 100% transparency. The point of the object import method is that you could have some of the tarnished sections with 70% transparency, others with 30% transparency, other areas with 100% transparency so you could mix it up a bit more for the look you were going for, as in my screen shot example, the image I've used only had 0% or 100% transparency and you'd probably want to tone it done quite a bit for use in a scene - with backdrops or camera over lays you wouldn't be able to do that.
2012/10/24 20:52:03
I never see the competition notifications until... Thank You ver Much KerryK! I appreciate it! 8)...@Woz thanks I probably missed it in the forums, I write alot in them lol! and I guess I never noticed a competitions thread in the forums? (shrugs)
KerryK wrote:
Hey Eff,
I'm really sorry you miss out on the announcements - we try to announce them and update as frequently as possible across the forum, the twitter feed and facebook. We will make it a point to update any forum threads on competitions as often as possible and increase the cross promotion over the various channels to make sure people don't miss out. We really do want everyone to take part - it gives us more goodies to look at!

I know this doesn't help you right now but we'll work harder on making these challenges more obvious throughout the site.
2012/10/24 13:48:50
I never see the competition notifications until... It's always too late or I never see them at all...where are they or am I supposed to get notified but don't? I do not know why I never see them until it's too late or miss them entirely! ugh
2012/10/24 12:45:18
Tutorial 25: Project: Directing a fight Question.. Wow Marco! That certainly did HELP! I don't think I remember ever doing that or finding that!, that opened up a plethora of great sounds! and here I thought there were only 9 sounds! LMAO...Thank YOU! Great LIBRARY of sounds to CHOOSE from Muvizu! Definitely gonnna make things more interesting now! - EEF

Marco_D wrote:
Hi Ernie,

You can find them here:

Prepare - Sound effects;
Click on any of the sounds that are queued - A new window will appear;
Click on the "Choose..." button and browse to the impacts category;

I hope this helps.

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2012/10/23 22:02:44
Good suggestions for buying quality video editor ? I currently use videoopad (free), I liked AVS but didn't buy that one (yet either), I tried sony vegas a lil bit and it seemed confusing or alot, or it didn't do something right (months ago I tried it), so I figured maybe I'd go buy something at best buy or something or at least compare things - what I'm looking for is something videopad doesn't have, I want something that has some flashy film production intro title templates to use, alot of filters, along with necessary things, and extensive features for doing great looking vids. I was painstakingly creating film production title screens manually by hand in muvizu and have 2 cool recent ideas, but it still isn't what I originally had in my head, and so now I'm tired of thinking about it, and thought maybe if I looked at some templates I might go that route for now. At the store I saw Corel studio, Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate, Movie Edit Pro MX Plus: Version 18, Roxio Creator NXT (which I know probably sucks since I used Roxio years ago adn had problems), PowerDirector 10 Deluxe I THINK I saw?, (Sony) Movie Studio 11, and Honestech - which is great I just vhs to dvd software from this company and i got it up and running in less than 5 minutes! (never happens in my world!), and even that has a little bit of some video editing thing within it but they also have their own full versions of video editors...anyway I am just wanting feedback/ideas from people who have used alot, the big thing is I don't want something with a huge learning curve that's gonna require me to spend more time learning it than editing in it, that was one of the attractions to muvizu was it's so easy to get started creating quickly. I hope some of my ideas help and if you have more suggestions or better thoughts feel free, I know alot on here use Vegas but that gave me a headache lol. I dunno it kept creating huge files etc I didnt like it. - Thanks! - EEF
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2012/10/23 19:29:44
Tutorial 25: Project: Directing a fight Question.. Where are those punching sound effects in Muvizu? are they no longer available? because when I went to prepare audio and look for those punching sounds they are not in my version of muvizu 22b...any thoughts? because I'd like to use those greta sounds!
2012/10/19 10:03:28
Opening Set files I keep getting this Thanks for the very good advice Ziggy, will do - 8) - EEF

ziggy72 wrote:
Yeah, you'll have to use the same version you created the set in to be able to even open it, let alone rescue it. Guess you'll have to download every version, then try loading them up one by one... oh dear

