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2015/4/17 0:20:33
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... I'm trying to recreate this effect on video: POSTER EDGES, because it really looks good in adobe elements,I do not have photoshop anymore, and not sure how to recreate it exactly the same using cyberlink powerdirector suite3, I got close but not good enough or clear enough, and apparently I cannot do a batch on using that effect in photo elements on a video.
theotherguy wrote:
If you're doing what I think you're trying to do, having a frame that looks like a cartoon cell, I would make the border in photoshop or what-have-you , then save as a PNG file so it's transparent in the middle. then import into your video editor - I use Sony Vegas, and create a track above your video and put it there.
2015/4/9 18:54:16
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... Thanks yes I tohught of this but don't have photoshop I have Photo Elements, and not sure what happened when I tried it...I'll have to try again but for some reason it didnt work or it froze or something...I'll get back to ya on this...thanks!drewi wrote:
I'm not sure what you require can you post an example image?
oh i see now its sort of puts black outlines on things.
If you have muvizu + you could render in tga then apply a poster edges batch filter in photoshop and reassemble in virtual dub,
selecting uncompressed avi file output,for good quality no loss.
All easier said than done.
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2015/4/8 4:08:48
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... ANY other suggestions ANYONE ANYONE...? I'm seriously in need of achiving it exactly as such in image form but I want that effect on my next video so PLEASE Help and you'll get CRED in the VID!...
2015/4/8 0:22:31
Toon biplane in Muvizu (in FBX format) Awesome! Thanks Wabby you rock!~Wabby wrote:
Thanks for your feedback !

@EEFilmz : I simply followed the Muvizu Wiki indications. The most difficult part is modeling :-)

As soon as I have time, I'll make a kind of a step by step tutorial.
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2015/4/5 7:07:06
Toon biplane in Muvizu (in FBX format) Awesome I want I want! I also want to know best way to get fxb to import correctly into muvizu...?
2015/3/30 17:33:57
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... Tried Corel already, doesn't work on my machine. I'm using a trial right now of Cyberlink PowerDirector Suite 3(which is great so far), other than that I have VideoPad the free version but am moving away from that. sensesfear wrote:
Try using corel video pro x8
2015/3/30 0:25:23
ANYone know how to achieve a decent... Effect I'm trying to achieve in a VIDEO is exactly like what you get from doing POSTER EDGES on a picture in adobe photo elements, but I want that effect/Look in VIDEO as I'm trying to create a 2D (flat cel animation) Cartoon look that is clear with no glows or weird degradation on the vid, which so far I've had happen using filters in video editors and none of em have Poster Edges as an effect! Any help or even tips would be appreciated Thanks!
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2015/3/27 23:36:19
top quality muvizu animation Great car chase scenes...Best I've seen I think! Bravo MOSTRO-PICTURE!
2015/3/20 18:14:13
FBX UDK editor stuff. Urban, oddly I think I'm understanding this a bit more just from your help! Yes, I need to research more about this and you've helped alot w/that info so Thanks alot! - 8)

urbanlamb wrote:
yes the loc/rot is because unreal 3 had some intersting ways of interpreting info and its only needed if your importing FBX formated files ASE does not suffer from this.

You should just need to worry about the origin of the model which sets the pivot point of the model and collision mesh which obeys unreal engine parameters but again these are all game engine things one learns.

These are all mechanics that are not limited to unreal but are present in all of these game engines so once you learn it with one engine you learn it for the rest. The modelling you learn in blender will be identical in maya or 3dsmax or any other 3d program the only difference is the blender user interface. And once your getting into FBX you start to need to understand some of the principles of things otherwise you will never learn and retain the information.

Any issues I have seen people have all have related to understanding what a material is or a uv map is or collision or some other basic modelling principle.
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2015/3/19 5:05:55
FBX UDK editor stuff. Thanks Everybody!!!...

Danimal I wish I had that problem of objects too imported are large? Mine are importing smaller when in fact they import at all lol.

Ziggy Thanks I will check all those out (some again), I think you have to register/signup onsite some if not all I think...

