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2014/4/2 20:36:12
Facial motion capture would be nice the technology has been around for a few years now to use cams (kinect etc for mocap) and some game companies have facial emote systems built in. This one works and is optimized for logitec webcams and reallussion just added a similar system if i remember rightly to its crazytalk system

2014/3/30 7:50:11
Texture tutorials hiya guess we are all occupied lately there is one muvizu tuturial


If you can learn how to use gimp or have a copy of photoshop these are not hard really. There are two methods I use them both one is simply using photoshop and clone stamp to cover the areas using a texture swatch I then draw in details like buttons and cuffs and pocket seams etc to give it some 3d look

I do this often in muvizu this seems easiest to me the other is photomapping

eg: jeans take a photo of a pair of your jeans front and back and then cut them and downsize them and try to fit them to the template. You would have a better result say using a denim texture and then using say the pockets and zipper from a photo of your own personal jeans and then overlaying it onto the jean texture you painted on

I use this site for material swatches often http://archivetextures.net/ you really only need a swatch and then use clone stamp to add it to the template.

Creases and folds can make things also more 3d you do this on a seperate layer usually using layers of colour burn and multiply using the brush in photoshop and then smear it. Making creases manually is a bit of an art so its probably more advanced then you might want to get then once you make them on a layer usually a greyscale layer you overlay the creases onto the clothing. This is something that is tricky but if your wondering how people get creases in clothes that is one method or you photograph a crease and desaturate is in photoshop and overlay it and use the tools to make is fit the clothes..

For this you probably are best looking up generic tutorials to learn how to make clothing on uvmaps to learn techniques. But basically if you can use a clone stamp and add buttons and zippers and cuffs you can do what is needed in muvizu
2014/3/28 16:57:18
The Copyright people are out of control! okay the company does not put the claim on the video. Youtube content id'd it for the company you need to follow the instructions of youtube to get this removed. They can't do anything until you dispute it using youtube's system. This happens a lot the person at the other end will deal with it but they can't until you put in a dispute because they can't release it because they dont have the dispute. Anyhow this has been explained and I have given you this onfo before and yes a lot of your stuff will get dinged and there are about 2 million different reasons.

'Knowledge is power' as they say.

take some time to learn the youtube system and research how do deal with this stuff because its going to happen I or anyone here can only give you catch all information as each id is unique

then again i will reverse this now there are in fact some companies that do abuse the system but no one here is able to say exactly what is wrong with the id because we cannot see your panel and exactly WHO is being matched and what the actual ID says. Its a piece of software and it does NOT work very well posting to these board about each and every id wont help you what will help you is to learn how the youtube system works
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2014/3/28 16:31:29
The Copyright people are out of control! you need to dispute them this is not the actual people this is the youtube bot system its a piece of software if you can prove this is in the public domain give them the link proving its in the public domain if they reject your claim which they probably will because these companies dont actually read the submissions you then need to go to step two which would require them to actually watch your video and prove they have rights over it at which point you supply the link and info proving that the stuff is in the public domain and they will drop it. But you do need to prove it. This happens all the time and yes its a lot of work but if this system did not exist youtube would have been shut down years ago lol so we have to take the good with the bad.

So you just submit the info and the person actually owning the thing who have given permission will clear it but you also need to be aware that some companies who dont own these things take advantage of the youtube contant ID system and feed these things into it and this is copyfraud and this happens a lot as well. If its copyfraud usually they are identified and the second you put in the dispute the claim will disappear but again you need to follow the process set up by youtube.


its life on the great interwebs and yes its annoying however I will point out some articles that prove why this particular system has been put into place ^^

2014/3/26 16:25:04
Digimania Show reel Wizaerd wrote:
Do we know this was made with Muvizu? because as I watched it, I didn't see anything that screamed out at me "This is Muvizu!!!"

I dont think this was made in a real time engine.
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2014/3/24 16:17:41
Cannibals yeah what ziggy said I always after I think I am done and release whatever pixels it is on the world find like 5 things the day after humans are not perfect beings
2014/3/23 22:04:44
Cannibals fun stuff mr hamster try looking up the Yo' momma jokes might give you an idea of how to do one joke per episode. This one is set up way better then the last one so getting there
2014/3/20 20:24:48
I Can't see any object he is embeded in the ground below the plane of the dome just delete him or try to pick him up and drop him.
2014/3/19 22:50:07
Can I import default objects as hand-objects ? erm there is no way that I know of to get them without doing something "evil" to get at it
but maybe its a good suggestion to make it optional for an attachement. The yave converted some of their more obvious props already if you look but I am sure from the sound of your post you have discovered this already.
2014/3/19 16:52:52
Swivel in a chair? simonheffer wrote:
Hmmm, sounds interesting. I have a scene where I'd like some objects to move from random-ish positions to a particular configuration which is mad using object movement. However I see now I could put them in the end position and them move them to their start positions which are less strict using this stop-motion method and then resequence the targa files in reverse. Is that possible? I'm presuming its just the file name that determines the sequence(?)