Also, I would recommend you never use favourites - save your characters/models/whatever as a set file, then copy and paste them into your working set file. Favourites don't survive version changes, and Muvizu changes versions very frequently (relatively speaking ). I've never used the favourites for this very reason, and have had an easier time of it because of that. Good luck with the sets - we feel for ya!
2012/10/18 23:10:58
Just a thought for Muvizu Staff...and Muvizuers... I was scrolling down the long list of errors and crashes to see if I could find more help for my issues here, and I had a thought...It might lighten the load on the Staff and help us out if when say the staff (or a 'ZUer) discovers a certain error or crash or issue happens alot during a certain event, and they know the solution, if there was ONE dedicated section or page listing the SOLUTION(s) Section to whatever the issue is, E.G. - IF everyone is having the same kinda error message when doing "A", if the Staff or someone comes up with a solution for it, it gets Listed/Indexed in the SOLUTION section of the forum -"SOLUTION for...Crash" easily to be found by all. I do realize it's not always gonna be that simple because there might be variables, but sometimes (unknowingly) when alot of people have the same problem, it might be a windows 7 issue, or a muvizu issue or whatever it is, but at least if whoever discovers the solution posts it as such it'll save a muvizuer hours of scrolling and save Muvizu Staff alot of time of repetative emails, or postings or redoing something they figured out 6 months ago. I have been "favoriting" sections of the forums for myself and that list is getting LONG! I imagine it has to be frustrating to staff as well as muvizuers to have so many instances of the same issues or even new ones. I for one would just like to understand why one day everything works fine and the next it's impossible to do anything.
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2012/10/18 21:51:59
Opening Set files I keep getting this Edit: ZIggy, that won't work b/c when I open the set it immediately crashes I am using the 22b version and heck, I mae a new set which i had called superheroes and That's toast now too it wont let me open it.
Im wondering if I should download extreme? or 21b or ...hell I dunno my head is cream corn now, and my stomach still hurts real bad nw...might be goin back to the hospital. It's not good to be frustrated AND in pain! ugh....I wish there was a completely seperate way to save favorites OUTSIDE of Muvizu in a folder or something! I WISH!

Thanks Ziggy, I will try that, Thanks! 8)

ziggy72 wrote:
Here's a thought - since you've used the extreme versions in the past without keeping them seperate from the stable versions, maybe you could solve some of the problems with the sets by loading them up in 0.22b, select everything, copy, create a new set, then paste it all back in. Now when you save the set, it should contain only stable items. Should, I say I've had to do this myself, and it's a bit of a pain to get to a point in the set where you can successfully paste, and then you've got to 'drop' everything to stop it floating in the air...but it's worth a go if all else isn't helping.

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2012/10/18 9:03:14
When saving Sets it ok to... Is it ok to Save sets with the characters' "effects" ON? and also charactres w/ decals? or custom textures ON? and I am just trying to figure out why my sets are all gradually becoming un-openable or crashing etc, my characters and now other sets are also doing this and I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I have older way more complex sets that are fine (so far). I am trying to delete things resave and piece things togethre but I'm losing things in the process doing that too, so I'd rather ASK if I should shut things OFF or not when I save them? because even at best alot of these sets the scene window is still at 1-2% so it's not as if I'm overloading I don't think?
2012/10/18 8:04:03
Opening Set files I keep getting this Well, the "NIGHTMARE" came true on all accounts, now ALOT of my Set Files are Crashing when I try to open them, so now I cannot access those Fav characters on those set files...I've backed everything up on flash drives and on my laptop as best as I could (i'm unorganized) but it looks like my next step now is I am downloading an old version like ukBerty suggested, and gonna see what happens with more than one version of Muvizu on my PC...Other than that I was contemplating uninstalling everything and starting from scratch but that'd suck because I downloaded xvid seperately, and got everything working as far as codecs and video on backdrops were concerned, and then this had to spread like a rumor at a ladies' luncheon...All these crashes and technical fixes are driving me nuts now!

EEFilmz wrote:
@Jamie, in this instance, I didn't create an elaborate set, I just saved a plain set with the 2 characters I created so i could go back to them easily (I was still at the nursing home at the time); Now since the latest Muvizu update. I guess maybe that as the issue? I dunno. I don't really wanna go back to an earlier version though. I guess I would just have to do it all over again, but is this going to happen to ALL my old set files? because that would really be a NIGHTMARE and really make me turn green (and not in a good way!).
Jamie wrote:
EFF - The icon you see is basically a saved image within the file that windows displays rather than the default Muvizu icon. So seeing the thumbnail icon doesn't mean anything is working with Muvizu.

The favourites are saved on the computer you were using Muvizu on at the time, not in the set file. So if you've saved them on the laptop and transferred the set to your desktop the favourites won't be available either. This is also the case if you uninstall and reinstall Muvizu, the favourites you've made are removed when Muvizu is removed.