Drew found that option in Blender thanks!

Urban so that "location issue" is an UNREAL issue not a Blender issue? Thank You!

And anyone else if I missed ya...You Muvizuers rock!
2015/3/18 2:58:04
FBX UDK editor stuff. HI Ziggy! Yeah I wish I could and tried avoiding that at first adn started with modeling and converting successfully to .ASE no problem, until I started downloading here and there and had problems with Sketchup models, and some other freebies I found, but I am not really sure of a GOOD place to get other models from, I don't wanna pay for em cuz I'm cheap like that I'd rather learn to do it lol, but in the meantime I need free stuff and those models weren't downloadable as .ASE's so I tried .FXB etc etc...heck even some sketchup models were turing up incomplete or weird after downloading/importing..I hate to seem like sucha amateur since I've been using Muvizu for so long I was skating by not needing models as much(BEFORE) Muvizu had this last AWESOME update allowing me to finally have the capability to create what I've wated to do since the beginning! wow! Now only if I could do it ALL!..IF Blender was half as user friendly as Muvizu is I'd have this thing underway fullspeed ahead... lol Thanks Ziggy!

.ASE's but then I wanted to ziggy72 wrote:
EEF, I feel your pain. This is why I don't usually use FBX files, and just stick to plain old ASEs out of Sketchup. I can't get on with blender either, because I don't know what it's doing under the wall of text. Unless you really need something to be shiny, I'd just avoid the whole FBX thing altogether. Sorry, that's not helping much I know, but it's what I did to save my sanity, so it might save yours
2015/3/18 2:46:57
FBX UDK editor stuff. Thanks Urban, but that's the thing I have been looking things up so much it's eating up my energy adn time to actually do it...I start foolin w/Blender and my brain explodes...what you said about setting the origin of the model etc I found that out the other day when I had to actually modify a model I previously successfully got into Muvizu, and when I reedited it, somehow I moved it from the center of x,y,z in blender during fixing it(which I had to look up how to do) when I reimported it into muvizu my settings for the attachment were way off now! so I scratched my head went back reset the origin in Blender and BAM thuat was it job well done. It was after I did that I thought I was getting the hang of something at least in Blender and messing with other models and not even seeing my fxb imports in muvizu i thought it was bug in the update but i guess not...I just do not know fxb so i tried every way to import adn some things work but not that great but I suspect I need to do as you say with setting things up first...
SOrry to be a pain but Do you have any links to your help videos and the wiki about that? I may have saw something on both but like I said I've been reading up on ALOT lately (I'm trying to grasp 5 different programs at once on top of this confusion: Cyberlink Powerdirector Suite3=4 right there, Curvy3D(Easy to start using at least), Blender(should be called BrainTwister NOT to mention I don't have a 3 button mouse! UGH), Sketchup again, and of course my favorite toy Muvizu... of course these are all things I'm utilizing or will be within this month) Thanks again Urban you rock!

(urbanlamb wrote:
You kinda need to understand what is going on to learn a lot of this stuff unfortunately you need to learn how the basics unreal works and what is meant by collission and how to add it. There is a wiki you might want to read that unfortunately it might sound like greek if you haven't spent time to learn the underlying stuff.

It sounds like collission and where your origin is set because when it comes to fbx since its used for holding animation information you need to set the location, rotation and scale of the thing. You will need to look up info on blender and unreal engine if your using this stuff. (well really when working with any software) I posted some videos awhile back from youtube on an explanation of how to set up the loc/rot/scale they are generic videos but this is what you need to do. (add collission such that muvizu recognizes it and set loc/rot/scale of the objects and put the origin in a logical place for the object your working with)

I really can't teach this beyond telling people what to look up because most problems revolve around understanding the mechanics of it all.