Now does this sound like we could do with having a shortcut that would take a targa screenshot from the active camera?


yeah it would be a nice thing to have take one shot it would be faster. The tga in muvizu it saves to a file folder you make and you have to type in a new number each time manually so its got multiple steps but it works. You just take a 1 second spot in your timeline and just do that bit. I do rough ones in some shots 3 positions at most and it seems to work but you can get more refined. I just dont have the hard drive space right now on this pc to get more refined but stop motion is a good "work around".
2014/3/18 22:58:36
Sketchup into Muvizu???? SonOfKong wrote:
Thanks for all the replies. The reason I'm using Sketchup is because it's recommended for models for Muvizu. I have an old copy of 3D max
(v7) unfortunately does'nt run smoothly in windows 8. Personally I use Milkshape 3D for many of my models as I'm familiar with this software.
Many years ago I was into Half-Life editing so used this. The latest version has an .ase exporter that has'nt let me down, as long as I've got the textures done the right way it's fine. Milkshape is excellent for low poly models and is good for applying your own textures. My 3D software of choice would be 3D Max as it's an all round piece of kit. The problem for me is understanding UV mapping and adding textures. Judging by what has been said concerning Sketchup I may un-install it and continue to use Max and Milkshape as at least I can get models into Muvizu without mishap.

It seems to me the sketchup is a redundant step if your making the object inside somethign else which has an ase exporter in it already if muvizu recognizes it.

If you know how to add collision I would think whatever your using you can skip the skethcup because its super easy to add collision just give the object mesh a name and then make a cube small somewhere in the area of your model (the center works best if your not used to it) then UCX_NAME the name of the object mesh is the "name" and then export it but dont group them just the collision cube is loose ungrouped. The mesh is one solid piece not pieces grouped. Triangulate everything first.

its very easy to prepare an object for muvizu if you already know how to make things have mapped them and whatnot. It doesnt matter the software really as long as whatever your using has an ase export file format muvizu recognizes
2014/3/18 12:38:30
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... Congo Rats Fazz

waits for obligatory "thank you speech" Big Grin
2014/3/18 0:20:04
Spiderbomb Review nice vid i dont know if i would have much fun with the game however
2014/3/18 0:15:17
Sketchup into Muvizu???? I guess there is no 3dsmax pluggin for ase? did you look at the older export pluggins? I would assume that the model was mapped in 3dsmax as well? if its white there is no uvmapping or it can't find the textures. I guess i dont know why you are using sketchup at all as if you made the model in max you can map it and export it directly to muvizu there is no need for sketchup if you have an ase export pluggin for max.
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2014/3/16 4:11:01
Swivel in a chair? you can't group objects and move them no

since there is no way to swivel the character like an object about the only way you could do this was using stop motion method group them and then rotate them slightly take 2 or 3 frames (tgas sequence) move them another nudge take another sequence etc until your done and then edit the tga's together in a video editor

tis not impossible just fiddly and time consuming
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2014/3/14 20:47:19
Coming Soon... robot from hell by the looks of it I know i wanted to make a robbie the robot from the very old series lost in space but never got round to it. He was all thumbs and my kinda robot!
2014/3/14 18:38:01
Ying Tong Song lol goons its the goons!

yup that butt is scarey Whaaaaa?
2014/3/14 17:50:24
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT yes and read the thread as well and there is a link to something called ziggy mesh in that thread to reduce collision to almost nothing it puts a block in the center this is if i remember all in the sketchup thread.

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2014/3/14 17:26:07
PROBLEMS WITH SKETCHUP EXPORT you need to worry about collission and things try moving around also yes there is a limit on faces of about 75,000 per object but you would get a different message saying too many faces and giving the limit. This one is collission or size it does have a size limit as well but usually its the collision that is the issue.
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2014/3/14 17:20:14
New characters and animations i still want to be able to bend over and get down on me knees without just using sad and sit on the ground and a few other key things
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