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2013/11/19 3:33:54
FBX Character Import with Play+? you can import the mesh only not skeleton or animations

(for now)
2013/11/18 23:17:12
Different People play + is not free you need to purchase a license http://muvizu.com/Get-Muvizu then it will update to play +
2013/11/18 22:16:20
Different People dargo9000 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
you will need to make it an attachment using muvizu play+ this can sort of be done however you can't really make an M & M that moves inside muvizu play the only characters you can work with are the ones that are inside muvizu play already. You can make an M & M static object and try to make it move using blender or sketchup or try to flatten the internal muvizu sphere and put a texture on that with M & M written but this is the only thing I can think of.

M & M you saw on digimania site is a copy right character likely made for the company and not possible inside our version of muvizu.
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how do i dowload it

download the M & M character? you cannot its their internal asset and it will not work inside muvizu play. You will have to make your own as I suggested above.

2013/11/18 22:11:03
Different People you will need to make it an attachment using muvizu play+ this can sort of be done however you can't really make an M & M that moves inside muvizu play the only characters you can work with are the ones that are inside muvizu play already. You can make an M & M static object and try to make it move using blender or sketchup or try to flatten the internal muvizu sphere and put a texture on that with M & M written but this is the only thing I can think of.

M & M you saw on digimania site is a copy right character likely made for the company and not possible inside our version of muvizu.
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2013/11/16 20:59:17
Navigating in muvizu fazz68 wrote:
what really annoys me on the timeline that is way too sensitive is the whizzing up and down when you try to change any block of information slightly and you are a tiny bit too close to the edge where it takes over to move the timeline and before you know it you are up the other end or somewhere in limbo because the timeline has zoomed past at a million miles an hour.

yes this is my issue with it as well. I aint 20 no more :P

anyhow I am unsure why its so sensitive it wasn't like that in the old muvizu I could drag things around where I needed em and not be having to walk away from the pc as I tense up. I have also got a whopping good case of arthritis right now and so can't really use it without figuring how to lower sensitivity. Anyhow I know others have mentioned it possibly we need to make our own feedback thread about it soon lol. I am not actively using the timeline right now so was leaving this nagging issue until I got to that stage but I know its driving others batty. My last attempt I was still having this sensitivity issue and was hoping it was repaired but from the sayings of others around here metioning it .. it is still way over sensitive.

BigWhirl2012 wrote:
My specs are 3.2 ghz quad core processor, 8 GB RAM, my machine has a video card although I'm not sure about the specs on it. I wasn't really thinking video when I bought the machine. I use it for high-end audio production and have never had an issue. The problem for me seemed to be a bad install. Once I uninstalled and re-installed everything cleared up right away. I can now navigate freely. A slight nudge of the mouse doesn't take me miles above the character's head or deep inside someone's eyeball.

okay was just checking presently i am busy modelling a lot so haven't gotten back to this and noticed one bug so far that is old and rearing its ugly head but not enough yet to say anything I dont like saying anything until I can prove it hands down :P
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2013/11/16 18:17:53
Navigating in muvizu the navigations is different but just wanted to ask a question are you using a high end pc? is your mouse too sensitive ?

this be a loaded question cause I have issues with muvizu being overly sensitive in some areas such as using timeline and i am wondering if they need to do something about that (i know a few of us have reported it so far) so assuming your doing it correctly what are your pc specs? If you have a high end pc I am thinking this is also part of their sensitivity problem and not really user related
2013/11/15 23:55:09
Transparent Windows? hi there i made a couple of transparent windows if its for muvizu play


and likewise you can make some if you want here is a tutorial on one way of how to do it if you want round or something

2013/11/15 19:44:50
Change the youtube comment system back! Here a friend of mine put this together its the ultimate fart joke parody google rant video Big Grin

2013/11/15 18:05:08
I have Muvizu Goggles Yes this is a side effect of removing the 'mystery' from things.

I also have to remember that most people wont notice these things so that things that bother me wont bother other people and that whatsit I see as flawed is to them okay hehe. I try not to let my way of looking at things ruin others um fun because someone gave me a lecture once upon a time when I ruined something for them pointing out all the things wrong with it. Since then I have reformed my ways and keep my analysis of "whats wrong with this picture" to myself. ^^
2013/11/14 22:33:02
FBX imports Yeah not sure they would do this although theoretically anything is possible but it seems that it would screw up. Basically the build process is pretty standard (make an object and stuff a collision cube into it) so basically your asking them to help you with the build process. It would be cool to have a feature but I dont know it would be implemented to work consistently. Myself I am very used to adding collision manually and have to build all the assets anyhow so its another like 2 keystrokes or maybe if I want to get fancy 4 or 5. I also am unsure of how it would handle colission already built into the model from some other engine it would have to check and remove any past collision and replace it with its own cube