Its not really hard once you learn it but it does have a curve to it.
2015/3/17 19:57:12
FBX UDK editor stuff. Lately, I have been expirementing and now just overwhelmed w/confusion (because I don't have full knowledge of 3d modeling/exporting/importing yet) using 3d objects downloaded from the internet(whereever I can find free), sketchup/3d warehouse, attempting modeling .obj's using Curvy3D, then also using Blender for exporting to either .ase or .fxb, and trying to learn this stuff and Well, I'm so confused here again and am mentally tired of trying to figure out/learn, and remember this stuff...Blender is what my brain got MIXed up into trying to understand Blender! I cannot figure out why I am having so many issues with .FXB objects into Muvizu either correctly so they don't bounce around and fall through the floor, and sometimes they don't import at all, and then when it worked I saved the sets adn the favs and they everything disappeared completely. I have had successes with .ase files though,
but I truly wish Muvizu swould create some updated VIDEO tutorials on all this stuff...

Any Help or tips is appreciated as I am a noob when it comes to 3d imports...

Thanks for any advice in advance! 8)
2015/3/14 5:02:31
Batman Texture video567 wrote:
hi, did you ever get the batman txture? i made a batman all black i can send for beefy guy or if you have a particular batman you would like, let me know maybe i can make him

HI I saw your post now as I am looking for a Batman texture?can you send or post please? Thanks in advance! 8)
2015/3/12 14:04:00
FBX UDK editor stuff. HELP! I messed with something now I lost the the option in Blender to Export to .ASE!!

UPDATE: - Oops I found the Fix...I accidentally messed w/the default settings so I had to reEnable that plug in and save as default so it'll load everytime! whew! almost panicked lol
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2015/3/10 16:52:27
brilliant film Great Film! lol
2015/3/5 10:17:23
This might be dumb question BUT here it is anyway. Cool Thanks! 8)
2015/3/5 4:39:20
This might be dumb question BUT here it is anyway. Now that I have downloaded/upgraded to MuvizuPlay+ on my PC, for it to also be on my laptop too do I need to buy it all over again? or am I gonna be charged again(on laptop) at download? or just download it on my laptop, hit upgrade and use the same product key as the one I just got when I purchased it for my PC? Thanks in advance! - E
2015/3/3 7:41:25
FBX UDK editor stuff. Thanks Urban right now I am playing with a 30 day free trial of an extremely artist/muvizu/blender friendly 3d modeler called Curvy 3D, which I probably am going to buy because blender is gonna require alot to learn it, but I'm modeling in Curvy, exporting Obj. files into blender, exporting as .ase or .fxb (not too sure what the difference is) but now that we have a new muvizu update and I am using new muvizu+ I can just use fxb as you suggested. 8) btw first time I tried it my models went into muvizu smooth like butter no problem.

urbanlamb wrote:
blender has a new fbx version it was created when unreal 4 was released i can't remember now if it works with muvizu but you can get the autodesk free app converter and run it through that to change to fbx 2012 or 2011 .. which is what muvizu uses.. I think its 2011 but it might be 2012.. again I can't remember

but there is no need (assuming you are using play +) to use ase format for anything any longer

you need ASE for muvizu free version though.

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2015/3/3 7:35:40
FBX UDK editor stuff. Thanks a bunch Danimal! that helped me alot! now I finally got sleep and found I have another dilemma: ...Now the onoly thing I'm wondering is about s the sizing thing, I made 2 versions of a model and (when I just import them as objects seperate from a character one I made much larger(taller) than the character & the other is close to his size) the thing I wonder about is this: when I do the "attachment" method to try adn fit it over the character the one that was much larger is now unfortunately alot smaller than the original model so i cannot fit that one, but the other model that was loser to the character size is still close to the same size as it was but even that was I notice they were both kind of downsized close to the height of the character is about the max i can set the size when used as an order for the one model to fit right it has to be much larger than the character so how do I do this? is there some way to either retain the size of the model when attaching? or are we stuck with using models not much taller than the character? or am I not understanding something correctly? any ideas?Danimal wrote:
EEFilmz wrote:
how do I "attach" items to characters?

It's done through the character edit section. If you want the gun in the character's right hand, you'd edit the right hand of the character. Along with the regular attachments, the first option will now be a sort of box-like icon. That's the one that lets you import an attachment to the hand.

It's not done by sticking the object to the character, but by making it an actual part of the character. Hope this helps!
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