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2010/8/16 16:07:25
Can't make movie Hi Richard, looks like we have figured out what, specifically, about Vegas 7 was causing your problems:

Vegas 7 is bundled along with v2.5.14.125 of the CineForm HD codec - which appears to be incompatible with Muvizu. There are no CineForm HD codecs included with Vegas 8 or 9.

The codec can be updated by installing the CineForm NeoPlayer 5 media player, which will allow you to keep using Vegas 7.

I installed Vegas 7 and got your crash 100% of the time but after I installed NeoPlayer Muvizu was fine.

NeoPlayer URL:

Please remember that any 3rd party software is used at your own risk.

Now that we know what codec was causing the trouble we are looking at a fix.

Take care,
2010/8/16 15:49:29
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi again DB,

After checking Vegas 8 and 9 it appears that they are both fine - it was the Cineform HD codec that was bundled with 7 that was causing Richard's problem.

Take care,
2010/8/16 14:56:34
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi DB,

I am having a quick look at the various versions of Vegas and the updated version of Muvizu that has some codec fixes in it, just to see if the codec fixes work with Vegas 7, 8 and 9.

It never hurts to know how repeatable a crash is, and if it manifests in different ways .

I will let you know what happens with Vegas 8.

Take care,
2010/8/16 14:49:46
Lock / unlock object movement Hi John,

Muddybunny suggested the same thing in the Tips & Tricks section:


muddybunny wrote:

It might be that it's possible to do this already, I just haven't figured it out yet. Is it possible to lock an item in place? The reason I ask is that I keep moving walls by mistake. :p


Neil wrote:

That's an excellent idea, muddybunny. Unfortunately it's too late to make it into our next release, but I'll see what can be done to get it into the one after.


I like the idea - I think we have all done what you describe in your first post.

Take care,
2010/8/16 13:39:28
Error warnings and then Muvizu crashes A lot of people who aren't familiar with forums do post in the first thread that they come across - it happens on every single forum I have been a member of - I tend to answer their question (in one thread - the same people also tend to double and triple post in multiple threads) and advise that in the future it would be best if they start a new thread as they are more likely to get noticed.

As for an anti-virus that works on politicians - I don't know if it would work - all computer programmes tend to have problems if they encounter information that defies logic and contradicts itself.
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2010/8/16 12:00:04
need to animate objects and a few other questions Hi tonycole, and Welcome to Muvizu.

Animated Objects are being worked on but it might be a few releases before they make their way into the application - you can cheat by having a backdrop that is constantly scrolling, making it look like the car is moving.

There are a few animations that make characters fall down such as - "Fall Into Grave" and "Heartbroken", although none of them make the character fall like a statue being pushed over - is that what you meant by "Fall down flat"?

The "Get into bath" animation is the only one I can think of that involves climbing into anything - you might want to give it a try.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Take care,
2010/8/16 11:50:05
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi again David,

I am glad you got it working, but obviously we would prefer it if people didn't have to reinstall Windows :/.

There was another user who told us this morning that "Sony Vegas 7" was causing him problems - do you have that installed on your original boot?

Take care, and I hope you enjoy Muvizu.
2010/8/16 11:46:55
Confused Hi again,

You don't actually run the animation software via your Internet Browser - you need to install Muvizu and then run it from your Windows menu.

You can download it from the link I gave you earlier, you then need to double-click on the downloaded file, which will start the installation.

Once you have went through the installation you can access Muvizu by clicking on the Windows Start Menu finding the folder labelled Muvizu and clicking on the Muvizu icon inside it.

Take care,
2010/8/16 11:32:26
Sporty stuff Hi Glen,

Object interaction is in the pipeline but it's one of the more complex things that the Devs want to do, so it will take them a while to implement it.

Object animation is on it's way so you will be able to make it look like someone has kicked a ball by having them perform a kick and then animating the balls movement - but it might be a release or two before it's in the app.

I will ask one of the Art team to have a quick look at this topic as they will be able to provide better insights into what they can add.

Take care,
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2010/8/16 11:16:58
I thought I'd say hello Hi Hermit, thanks for trying Muvizu.

I am glad you are enjoying Muvizu - if you have any questions or problems just let us know - and good luck in the contest if you decide to enter.

We will grant an exemption from the Scottish accent due to the fact you have a Preacher picture as your Profile Picture. Big Grin

Take care,
2010/8/16 11:14:09
Question? Explicit Language in vid? Hi keesawmd1, and thanks for trying Muvizu.

We recommend that new users watch the Tutorials which can be found at as they provide a lot of info.

I would also recommend that if you are having trouble with Muvizu that you create a new topic to ask about it - questions posted in other people's topics can be easily missed.

Take care,
2010/8/16 11:07:54
Error warnings and then Muvizu crashes Thread Hijack!

Hi again Kaynine,

David Cameron has a different Hairdo from everyone else - it's the one that gives the character a bigger forehead - so it's possible that it's that haircut that is causing your crash.

It's just an idea, but you never know.

Take care,
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2010/8/16 11:05:36
Confused Hi CannedHeat,

In order to make a movie you need to Download and Install the Muvizu 3D application - the link can be accessed from the front page of the website and it's found at:

Once you have installed Muvizu we recommend that you watch the Tutorials that can be found at -

Take care, and enjoy using Muvizu.
2010/8/16 10:59:28
Can't make movie Glad to hear it Richard - I hope you enjoy using Muvizu.

I will add the info to the common issues thread, just in case.

Take care,
2010/8/16 10:56:01
Uploading video and it showing on site. Hi Jamspencer,

Unfortunately I think you might have to delete it first.

Once you have uploaded it again you could use it as a video reply to the original - it's a relatively easy way to get a lot of views. You would need to find the original song on YouTube and the option to use a video reply appears once you click on the message section.

Take care,
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2010/8/16 10:45:53
Improving the speed of movement Thanks Ghrenig - you might want to put that info in the Tips & Tricks section.

Take care,
2010/8/16 10:44:12
Problem with saving a movie Hi Elementary, sorry you are having trouble with Muvizu.

Your PC may be having trouble with the Codecs that it has on board (Codecs are the different formats that Video and Audio are recorded in - like Betamax and VHS for your PC) I use the K-Lite FULL Codec pack - it can record and play back almost anything.

You can find it at:

It's the one labelled "Download "

Please let us know how you get on.
2010/8/13 16:16:02
Camera and Audio tutorials - a few comments Hi Kaynine,

We are looking at doing some new Tutorials - I pass on your suggestion that we need one with an emphasis on camera placement.

In the meantime - there are actually two "Tutorial 4's" - the April 2010 one goes into the basic operation of the camera in a bit more detail - Tutorials 8 and 12 (Part 1) also give some tips on camera placement.

Take care,
2010/8/13 15:55:51
Uploading video and it showing on site. Hi again jamspencer,

There is no obvious reason for your video not showing up on our site - could you try submitting it again please?

Take care,
2010/8/13 14:17:43
Objects that ignore the physics engine and fantasy Hi Than,

There are a few of us that would like to see intersecting objects - we saw it being used in the Halo Reach: Forge World and the overwhelming reaction was "Ooooh Shiny!" - it's not in the pipeline at the moment but it is something that would be pretty cool.

Fantasy objects are a great idea - one of the Artists, Alex, really, really wants to do it - the lead Artist is off so I can't say if it will be done - but judging by Alex's reaction the chances are pretty good.

Take care, and if you have any more please let us know.
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