Normally when a set gets to this point, of not loading, there isn't much you can do. If you created the set in a previous version of Muvizu you can try going back to that version and open the set file there, remove or delete things, save and try loading it in the latest version. This might work, but then again, it might not. If you send your set file into we can take a look and see if there is anything we can do.
2012/10/18 1:22:01
D and C Return Hello LMAO, this is freakin' hilarious! the beginning had me crackin had me at "Hello" lol..The quality is top notch and the work involved is evident. Also I feel your pain with all of that trouble! and just when ya think your outta the woods....something else happens to mess it up. You definitely need to keep making these, they're getting better and better each time! (no pressure). Fan/Subscribed...Great fun! - EEF
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2012/10/17 7:21:55
Sets not saving right, Not responding, and it shut Thanks ukBerty, Yes I'm using .22b, and I did try that viewing the scene window, then characters, and that was a good idea, and thought hmmm that character might be in a parallel black universe that he can never escape - he was a "Mr. T" character LOL just kidding it! It WAS a Mr. T character but No he didn't show up in the list unfortunately. I have no idea what happened, just when I thought everything was now finally working fine, this happens and it's a big unstable problem.

ukBerty wrote:

Are you on .22b ? I have had all the issues you mention on previous versions but not the latest. I have not had Muvizu crash on me for a couple of months and I really, really push it. The missing characters used to happen in 0.20b (not sure about .21b) so any sets saved from previous versions in that state will be a problem. If you choose view>set window and look at the characters you will probably find the character is still there, just in a parallel black universe that he can never escape. You may be able to select him, cntl-C, select something else to get back to the real world then cntrl-V to get him back - not sure if this will work though.

Ziggy is right. At some point you will have to engage with Sketchup in order to progress your Muvi making. I resigned myself to this in the spring and now have a few basic skills, creating shapes and adding textures as well as amending existing models for my needs. As Zig says, 50% don't work and you will spend an age making sets, but if you want to move ahead then Sketchup is your man.
2012/10/17 5:19:28
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Ok Ziggy, at this point I'm hainv issues again now with Muvizu this timke, it keeps crashing and not responding and when Idid render a test video it showed up with a MUVIZU icon instead of the normal "preview" icon....maybe I ned to uninstall and reinstall I dunno I didnt do anything to cause it.

ziggy72 wrote:
EEfilmz, I didn't see your message on my set file - you have to remember that Muvizu doesn't message you when someone posts a comment on any assets you upload. Unless you check every one of your uploaded items every day, there's no way to keep tabs if someone asks a question. Anyway, the 'object too small' message is quite common with 0.22b, and isn't anything to worry about (I use a lot of imported objects, and Muvizu objects )

As for Sketchup, I'd advise trying again. Really, if you want the whole Movie thing to happen, you've got to take the initiative. True, over half the objects you try wont work with Muvizu, but the other half will and they'll make your film work. There's no substitute for the laborious tedium of sifting through dozens of different models to find that perfect one that just works, and Muvizu likes. It's all worth it, trust me!
2012/10/16 23:56:03
Sets not saving right, Not responding, and it shut Sets not saving right, Not responding, and it shuts Muvizu down. Also I am nticing I have characters disappearing out of my savd files too...I have a a file with favorite characters saved and I notice one of them is gone now, and now that same set I can't even access because if I do open it the minute I change my pov just slightly, it crashes the file. My files are crashing ALOT...Please Help - EEF
2012/10/16 22:30:40
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Also Ziggy, I was wondering if you saw my message on your setfiles/models? I used your set, and I kept getting an error message when I imported some models into my own set, I had to delete things one by one until I found out where the problem was...I think one of the error messages said that something was too small to import, but the set loaded everytime, just with an error.
ziggy72 wrote:
Google Warehouse for Sketchup. Tons of stuff like this on there, download it, import it, job done. Waiting for Team Muvizu to leap into (rendered) action on a specific themed request is not really a viable option considering that they have a thousand other options to sort out too Learn to use Sketchup (it's dead easy, really, if you only want to use it for importing) and Muvizu becomes less inhibiting in it's limitations. Highly, highly recommend it.
2012/10/16 22:27:03
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Ziggy I tried Sketchup a long time ago and I think I kept getting errors when trying to import, but I didn't really mess with it too much either
ziggy72 wrote:
Google Warehouse for Sketchup. Tons of stuff like this on there, download it, import it, job done. Waiting for Team Muvizu to leap into (rendered) action on a specific themed request is not really a viable option considering that they have a thousand other options to sort out too Learn to use Sketchup (it's dead easy, really, if you only want to use it for importing) and Muvizu becomes less inhibiting in it's limitations. Highly, highly recommend it.
2012/10/16 20:42:37
Need a model or set made? Would it be possible to ask for Directors Chairs w/customizable canvases (words/colors/images)? and/or panaflex movie cameras for filmmaking? I want to make a movie about moviemaking? I posted a whole thing in the forums and even wrote muvizu about a moviemaking "pak" but I haven't heard anything back yet. ANyway just curious Thanks! - EEF
2012/10/16 17:09:41
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Wow nobody replied to this request?? Am I the only one who wants this??
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