I am also pretty sure this autodesk exporter has been mentioned a few times here (or maybe that was another forum.. who knows)

anyhow just thought I would suggest it. Since I automatically add the needed or rather remove the collision with strategic cube placement it seems a redundant process to me but then i am a geek and I fully admit to my geeky and nerdy ways

I think the ziggy mesh worked well because ASE files are much simpler plus its ascii and not binary. FBX models have a lot more info in them and working with the binary would be more difficult. Anyhow never hurts to ask I guess.
2013/11/14 17:51:04
FBX imports I'm about 99.999% sure that you can create the small collision cube needed even in sketchup and have it work. Just use the naming conventions set out in the wiki export it and run it through the converter it should all stay in place.
2013/11/14 17:47:47
Remove collision mesh in Maya you need to add your own collision mesh its actually pretty easy

create a cube or a few cubes and put it at the base of the object you made and then name them using the conventions set out in the wiki and export the mess. Dont join the cubes to the mesh let them sit loose.

2013/11/13 17:03:19
FBX imports you can export directly from blender to muvizu with no middle program if you like


and here is a video on a quick and easy method of getting premade assets into muvizu from blender and how to add recognizable collision. Please note at the time this video was made there was a colission bug which is fixed now. If you export with y axis up and z forward it will work now 99.999% of the time (the fbx exporter in blender appears to have a bug that randomly asserts itself still ^^)


I dont know how people are doing it in sketchup I am allergic to sketchup but I do know that its dead easy to move stuff into muvizu from blender (as long as you know how ^^)
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2013/11/13 5:58:12
[3dFoin] hot Female Archer - and November Sale (50 yeah this guy has pretty spam he has been by before.

He drops us some nice animeish stylized spam every 2 or 3 months
2013/11/12 19:02:41
Change the youtube comment system back! petitions dont work

In fact most companies expressly ignore them. Media and direct feedback complaints will work better. If you hate their system submit feedback directly to them telling them exactly what is wrong and why it needs to be fixed.

go to the bottom of the youtube homepage and click the help button and then click the send feedback button

They also wont be rolling it back you need to suggest how they can fix the present new system
2013/11/11 17:28:25
MUVIZU: PRO hehe yeah when i first loaded pro i was playing with imports and it allowed me (at the time) to import a skeleton into it however they disabled that feature about 24 hours later but the first thing i did was to poke around with the software to see what it seemed like it would do in future

I am one of those adventurous types who likes to look in all the 'dark places' and it carries over into online gaming and i used to regularly get my friends blown up by going "ohh look what does this button do" and press it

anyhow yeah they are slowly working on it. The way to survive in this industry now is to be compatible with everyone else. Unreal engine has its draws but its stripped down dev package is well unfun to use so if they can make that possible they will be fit as a viable option for just about anything and their software will become very popular

but they need to accept the plethora of assets out there and play well with others in the playground daz, reallussion are striving to become interchangable with all the engines out there this method works the walled garden concept is no more
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2013/11/10 18:10:21
New Hat 'tis true I think I am coming closer to the recipe for being able to use muvizu (or any other machinima/real time engine platform out there) and its this

1 cup geek
1 cup artiste
1 cup filmmaker
3 cups patience
combine in a large mixing bowl and set to stir gently for about 3 months to remove and create your first masterpiece

well something like that some people catch on faster then others whatever we do the one thing we need to be willing and able to do is sit down and learn and in some cases acquire new skills

If you enjoy artistic endeavours you will enjoy muvizu or any other software (for the most part ) if however you try to rush it wont ever happen and you will get frustrated and give up. Enjoy the journey it can be fun

*goes to make a few other basic muvizu play+ models for the gallery*

adding afterwards I can't believe I managed to type that and format it and put in punctuation and had time to do so.. today is a good day for posting and writing as the world allows it!
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2013/11/6 23:41:57
Confused I dont know why it doesnt work hi i guess the wiki is not letting you read it anyhow as i said its advised not to use sketchup 8 the wiki had info on where to get the right sketchup that should work I think


scratch that i got the link from the html on the page here is the muvizu download link right click and click save link as and save to your pc


sketchup Exporter
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2013/11/6 17:59:13
How can I get more stuff there are also premade things in our gallery

2013/11/6 17:57:12
Help needed with sketch up to muvizu most people say to avoid sketchup the new on here is info about it in the wiki what to use and where to get it

pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85